Superbet and ioSport Team Up For Innovation

Published Thursday, September 14, 2017 -
Superbet and ioSport Team Up For Innovation

Investment in technology can be a risky bet but it’s a situation in the online gambling industry where keeping ahead of the tech curve can be a necessary part of the equation. The development of new technologies is a game that every internet betting enterprise must play in order to keep current. The challenge for the programmers and innovators of new tech in gaming is actualizing the concepts.

One company from Romania, Superbet Interactive is focused on expanding and strengthening their sports betting business. The company is dedicated to keeping its services up to date and to do so has agreed to a deal with ioSport to develop an array of the next-generation internet betting products.

ioSport specializes in continuous real-time systems, feeds and AI applications for the sports betting world and will be powering the products with automated pricing technology. A common goal will be achieved as both firms utilize their special reserves and capabilities such as ioSport’s Erlang-based tech stack. The new products and innovative approach will see Superbet achieve its goal of, “building market share in new and existing territories with a range of innovative features.”

Director of e-commerce for Superbet, Jamie Hart, commented, “The world is changing rapidly, driven by significant advances in our use of technology.” Hart added, “Until now, the betting industry has remained relatively stagnant while big steps have been made elsewhere.  

“At Superbet we intend to build an enhanced betting experience that embraces those advances, and the guys at ioSport think in the same way we do.

“Sports pricing, and trading in general, has seen more disruption than casino gaming, but I believe we’re only scratching the surface.

“With ioSport as partners we’re well placed to push new boundaries and open up fresh flexibility into sports betting.”

ioSport, as a small company has the advantage of evaluating and applying best-of-breed technologies in a detailed innovative way.



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