PPA Crashes Conservative Political Action Conference

Published Sunday, March 08, 2009 - Online-Casinos.com

The arrival of a delegation from the Poker Player's Alliance or PPA at the Conservative Political Action Conference or CPAC last month in Washington was an unprecedented move to further the aims of the lobbying organization for the online poker industry.
The event is one of the largest assemblies of American conservatives, which is the target market for the PPA in its efforts to gain support for regulating online poker in the United States. Rich Muny, who serves as the PPA's State Director for Kentucky explained, "We are big enough that we belong there. We've had a couple years' worth of growth and won several recent court cases. We didn't even exist when social conservatives planted their flag and said that conservatives oppose online poker. There is a legitimate part of conservatism that would support the right to play."

The Poker Player's Alliance presented a two-sided handout outlining why conservatives would want to protect the rights of poker players. Among them were limited government, personal responsibility, and internet freedom.

Mr. Muny, went on to say, "Social conservatives are pretty strong. If a church pastor asks a congregation to write a letter, everyone will. Some Congressmen want to keep a 100% rating from groups like the Christian Coalition. In doing so, they'll stay away from us. If they don't, they'll be accused of being pro-gambling."

To these and other attendees, the PPA stressed recent court decisions favorable to poker that occurred in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. In each case, poker was found to be a game of skill.

"It was awesome to show people that we were making progress in that area. Even the attendees who were leery of gambling liked the idea that there was a line between poker, a game of skill where the house has no interest in the outcome, and a game of chance where the house has an interest in you losing." Muny stressed.

One of the PPA's ultimate goals at the Conference was to create a media buzz around poker, which they did by just being present. Even though the attendance of the lobby group was in good faith many conservatives remain opposed to all forms of gambling, including poker.

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