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Casino Euro:

Casino Euro is powered by software from Sweden-based Net Entertainment. Net Entertainment is traded on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, and as such many people feel that this acts as a strong guarantee of fairness - a respected company such as Net Entertainment would not want to be slurred with complaints of unfair games. Indeed, Casino Euro promotes themselves as "the No. 1 European Online Casino" and if this is true, something must be being done right!

One reason that Casino Euro is so popular is that it is very much focused on providing games to a European market - games are played using the Euro currency and the site can be viewed in a number of different European languages (I counted 16 languages that could be displayed). This definitely makes the site a market-leader in terms of languages available.

As I had not played here before, I decided to have a look around the site before playing. The site is presented in a clean, uncluttered manner. While it only has the basics (sign-up, casino info, support etc.), it is nice to see a casino that doesn't feel it has to use the garish, flashing, in-your-face style so overused by the American-orientated sites.

To join Casino Euro, a player must complete a simple web-based form which can be accessed by clicking the 'register' button on the website. I signed up with the username 'OnlineCasinos' and headed straight for the cashier. As stated earlier, all transactions are carried out in Euros, so a person not used to Euros may be unsure as to conversion rates. As a tip, the site is a great at currency conversions, and this may be a help to some people.

I deposited 25 Euros from my Neteller account (Casino Euro accepts Neteller, Moneybookers and Credit Card deposit methods all with just a 20 Euro minimum deposit amount). However, my bankroll instantly displayed a balance of 52.50 - I had been awarded a 7.50 (30%) sign-up bonus as well as a special 20 Euro bonus as I had signed-up on Valentine's Day! Casino Euro usually has a few promotions running at any one time including a monthly percentage match bonus - great it you like playing with a casino's money! It was nice as well that bonuses can be combined - the one deposit activated both available bonuses!

So, with a healthy bankroll I now had to find where I could gamble it away! Regular readers may at this point note that I have not talked about the download process as I usually do. This is because Casino Euro is actually a 100% no-download site. As such, all development budgets have been poured into creating a cutting-edge no-download gambling experience. The games are java-powered, which should greatly appeal to people on a slow dial-up connection.

The Casino Euro games are presented in a main lobby. As Blackjack is the most poplar table game, I often begin a review playing this game and on this occasion I did not deviate from my usual routine. After clicking on the BJ logo I was prompted with a menu giving me choice of playing on the 1-40 limit table or the 5-500 table. While I would have loved to play with the high rollers, I had to be sensible and chose the 1-40 table.

After a couple of minutes (I was on a dial-up connection), my Internet Explorer status bar indicated the 'Applet was loaded' and I was presented with a virtual BJ table. Players can bet on up to three different hands, and being a gambler, this was what I did. With 2 Euros sitting on each circle, I clicked the deal button. I have found that some no-download casinos usually have a lag in play in that the games take an age to communicate with the master server. However, this proved not to be the case with Casino Euro and my cards were instantly dealt with the accompaniment of fitting sound effects. It was very pleasing to see that for no-download software, the graphics and sound effects were of excellent quality.

My first round of play resulted in 2 winning hands and 1 losing hand, so I was not off to a bad start. I continued to play BJ for quite a few hands - a testament to the quality of the gaming experience. I also firmly believe that the software plays a fair game. On a couple of occasions I was faced with the usual 6 against a dealer's Ace. However, I found that on a number of occasions I ended up winning the most improbable of hands. Indeed, after my BJ play I left the table with 78.50 - precisely 26.50 richer.

My next game I played was another table favorite - Caribbean Stud Poker. The aim of this game is simple - to bet on a hand (players are dealt 5 cards) when you think you have a better hand than the dealer (the dealer also has a 5-card hand and reveals one card when a player is made to bet). Pay offs are then based on the strength of a player's winning hand.

The stud poker game at Casino Euro also offers a side-bet, which awards bonus payoffs. However, this side game does cost 1 credit. Nevertheless, despite being seen as a 'sucker' bet by many pundits, the cash jackpot of 20,610.80 at the time of play (for a royal flush) is certainly worth thinking about! Sadly I was not dealt a royal flush - in fact my best hand was only three of a kind. However, the bad hands were mixed with the good - meaning I again got a good game for my money. The overall game play was also very good - nice graphics are again matched with pleasing sounds and fast play. Another excellent virtual recreation by Casino Euro.

Casino Euro also offers a variety of other table games - I played a bit of Let it Ride and Roulette. However, I really wanted to try out some video poker. Casino Euro offers only a limited number of video poker types, but the standard ones are there (Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild etc.). These played well, but since I didn't seem to be winning much, I decided to head off to the slot section before my bankroll was too low. After looking over the slot selection (which consists of only around 6 games), I selected the Gold Rush slot.

