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Breakaway Casino:

Recently I've really been enjoying playing at casinos powered by software from Real Time Gaming (RTG). Since BreakAway is a casino that uses this software type and is also one that has a decent enough reputation among online players, I decided to see what BreakAway has to offer to the online player.

The BreakAway website is a pretty standard affair, although it does contain information that is important to a player - games previews, rules of withdrawals etc. Of course, the reason a player really visits the website though is to obtain the required software download. BreakAway does not offer a no-download interface, although the required software is only 378k in size. Having said that, this download is actually an installer which proceeds to request further files from the Internet. Of course, the download and installation process only needs to happen once, and as such even players on a slow connection should have no problem with playing at BreakAway at other times in the future.

BreakAway offers play in both 'free play' and 'real mode'. However, to access either mode a player must firstly register with the casino. This is a simple process thankfully, with a standard registration form being used by the casino to capture a new player's key details. For me, registration was completed without a hiccup. Incidentally, play at BreakAway takes place using US dollars as the currency regardless of the player's country of origin.

Purchasing at BreakAway, as any real money player will have to do, is straight-forward also. The casino has an in-built cashier where players are able to make deposits and also request withdrawals should they be lucky enough to win! Of course, the cashier is fully secured and offers players a variety of purchase options. I used NeTeller to make a $100 purchase, although credit cards as well as other e-wallet solutions are also available.

As a new player I was entitled to request a deposit bonus for joining the casino. However, due to a dislike of playing and wagering restrictions I chose not to. Nevertheless, BreakAway offer a number of different bonuses for those that like it including massive $600 free - this is actually a 300% bonus and although a number of games are restricted if this bonus is used, it's still a massive enticement to give this casino a try! Ongoing bonuses are also a ploy used by this casino to keep players interested - if it's your birthday week a 140% match is waiting for you! Free money like this will certainly keep some people entertained!

As players of RTG-powered casinos will know, quite often a decent selection of games is available and things are no different at BreakAway. Thankfully, an easy to use menu system is employed by the casino to break games down by type. This makes things considerably easy, and finding a specific game should be relatively straight forward.

To begin my playing session I firstly checked out the BreakAway table games. A decent selection is available including favorites such as Baccarat and Blackjack. It was a game of Blackjack that I decided to play first off. However, I opted to play Face Up 21 which is a Blackjack game with a twist! Basically, all cards are dealt face up! As such, a player can see what the dealer is holding as well as seeing their own cards and as such make the best playing decision. Although some rule changes have been included to give the house an advantage (as with every casino game), this definitely is a fun one to play, although it seems strange to hold a 16 regardless of what you can see the dealer holding!

I also played a little at the War table. This is probably one of the easiest table games to play as it involves no real player interaction at all. Both a player and a dealer are dealt cards and whoever holds the highest ranked card wins! However, should the card values be a draw, then a player can choose to bet again and go to 'War' with the dealer, whereby a second set of cards are dealt. Despite its simplicity, I have to say I do enjoy this game and a streak of decent cards can really boost a players bankroll!

With regards to the games themselves, I must say I was pretty impressed with the offering. The games don't have the bells and whistles that I've seen at some competitor sites (e.g. strategy cards etc.). However, in terms of graphics and overall gameplay, the BreakAway games certainly are of good quality. I was impressed with the game speed and think this will definitely appeal to players who like fast-paced action. The games also utilize sound effects whenever possible to further enhance the entertainment factor for the player.

The next thing I did during my playing session was to check out the slot selection. Real Time Gaming has always offered a decent selection of slots and indeed BreakAway is no different. A variety of games are available ranging from classic Three-Reel games to video slots offering players the chance to win nice progressive jackpots!

The games will also appeal to low and high rollers alike. For example, not wanting to dent my bankroll too much; I played the Food Fight video slot. This game has a coin size of just 1 cent, yet still offers the player a chance to win an ever-growing progressive jackpot! At the time of playing this jackpot was standing at over $6,000 which is a very decent return for a $0.45 bet assuming a player is betting max coins and lines.

