Bwin Online Gambling Scores with Real Madrid

Published Saturday, July 11, 2009 -

Cristiano Ronaldo is considerably better off than some of his fellow footballers. In fact this Portuguese soccer star is the world's highest paid player at £180,000 a week, noting his smile is gleaming and his wave to the 75,000 Madridistas watching him at the Bernabeu Stadium was definitely a strong signal that he is a happy man. Real Madrid signed a deal with online gambling firm Bwin back in 2007 giving the company rights to sponsorship of the football team for three years. The Bwin logo was proudly displayed on the team's jersey's during this weeks official unveiling of the squad. The £15m paid by Bwin certainly paid off with the media attention spin offs created by the latest displays on TV and print. Bwin is in really solid company as other sponsors such as CocaCola and Adidas with other big names sharing the spotlight. The uniforms display the Bwin brand in a clean black and white easy to read from a distance design.

Along with superstar Ronaldo other great players have been signed to Real Madrid starting this year. Frenchman Karim Benzema has also been retained on a six year contract. Ricardo Izecson Dos Santos, more commonly known as Kaka, was the first new player acquired on the six year plan.

Manuel Pellegrini is the first Chilean and the eighth non-European to coach Real Madrid. His success has been noted with other clubs and he has an amazing team to put Real Madrid on the world football stage. Bwin is positioned well to make big money from their substantial investment in this classy football club. Other new signings, Heinze, Van Nistelrooy, Negredo, Garay and recent member Raul Albiol are all getting associated and comfortable in their new Bwin shirts.

The major beer companies used to be the big sponsors of football clubs but that seems to be taken over now by the online gambling firms that see the huge potential in advertizing to the soccer fans of the world. Beer, football and online wagering all seem to work together, at least that's what account executives from the major online gambling firms are banking on

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