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Welcome to my section with information about the casino dice game craps. Here you can find extensive information about the craps game - craps rules - craps strategy - craps tips and the best online craps casinos.

Visualized Craps Instructions and Rules
Visual Craps Instructions

Our exclusive visual craps instructions will teach you the rules of craps by demonstrating with a short animated flash movie - turn on the sound and sit back to learn the basics of the game.

Ultimate Craps Trainer
Ultimate Craps Trainer

Our exclusive and free craps training game - play at our virtual craps table for free and learn how to play this casino table game.

An Introduction To Gambling with Dice and Craps

On this page I have written a short introduction to craps and Dice Gambling in general.

Craps Rules

Craps can be an intimidating casino game to the new player - but playing craps properly is actually not difficult at all. Here you can learn the basic craps rules.

Pass Line Bet

The pass line bet is the most popular bet at the craps table. Here you can learn everything you need to know about the pass line bet.

Don't Pass Bet

Instead of making a pass line bet you can choose to make a Don't pass bet. This bet is the opposite of the pass line bet. Learn more about the don't pass bet here.

Probabilities in Craps

The craps game is played with 2 dice. The most frequent outcome when rolling two dice is 7 - you should know things like this before you start playing craps for money. Here you can learn more about the probabilities in craps.

Odds Bets

The you have placed a pass line bet or a don't pass bet it's also possible to place a second wager - but only if you don't win or lose on the first roll called the outcome roll. Here you can find more information about the odds bets.

Come - Don't Come Bets

If you just can't stand waiting for the outcome of your initial Pass line bet and odds bets it's possible to place yet another kind of bet called - Come or Don't Come. This kind of bets can be placed during a game. The Come - Don't Come bets and very similar to the pass line/don't pass bets. Here you can find more info on the Come or Don't Come Bets.

Quick Guide to Understanding Craps

If you want a quick brush-up lesson on the craps rules explained above I have put together this quick guide to understanding craps for you.

Other Craps Bets

Furthermore the craps table offers other bets - some of these bets are called Place number bets. There is also the proposition bets and that is just what they should continue to be - proposals. The proposition bets all have a high house advantage so I don't recommend that you place this kind of bets at all. If you want to know more about the other craps bets I have put together a page about the other craps bets for you.

Craps Strategy

I don't offer a winners guide to craps - as there is not craps strategy that will beat the house edge in the long run. But I do have a 'best bets' craps strategy for you. This craps strategy will ensure that you get the most entertainment for your gambling dollar - and thereby the best possible chance of beating craps. Get my Craps Strategy here.

Craps Terms

Craps is a casino game with it's very own language. If you are interested in learning more about the terms used around the craps table I - and users of this website - have put together a craps dictionary explaining and translating the different craps terms into understandable English.

Best Craps Tips

On this page you can find my best craps tips. Even though craps is mainly a game of chance where lady luck is the one who decides if you win or loose I still have a few craps secrets I would like to share with you before you play craps for money.

Free Craps Game

Playing craps for free before risking any money at the craps tables is always a god idea. Here at my website you can play a free craps game. No registration, no-download or anything like that required.

Private Craps

If you are invited to play private craps - be very careful. Fake dice are just one of the things to be on the lookout for. Read more advice on private craps here.

Best Online Craps

Playing online craps can be almost as fun as playing craps in a real casino. On this page I have put together a list of what I rate the best online craps casinos.

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