UK Academics Say Attention to Problem Gambling Needed

Published Monday, May 01, 2017 -
UK Academics Say Attention to Problem Gambling Needed

The old saying about the fox taking care of the hen house is an apt description of what some experts are saying about the condition of the gambling industry in the United Kingdom. Experts in the field which monitors problem gambling have been vocal lately about the real lack of oversight in the betting industry because the industry says it is taking care of any foreseeable issues. There is an apparent gambling problem in the UK, and academics are calling for further scrutiny.  British punters according to a Guardian news report have lost £12.6 billion to wagering in 2016.

The focus on the issue of problem gambling has been brought by the recent revelation that footballer Joey Barton was banned for 18 months from the professional game. He was found to have broken Football Association rules by placing punts on matches for over ten years. Barton admitted to the charges, then added that action should be taken over an “explosion of sports betting” in recent years. University of Glasgow, Professor Gerda Reith has done gambling studies for over two decades said: “Technology advances at such a fast pace the structures that are tasked to control it don’t keep up,” adding, “That’s a fact of life but I think by not recognising that it’s such a problem we’re creating a problem; we’re not facing up to the potential for harm, particularly with regards to remote gambling that could lead to problems in the future.”

Bristol University’s Dr. Sean Cowlishaw commented, “There needs to be recognition there are conflicts of interest that need to be actively managed.” “Most of what we know [about gambling harm] is through research and evidence heavily influenced by industry.

“Industry funds all the research in the country through Gamble Aware; the amount of money put up is incredibly small and the industry has been able to maintain control over the topics addressed.”



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