About Online-Casinos.com

Online-Casinos.com started out as a one man job - now we are a small team of gamblers. However the goal of this website is still the same: To guide you to safe and recommendable online casinos by offering you real information about online casino gambling.

About Online-Casinos.com

We hope that this website and our casino reviews will make you capable of finding the best online casinos out there. As the owner of this website allow me to introduce myself. My name is Martin Bahlsen - 38 years of age. I live in Aarhus, Denmark. Below you can see a Map of Europe and a small red dot - that is where I live with my three sons and wife.

In my spare time I enjoy gambling online and making my website Online-Casinos.com. This website started out as a one man job - but today we are a small team making it happen. Today LuckyBen who lives in London and myself make the reviews, articles and content. The news reporter Brian from Canada is in charge of the news section where we offer an interesting daily updated online gambling news section.

LuckyBen and I have been gambling online for years now - so we know more than enough about online casino gambling to be able to give you some proper advice on how to play the games and where to play. I myself have been gambling at brick-and-mortar casinos for as long as I can remember. I have had the pleasure of traveling around the world visiting a lot of different casinos on my way. To name a few The Casino of Nepal, Katmandu - The Casino in Cairns, Australia, Casino Holland in Amsterdam and of cause - Las Vegas. As I've mentioned I live in Denmark - so that is why you might be able to find a couple of spelling mistakes here on Online-Casinos.com - my written English is unfortunately far from perfect. Below is a couple of other pictures of me:

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If you have a gaming related question that you can't find the answer to we will be happy to try and assist you with a correct answer. Before you shoot us an e-mail please spend a couple of minutes reading our answers to the most frequent asked questions about online gambling. They can be found on our Beginners Guide to Online Gambling.

If you have a game specific question you can visit our page about the casino game and read a bit before asking. Thanks. If you're not able to find answers to your gambling question on these sites we will be happy to try and help you out. If we are not capable of answering the question ourselves we most likely know someone who can help us dig up the right answer for you. To send us a gambling question - simply visit the contact page.

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