Gambling On Trump's Demise Still Interesting

Published Friday, September 22, 2017 -
Gambling On Trump's Demise Still Interesting

Online betting on politics is a popular pastime for punters in regulated gambling markets such as the one in the United Kingdom. The American political situation is like watching a loaded canon float across a ship’s deck on the high seas. The idea that the leader of one of the most powerful nations on the planet is constantly being judged by the whole world on every tweet he makes is fascinating and worthy of a gamble.

The persistent allegations revolving around the Russian connection, Mr. Trump’s tirades against the media, the recent escalation in rhetoric aimed at North Korea in the United Nations Assembly have got some online gambling companies looking at adjusting the odds on Trump’s demise.

Trump has been having a really hard time getting approval ratings on the positive side with the100 days in office milestone. A Gallup poll revealed that only around 40 per cent of US voters approved of the way Trump is handling the job of 45th President compared to around 55 per cent that disapprove. Bill Clinton for example lasted a record 573 days before his administration received more than a 50 per cent disapproval rating.

Trump has beaten back the record after winning the election with the disenfranchised antiestablishment sentiment. The firing of the FBI chief Comey has raised serious legal questions whether Trump and his gang committed an obstruction of justice. The online gambling firms are not really sure about impeachment which is still unlikely. Trump does have loyal supporters in the House of Representatives and a two-thirds majority in the Senate and they would have to abandon their leader for anything to really happen to the President. The operators are however banking on things not going well for this administration revealing there is a 48 per cent chance he will fail to end his first term in office.






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