Beneficial Holdings to Acquire Online Gambling Operation

Published Wednesday, July 22, 2009 -

Beneficial Holdings Inc. recently announced on July 14, 2009 it would form a new subsidiary in Nicaragua and received all permits to legally operate within the country. The subsidiary, Grupo Beneficial, Sociedad Anonima, will manage and operate the company's properties and investments in the Central American nation. The completion and receipt of the formal approved documents provide the company with the legal ability to operate in Nicaragua and the City of Managua.

Beneficial Holdings Inc. is a state of Nevada USA registered corporation operating since 1990. On July 15, 2009 Beneficial Holdings launched another action by its wholly owned subsidiary, Grupo Beneficial Nicaragua, to acquire its first gaming establishment. The casino contains traditional games such as poker in addition to slot machines, which include the latest digital gambling devices made by International Game Technology.

Carolina Navarro, the President of Beneficial Holdings,said of this action, "This is just the very beginning of our business plan. We are presently studying and pursuing additional negotiations in Central America with the ultimate goal of joining the ranks of casino companies such as Thunderbird Resorts, Princess Casinos International, and Star City Casinos which successfully operate in Managua,"

July 22, 2009 the company has again moved forward with it's aggressive business plans with the announcement that it's Board of Directors has approved plans by the executive management to acquire and develop an online gambling operation, that will start with table games, slots machines, and cards. The firm will locate their online casino and call center in Costa Rica and operate it through one of their subsidiaries there. Navarro said about this move, "Recognizing international gaming laws, including a prohibition on players from the United States, is an essential part of the Company's strategy to avoid costly regulatory matters that other online casino companies are facing,"

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