Caribbean Nations Support Online Gambling

Published Tuesday, July 11, 2017 -
Caribbean Nations Support Online Gambling

There is a certain mystique and romantic charm about the Caribbean ocean and the many island nations there. Tourism is a mainstay industry that sustains these micro countries along with some agriculture and fishing. Tourists today are looking for experiences while on holidays and that time may include a little gambling. To facilitate that there are some spectacular casinos and resorts such as the grand Atlantis Casino of The Bahamas or the many other options all over the islands with some exceptions.

There is good access to the internet in most of the region so the presence of the online gambling industry is also available for tourists and local pleasure. This sector of the betting world has pioneering past with online gambling having its roots in the Caribbean. Now there are many firms that offer betting products licensed and based in the Caribbean. It was suggested recently the annual global revenue is estimated to reach US$635 billion by the year 2022.  

There are major brick and mortar casinos all over the islands and many of them are looking at the potential for online casinos. As in other parts of the world the smartphone has given anyone who owns one the ability to play at games and connect with other players anywhere anytime. The success of the Aruba Barbuda regulatory system has kept the industry transparent in a region of many different nations. Social pressures from conservative citizens in some island nations such as Aruba and Barbuda have  restricted the locals from participating in gambling to a certain number of times per month.

The law in some parts of the jurisdiction has not dealt with online gambling yet. Over 55 nations including Belize, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica now allow internet gambling. Control over the pastime enjoyed by the local population is next to impossible. Licensing and regulating is lucrative for smaller economies, taxes help with social needs and the clean internet industry also provides employment and stability.

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