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Here you can find our best roulette tips & roulette secrets. The biggest secret is that there is no roulette secrets - roulette is a game of chance.

Roulette Tips, Advice And Roulette Secrets

On this page you can find my best roulette tips. Even though roulette is mainly a game of chance where lady luck is the one who decides if you win or loose I still have a few roulette secrets I would like to share with you before you play roulette for money.


Don't pay money for any roulette strategy - none of them will make you a winner at the roulette table anyway. They are worthless.


Look out for a European single zero roulette wheel - this wheel only has a single zero and that gives the player a better chance of winning then the American roulette wheel that has a zero and a double zero.


Look for an European single zero roulette table that offers the 'In Prison' or the 'La Partage' rule - these rules are to the advantage of the player and will further reduce the casinos edge. Learn more about these rules on my roulette odds page.


Make sure to set a goal before you start gambling. Example: If you start with $100 decide to stop gambling if/when your bankroll reach $200. If you keep gambling you will always end up losing - because of the long tune house edge in roulette.


Never look at roulette as a way of getting rich quick - it's entertainment. The casino has the advantage in this game and most likely you will lose your money so make sure you have fun while losing.

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