PokerStars Offers Social Gaming Platform

Published Thursday, August 24, 2017 -
PokerStars Offers Social Gaming Platform

Social gaming commonly refers to playing online games that allows or requires social interaction  between players, as opposed to playing games alone. Besides mobile online gambling social gambling is the one of the fastest growing verticals in the iGaming space.

Social gambling is the next generation’s answer to the classic casino games and even online casino games. Players today enjoy engaging and competing in games for real money with friends and others. The advancement of the trend which has been around for some time is being facilitated by casino operators that are signing deals with social gaming developers to bring real money content to the public.

Social gaming is predicted to be a potential gold mine for online gambling operators that are stepping up to the challenge. PokerStars the iconic poker room has decided to re-launch its ‘PokerStars Play’ social gaming service in select gambling markets.

The ‘PokerStars Play’ platform will offer a selection of poker’s different forms such as Texas Hold’em and Spin and Go.  Along with a selection of slots participants are able to compete against professional poker players and enter tournaments for real money.

For the time being the PokerStars Play reconfigured version will be available in the Australian and US gaming markets during the first launch with the intent to expand the social gaming platform to other parts of the world within the next year. PokerStars Play will be available to download and play on both iOS and Android devices.

Lloyd Melnick, director of social gaming at PokerStars commented,  “PokerStars Play is the next phase in our progress toward being a leader in social casino.” Melnick added, “PokerStars Play is a unique product, taking the best of real money gaming and merging it with the features players expect from mobile games.”

It has been suggested the social gaming market will be worth $17.4 billion by 2019. PokerStars’ new app is an attempt to break into this market in a meaningful way.



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