The Best Strategies for Online Poker

At the moment, we are working on developing the best strategies for poker for you. For now, on this page we simply offer you various tools that will enable you to play the game in the best way possible. And will give you an inside into elements that can help you develop and/or support your strategies. Let’s have a look.

Texas Hold’Em Poker Strategy Helper By

Hold’em Helper is a “passive-aggressive” strategy based on proven Hold’em techniques. Systematically play and bet the right hands at the right times and maximize your profits off opponents mistakes while minimizing your own. Use Hold’em Helper right here in your browser, or download the same tool for your PC absolutely free.


Simply follow the on-screen instructions during use:

Poker Odds Helper

Below you’ll find our popular poker odds calculator. Simply choose your game type, the number of players, then enter in the cards on the table and press ‘Get Odds!’ to calculate probabilities on the hand. Use this tool when you play at the online poker operators to improve your chances.

The Card Keeper Support Tool

A simple little application that can be used with any card game in which you want to keep track of what cards have been pulled from the deck. Simply click on the cards drawn to make them disappear, and have a quick visual on the remaining contents of the deck.