What Different Kinds Of Online Casinos Are There?

Even though there are thousands of online casinos they can be divided into groups - there is the casinos where you have to download the casino program before you can play and there is the no-download casinos.

There Are Basically Three Kinds Of Online Casinos

There are over 1500 casinos operating on the Internet. However, they basically come in one of three forms.

The first is via a software download and is probably the most common. Certainly where casinos offer a choice of playing interface, the download version is usually the one to opt for in terms of game choice and features. Often a download casino is presented via an installer program whereby an initial file is downloaded from the Internet which then obtains further files for installation. It should be noted that for a full casino installation a large number of files are required from the internet and similarly a large amount of disc space can be taken up. As such, for those on slower connections it is advisable to order free software CDs from the casino if they offer the option. At present, the vast majority of download software is only available for Windows PC users.

Casinos also come in no-download formats. These utilise web plug-ins such as Flash and Java to allow a player to access the casino games via their chosen web browser. Although historically games presented in this format lacked the glitz and glamour of their download counterparts, software designers today are utilising this technology as best as possible to present games with great graphics, sounds and playability. Casinos operating using no-download software are often popular for those on slow connections as there is not a requirement to download masses of data to begin playing. Similarly, some no-download casinos will operate on a variety of operating systems such as Apple Macs, again increasing their popularity.

The third type of casino is also played via an Internet web browser. However, it uses HTML coding (web page code) to allow people to play as opposed to plug-ins such as Flash. As such, these casinos are accessible by most people with web access, even those with devices such as Web TV or hand-held web mobiles. The downside though is that these casinos do not have sound or animation and can appear very basic when compared to other casinos available. Good casinos still use this interface though, Slotland being a good example.

As well as online casinos, players can also find online poker rooms and bingo rooms. These two forms of gambling are often found in download form. However, no-download versions of poker rooms and bingo rooms are starting to become popular.

No matter what the type of gambling (casino, poker etc.) and regardless of the type of interface (e.g. download, web-based etc.), a player needs to maintain a connection to the Internet at all times. This is because all software requires access to the random number generator which sits at the heart of the software and is located remotely. Similarly, the software needs to records the outcomes of each bet to update bank balances etc. correctly.

Look around at a number of casinos before making any decisions. Especially look at the deposit requirements, minimum bets, etc. There are quite a variety of Internet Casinos out there. Many will let you visit for free and even place some bets without signing up (You won't win any money, but you can play for free).

Once you pick a casino that you like, you will be asked to sign up. Usually this will mean filling out an online form. Many will not even require that you give your name and address. You will end up with an account number and a password. (Remember, if you only have an account number and password on file with them, and you forget them, you have lost your money).

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