Significant Online Gambling Growth Predicted In 2017

Published Monday, December 26, 2016 -
Significant Online Gambling Growth Predicted In 2017

The end of 2016 closes in on the world of online gambling in a few days and the year has been filled with the usual ups and downs. Notable trends include things such as more women  getting involved with the activity and the number of merging online gambling firms is also on the increase.

The market for online gambling products has grown with the increased use of mobile tablets and phones. The younger demographic coming online has increased significantly and marketing efforts to attract that potentially lucrative sector have also been upscaled and adjusted to account for the very different gambling style of that group.

The addition of Daily Fantasy Sports betting has created a new set of rules and an understanding of the skills needed to participate in internet wagering on sports.

When looking at the most notable trend in the internet betting industry in 2015, the female gambling population accounted for 40% in the US and 49% in the UK. Research has added significant information that operators have been applying in ad campaigns that attract women to their web locations appealing to the gentle more personal aspects.

For example, Cameo Casino was the first online casino launched for women in 2015 with the slogan "made by women, for women." although it was not successful and closed after two years. Other online casinos are Pink Casino, Maria Casino, and 888Ladies.

Marketing trends are going through major changes with the high proportion of mobile users being millennials marketing moguls are creating  content that is both informative and entertaining.

Alternative financing options will  also increased over the recent year. Bitcoin and a slew of other virtual currencies have made online gambling easier and safer for many. The extended acceptance by credit card companies to deal with internet related gambling transactions has also helped the market grow significantly. Growth of online gambling in the coming year is a given as sectors expand and mobile becomes the norm. There are many other factors that contribute to the changes that will be revealed in the future. 


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