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BoDog Poker:

The Bodog website originally began life as a Sports Book, focusing mainly on the US market. However, since it's beginnings it's grown to become a major betting destination offering online gamblers a multitude of ways to have a bet, of which online poker is a hot option! (Bodog Casino Review) Being a fan of the current poker craze sweeping the globe, I decided it would be Bodog Poker that would be the focus of my next review.

Obtaining the required software to play in the Bodog Poker room is easy, with a player simply having to download and install a 3.5mb file. As poker room software goes, this download is pretty small in file size - meaning that even on a dial-up connection, most users will not encounter problems. Account management is also simple at BoDog, with one account providing access to the sports book, the casino and the poker sides of the site. New players simply need to complete a basic form to become a Bo Dog customer.

Depositing at BoDog is also easy, although clicking on the 'cashier' button in the software actually takes you back to the Bo Dog website. This is because of the integrated set-up, and I am sure most players will not find this a problem. Depositing options at Bodog include NETeller, Firepay, CentralCoin, eWalletXpress, Credit Card and Bank Wire. Although I have seen more deposit options elsewhere, I am sure most users will be satisfied with the different options available. I deposited $100 (minimum required is $20) from my NETeller account, with the transaction taking just a few seconds to process.

Although many poker rooms available online are just a part of a bigger network, at Bo Dog the poker room is the network. This is because the software has been developed in-house specifically for the company. As such, if you want to play at the tables available at Bodog, you have to play via the Bodog site.

The various different tables at Bo Dog Poker are accessed via the main lobby where games are split by type. Texas Hold 'Em tables are available as would be expected, but so too are Omaha and Stud. However, from my time playing at BoDog Poker it soon became clear that almost all play occurs on the Hold 'Em tables. Although a few people were playing the other varieties of poker, the few active tables were all full, and throughout my whole play at Bodog poker I was unable to play a non-Hold 'Em game. I even tried sitting at an empty $3/$6 game but sadly no one joined me!

As such, my play began at a pretty busy $5/$10 fixed table. To be honest, this was quite a big betting table to be playing at for my bankroll, but I decided I was going to get rich or die trying! I sat down and bought all my chips to the table. Thankfully I did excellently on my very first hand! I was dealt a 10 and a Jack and whilst not great, I decided to see what happened on the flop. Well, the 9, Q and K of hearts landed down giving me an instant straight! However, with 3 hearts things could have gone wrong. They didn't though - the next card was the Ace of hearts! This meant that with the Jack of Hearts sitting in my pocket, I was holding the nuts flush! With a hand that couldn't be beaten, I carefully played for all the money I could get and took down a lovely $117 pot!

With a little bit of bluffing and a few more decent hands I was soon sitting with around $200 and a big grin on my face! Although winning money is always nice, I never stick at a poker room if I don't like the software. Thankfully, on this side of things I was pretty happy too. Although the graphics at Bo Dog Poker were not as good as some of the major poker rooms on the net, they were perfectly acceptable. The speed of play was also good - personally this is one of the over-riding factors for me in judging a poker room. I really hate it when the game is played at a slow pace. Finally, the software does have sound effects, although these are pretty basic. Nevertheless, my overall opinion of the software was good, even if it is somewhat basic.

Having decided that I didn't want to push my luck at the $5/$10 table, I decided to have a look at some of the other draws of Bodog. One of them soon became apparent - a good number of tournaments. What I liked was the variety of these, which ranged from one-on-one games to huge multi-table tournaments. There are even tournaments available where players can win seats at the World Series of Poker or on the World Poker Tour! I was impressed with the variety of these games, and with Bo Dog being a stand-alone poker room, it means that there are less players fighting for these great prizes.

Having never come across a head-to-head tournament before, I sat down at a $50 table to battle it out against the user with the daunting name "UShdFold"! Although I held my own to the bitter end, I was dealt K, 5 and with the blinds getting huge, I decided to go all in. I had a caller, but unfortunately my opponent had K, 7. With my King dominated, only a 5 would have saved me and with it not coming I lost my entry fee. However, I made that money back by coming second in a 6-player $35 tournament I also entered. It's definitely a case of win some, lose some when I hit the tables! Despite this rocky ride though, I still had a great time on the table games and again was pretty impressed with the game play presented by Bodog Poker. I guess I didn't expect much when I signed up, so was pleasantly surprised to find myself genuinely enjoying myself!

Unfortunately, as I stated earlier, my attempts to play something other than Texas Hold 'Em were thwarted by a lack of players. The same is true of high-stake games - Bo Dog offers a maximum of $5 / $10 games so anybody wanting bigger betting would have to look elsewhere. However, for small to medium players like me I think Bodog Poker would not get too many complaints!

After playing a little more here and there, I decided it was time to cash-in. I had a balance of exactly $250 at this point - a nice return on my $100 investment. Of course though, with the stakes I was playing at it could have gone horrible wrong at any time! Thankfully, today lady luck was kind to me and so I opened the cashier and made a withdrawal with no problems. Even better was the fact that this payment was processed back to NETeller within a few hours! I even received a personalized email from customer support thanking me for my custom and telling me the payment had been made! Now that really is good service! One word of warning though, for those depositing by credit card, fax back forms need to be completed for withdrawals to be processed.

During my play at Bodog, everything went smoothly and as such I had no need to contact customer support. However, for those needing assistance, email and telephone support is available. Sadly, with this being a US-focussed site, the telephone number listed is toll-free only in America. It's a shame that sites like this don't think more about the Global market instead of just the US. I guess that email support will have to do.

In conclusion, I have to say I was pretty impressed with the offerings at Bodog Poker. It's true to say that this is a pretty basic site - no progressive bad beat's here or fancy 'check your history' add-ons. However, for those wanting a solid site that simply provides an opportunity to play poker, Bo Dog certainly comes up to scratch. A fair number of tables are available at any one time, although admittedly mainly for Texas Hold 'Em games. However, with a great banking function and decent customer support, Bo Dog is certainly worth considering. Who knows, I might even re-invest my profits to try and win even more at this neat little poker site!

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I am about to take down a huge pot knowing that I hold the nut flush

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A big bet forces out the competition to grab yet another big winner!

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I hope to capitalize on another good starting hand at the $5 / $10 table

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A bad kicker sees my knocked out of a 2-man tournament

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The tournament lobby always has a number of different competitions for players to enter

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I hold absolutely nothing but try and bet big enough to scare off the opposition

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Tournament prizes include seats on the World Poker Tour and at the World Series of Poker

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No-one wants to play 5-card Stud!

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The first hand in a $35 + $3 tournament I enter

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I'm out of the tournament, but finishing in 2nd place means I get my hands on some money!

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BoDog Poker Strong Points:
  • Solid software that does what it needs to well
  • Great banking function - very fast withdrawal processing
  • Good number of different games available, especially tournament games
  • Reasonable graphics and decent game speed
  • Integrated fully with Sports Book / Casino
Things BoDog Poker Could Improve:
  • No 'bells and whistles'
  • Customer support options US-focussed
  • Almost all games Texas Hold 'Em variety
  • Maximum table limits of $5 / $10

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