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Most online casinos offers a wide range of depositing options, including credit cards, checks, wire transfers, Neteller accounts and many other options. Below we will explaine more about each of these deposit options.

More About The Online Casino Deposit Options

Credit / Debit Cards

Many casinos will still accept Credit and Debit card deposits (Visa, Mastercard, Solo, Switch, Maestro, Delta) and creditcard deposts is defenitly the most popular deposit option. However, more and more card providers are banning the use of credit cards at online casinos and as such players may find deposits are rejected even if funds are available. Players should also be aware that casinos can have difficulty in returning winnings to a credit card. Finally, some card providers treat casino deposits as cash advances and as such players incur charges and potentially high interest charges.

Bank Wire

Bank wire is a good way to transfer money if accepted by the casino. However, some players may find their banks will not perform the transfer (e.g. US players) because of country / state laws. Players will also have to wait for up to 10 days for funds to show in their casino account because of the transaction time this method takes. Also, banks may charge a small fee for this service.


NeTeller is a popular e-wallet solution although cannot be used by US players. European and British players should have no problems in using NeTeller for their playing needs. NeTeller is a publicly traded company and also complies with FSA (the UK's Financial Services Authority) code of conduct. As such, players can rest assured monies held by NeTeller are fully protected.

Personal Check

Some casinos will accept personal check deposits. However, the ability to do this will depend on a person's geographic location and their bank's own rules. This deposit method is slow as it takes a number of days for funds to clear. Players can expect to have to wait up to 2 weeks for funds to be available for play.


Click2Pay is a popular e-wallet with European players allowing accounts to be held in Euros or UK Pounds (£). Once funds have been deposited players can then move monies to an online casino. Casinos will usually credit any winnings to a Click2Pay account.


Epassporte is another online wallet. However, at present this company does allow US players to make deposits to online casinos using their account. Much like any other e-wallet, once a player has money in their account they can transfer it to any poker room / casino / bingo hall. Casinos can usually also send winnings back to an Epassporte account.

Phonecards (e.g. Nucharge)

Phonecards are becoming an increasingly popular way for players to fund account, particularly if traditional deposit methods are now not available because of state / country laws. To use this deposit method, players purchase a long-distance phonecard usually using their credit card. Phonecards come in a set denomination. However, these cards can act like a credit card in its own right and as such can be used in some casinos to make purchases.

At the current time many new providers are springing up in the wake of US laws which saw many deposit options become unavailable for players. Players are advised to contact a casino they wish to play at to discuss deposit options. Casinos are always looking to encourage players to make a bet and as such are likely to be more than happy to help a player having difficulties.

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