Offshore Operators Target Canadian Online Gambling

Published Saturday, February 17, 2018 -
Offshore Operators Target Canadian Online Gambling

The online gambling industry has been struggling with competition in the various jurisdictions in Canada. The online gambling market in Quebec Canada’s French speaking province has been offering legal online betting since November of 2010. Espacejeux has enjoyed solid growth since then with Loto-Quebec the provincial gaming monopoly reporting its gambling site generated revenue of almost C$83m in the first nine months of fiscal 2017-18. This is a 42.1% increase from the same period last year. Online lottery sales went up 39.3% year-on-year to C$37.3m, while online casino revenue raised 44.4% to C$45.6m.

It is here that a reasonable comparison can be made between Ontario the neighbouring province with a population of fourteen million and Quebec with only eight and a half million people. The Ontario offering called PlayOLG has significantly greater revenue potential.

However in Canada’s west the province of British Columbia’s offering reported a revenue of C$157.6m recently. British Columbia’s population is just 4.5m.but it has done significantly better than both Quebec and Ontario. It is obvious that PlayNow is offering more and better online betting products. The competition comes from offshore internet available web locations that are somewhat more exotic to some players. BC’s online betting offering has been accused of shady rule interpretation when it comes to approving new slot games possibly in an attempt to attract more clients. 

OLG is doing better than the year before with stringent cost controls and a 16% rise in active players OLG was allowed to reap an online gambling profit of C$27.4m, a significant rise of 84%.

The government operator OLG also said that internationally licensed online competitors, “offer a broader portfolio of products and promotional offers, are well known through extensive advertising and leverage their global operations to respond quickly to market dynamics.”








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