Upon loading, this turned out to be a progressive jackpot slot played with 3-reels and a single payline. The jackpot at the time of playing was 5,535, quite a bit off the last winning jackpot amount of over 25,000 - that winner must have been pleased with his return on a 0.60 bet! Despite not winning the jackpot, I actually got quite a few hits. This was good - I don't mind losing as long as I get a bit of game play. In fact, my 60-coin win boosted my bankroll nicely.

In terms of game play, Gold Rush played with the same high speed as I had experienced on the table games. Similarly, the graphics were pleasing to the eye and despite not having a huge selection, the slots that are available at Casino Euro should please most slot players.

Indeed, after finishing my play at Gold Rush I was satisfied enough with Casino Euro's slots to go and play on the Super 7s and Wild West slots. Unfortunately, I made a big mistake on the Wild West slot. I entered with a bankroll at around 30 and without looking made a click on the max-bet button. Nothing came in so I did it again. It was only at this point that I checked to see how much I was betting (I guessed it would be around 1 as on the other slots I had played). In fact, a max-bet on this slot cost 9, so I had just reduced my bankroll by 18! I then quickly changed the number of coins I was betting per line only to carelessly hit the max-bet button again instead of the spin one! So despite feeling confident that I would easily meet the wagering conditions of the bonuses I had received, I suddenly had around 3 left to play with.

Feeling annoyed at myself, I finished my gaming off with a little scratchcard and keno play. Despite actually raising my balance up to about 20 Euros on these games, I soon crashed down to zero after a bit more fruitless blackjack play.

Despite not cashing out, I actually really felt that I was going to win at Casino Euro - indeed if was not for the stupid play with the Wild West slot, I do believe I would have met the wagering conditions (incidentally, the bonus cashier screen shows real-time bonus and wagering information). If I had been able to cashout, the casino would have paid within a day or two, which is a good payout speed. However, this time it was not to be.

In terms of support, this is only offered in the form of email at Casino Euro. However, a test email I sent was met with a quick response (in around 40 minutes). The support representative also appeared knowledgeable as well as personable - I do like receiving tailored responses as it makes me feel like a valued player (even if I am not a high roller!).

In summary, I was impressed with Casino Euro. The wealth of languages available and the overall Euro-orientated style is excellent. Similarly, the no-download nature of the site is brilliant - even though this is no download the games are still presented with superb graphics and sound making overall gameplay very much a fun experience. Similarly, the games play very fairly and I know that payouts here are fast. It is a shame support contact methods are limited, but the CSRs are helpful nevertheless. Overall, for a no-download experience from a trusted name, Casino Euro comes highly recommended.

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A pat (dealt) full house in this three-hand Deuces Wild Video Poker game

3 Hand Deuces Wild Video Poker at Casino Euro

Play up to three hands at Casino Euro Blackjack. Bet up to 500 credits per hand!

Blackjack: Play up to three hands at Casino Euro BJ. Bet up to 500 credits per hand!

The bonus cashier makes keeping track of bonus wagering very easy

Casino Euro Bonus Cashier: The bonus cashier makes keeping track of bonus wagering very easy.

Caribbean Stud Poker with a side progressive jackpot available

Casino Euro - Caribbean Stud Poker with a side progressive jackpot available

Gold Rush: A simple 3-reel slot with a progressive jackpot up for grabs

Gold Rush Slotmachine: Goldrush: A simple 3-reel slot with a progressive jackpot up for grabs!

A casino classic - Jacks or Better Video Poker

A Classic Casino Game - Jacks or Better Video Poker.

Often seen as a bad bet, but sometimes fun to play - Keno

Keno: Often seen as a bad bet, but sometimes fun to play - Keno.

A pair of jacks means I can raise all the way in this Let it Ride game

Let it Ride Poker: A pair of jacks means I can raise all the way in this Let it Ride game.

Roulette: Place your bets on where the little ivory ball lands!

Casino Euro Roulette: Place your bets on where the little ivory ball lands!

Starmania: Casino Euro's Scratch Card game

Starmania: Casino Euro's Scratch Card game.

Super 7s if a 5-reel slot with a x2000 top prize

Super 7s if a 5-reel slot with a x2000 top prize.

Casino Euro Strong Points:
  • Excellent multi-language support
  • Good bonuses, which can be combined!
  • Low minimum deposit amount
  • No download required
  • Good graphics and nice sound effects
  • Fast payouts
  • Responsive support
  • High betting limits (500 on BJ)
Things Casino Euro Could Improve:
  • Small number of deposit options
  • Limited number of Slot and VP games
  • Limited number of ways to contact support

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