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Fruit Slots is a three reel, one payline, three coin slot machine. The game is powered by the popular Microgaming Software Company. Fruit Slots has no wild symbols and pays out a maximum of 2500 coins. Play it for free here at

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The free Fruit Slots game can take a while to load.

Please be patient - especially if you are on a slow Internet connection.

Starting with 1000 guest credit points, players choose between denominations of .25, .50, $1, $2 and $5 to play this slot machine. Denominations can be increased and decreased by using the (+) and (-) buttons. Once players have chosen an amount to bet, they press the BET ONE button to decide how many coins of that denomination they want to bet, then press the SPIN button and let the reels run. Alternatively, the BET MAX button will bet three $5 coins for a maximum bet of $15 and can be used as a shortcut key to bet the maximum amount of coins and to start the reels running automatically.

Three multiple fruit symbols with three coins will yield a maximum win of 2500 coins, while three bar symbols bet with three coins will payout 240 coins.

The payout table - easy to understand - is displayed on the screen and there is no need for players to access it from a separate link.

In true Microgaming fashion, the interface of this game is extremely bright and animated, decorated with fruit symbols. There is also a useful help button to obtain more information about the game and various other links to the free casino regarding recent promotions and it's loyalty program.

For those players interested in online slot machines, our gambling guide offers a section of the website dedicated to the game. Players looking for the big win can have a look at our progressive game jackpot tracker - a gambling tool that allows players to locate the biggest progressive jackpots available at online casinos. also offers a list of the best slot casinos and much more.

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