The casino also offers players the chance to bet on the cool 'Reel Series' set of slots. These are a group of slots which are all differently themed but that have very similar features. For example, they all offer players the opportunity to activate free-spin bonus rounds and even have progressive random jackpots that can payout regardless of bet size! Again, these slots will appeal to every player with bet minimums in the cents and maximums set at above $100 a spin!

Of course, some players don't want video slots and prefer the classic style three-reel games where it's simply a case of pulling the handle and hoping for the best. Thankfully BreakAway has not forgotten these players and a number of games are available of exactly this type. I too chose to check these games out, in particular the Lucky Lightnin game. I am unsure as to why I chose this precise game, but I am glad I did - as within literally a few spins I pulled in the second highest win which rewarded my a 600 coin prize! That meant my bank roll was boosted by $150 for just a 75c bet!

Finally, I checked out the Video Poker section of the casino. A great number of games are available including classics such as Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better. Similarly, these games can all be played across multiple hands - from 10 hand games to 100 hand games, the choice really is good. However, I actually chose not to play too many of the VP games - not because they weren't good, but because I wanted to keep the money I won!

At the end of the session I had just under $250 in my bankroll and headed to the cashier to make a withdrawal. The withdrawal process itself is very simple ,with a quick visit to be cashier being all a player has to do to request a cash-in. Similarly, the processing times for withdrawals are very respectable - my cash-in was processed within 1 business day and indeed many of the withdrawal options available offer withdrawal processing within this time frame.

The final test of a casino is the quality of the support offering and as such I also put BreakAway through the paces in this area. As it turned out, BreakAway actually does reasonably well in this area. Email is offer as one would expect. However, the casino also offers telephone support to those in the US. Of course, it would be good if the casino offered toll free support to other countries. However, to overcome this live chat is also available and as such I had no real concerns about the offering in this area.

To conclude, I had a good fun testing out BreakAway Casino. A good number of games are available and the in the main each game is presented using good graphics and sound effects. Similarly, the gameplay is very slick and will appeal to those players that like a fast game. Cashier operations are good with deposit and withdrawal processing working well. Similarly, the support offering is good, although I think this is an area that could be improved. Nevertheless, for a trustworthy casino offering a decent playing experience, BreakAway may well fit the bill.

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I get a pretty decent win on the 100-hand 7's Wild Video Poker game 100 Hand 7s Wild Video Poker

The attractive Aladdin's Wishes video slot pays me back exactly the same amount as I bet in this screenshot of the game Alladins Wishes Slot

The simple-to-use Breakaway cashier is where all deposit and withdrawal transactions take place The Cashier at Breakaway Casino

Diamond Mine Deluxe is a classic-style slot shown here paying out the game's lowest amount Diamond Mine Slots

Face Up 21 is a Blackjack-style game but where the player's cards and the dealer's cards are dealt face up! Face Up 21

I choose my victim during the Food Fight video slot bonus round Food Fight Slot

I get back slightly more than I bet whilst playing the Jacks or Better 10-hand Video Poker game Jacks or Better (10 Hand)

Keno is a pretty poor bet but is a gentle game to play after some fast pace table or slot action! Keno at Breakaway

I get a massive 600-coin payout - the second biggest payoff - whilst playing Lucky Lightnin slot Lucky Lightnin

Rain Dance is an American Indian-themed slot which offer players the chance to grab a progressive, random jackpot Rain Dance

I play my usual '17' strategy whilst betting at the Roulette table European Roulette

I get dealt the same card as the dealer during my War game and as such have to decide whether to 'do battle' or not Casino War

Breakaway Casino Strong Points:
  • Good selection of games with each presented using quality graphics and sound effects
  • Fast withdrawal processing
  • Generally good customer support
Things Breakaway Casino Could Improve:
  • More toll-free telephone numbers would be good

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