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First Web Casino:

First Web Casino is a Microgaming-powered casino operated by the Jackpot Factory management team (owners of 4 online casinos and one online poker room). This casino bills itself as a 'well established 50's style casino' and since I had never played here before, I decided it was time for a review.

Being part of such a large casino group I expected good things from the First Web Casino website, and have to say I was not disappointed. Although the web pages of First Web Casino are very intensive in terms of 'flash' content (which very, very old computers may not be able to handle), this really makes the casino website stand out as users are instantly greeted by the First Web 'character' (visit the site - you'll see the cartoon of the guy I mean!) and a cool 50's style music background.

More importantly, the First Web Casino website has sections on all the important things for a person deciding whether to play at a casino or not - banking, promotions, games preview, support etc. I personally think it is always a good sign when a casino puts the time and effort into putting together important information sections - it shows that management recognize the needs of the player.

As I always state, the best playing environment is achieved through the download version of the First Web Casino software. However, a flash version of First Web Casino is available for those wanting to play instantly. It'ns worth remembering through that not all games are playable in flash and the quality is not quite as good as with the download version.

For those that decide that downloading is not a problem, the file size for the initial download is 6.4 mb. This is not too big and means that most users should be up and running pretty quickly. The installation process is also very simple - after a few minutes the software was installed and running on my computer.

Signing up at First Web Casino is also a straight forward process. The usual pieces of information such as address, email's etc. are required, with users submitting data through a standard form interface. Players can also choose which currency they want to play in - US$, Euros and UK £ are all available. I opted for a US$ account and with a few clicks I was ready to play.

The next stop for me was the cashier. Minimum deposit amount at First Web appears to be 25 credits and the usual array of deposit options are available. Unfortunately my Credit Card was declined when I tried to use it - sadly something that is happening more and more. However, with enough money sitting in my NETeller account, I used that to make a purchase of $100 credits.

At First Web a superb sign-up bonus is available - for just a $25 purchase a huge $75 bonus is awarded. Play through is a respectable 15 deposit + bonus. However, I chose not to accept the bonus because there are severe restrictions on the games a person can play - I wanted to be able to play whatever I wanted. Incidentally, a variety of promotions are also offered to existing players - at the time of playing $30,000 in prizes was available in the 'World Series of Slots' event!

The first thing that really impressed me with First Web was how easy it is to navigate between games. The games have been grouped into different categories (Progressives, Table, Slots etc.), which makes it really easy to find the game you are after - I get really annoyed with casinos that just have a huge scroll list of games.

Similarly, First Web has employed a superb system that allows the player to see exactly what a game is like before they download / play it. For example, by holding the mouse over the Blackjack icon, I was presented with a graphic of the game, details about the game (number of decks used etc.) and a summary of the game rules. This information is available for every type of game, and may be particularly useful for slot players as they can determine how many reels and pay-lines a slot has before deciding to play.

As normal, I started off with some Blackjack play, although as a diversion from this usual I decided to play at the multi-hand table. At this table, bets can be placed from $2 to $40 per hand and anywhere between 1 and 5 hands can be played simultaneously. For those looking for bigger betting limits, First Web offers various other BJ tables with a higher limit of $200. This is probably fine for most people, although high-rollers would be slightly disappointed - I have seen over $2000 limits at some online casinos.

Nevertheless, I was happy with my choice and proceeded to make some bets. The nice thing with this game is that, unless the dealer has a very good hand (e.g. a Blackjack) it is highly likely a player will get some money back each round, and if all hands turn into winners a player's bankroll can definitely jump. I was lucky in the fact that I did manage to get some all-hand winners.

In terms of game quality, as I have come to expect from Microgaming-powered casinos, First Web Casino really is a winner. Top notch graphics are presented in a slick manner, making play a real joy. Background sounds are available and there's even a dealer voice for those who like this. I personally don't like the harsh American accent, but as with a lot of aspects of the casino, a player can customize background sounds to their liking.

After my Blackjack play I did look over some of the other table games available at First Web, both casino mainstays (such as Craps and Stud Poker) sit alongside exciting newer games such as Three Card Poker and Sic Bo. However, nothing miraculous happened on the other table games I played, and so I moved over to the Video Poker section.

Again, a wide choice of Video Poker games is available at First Web, with many of the games offered as single hand, 4-hand 'Power Poker' and even 10 and 50 hand varieties. A nice feature with the video poker games, as with many of the First Web games, is the ability to access the 'Expert Mode' function. This allows a player to analyse their play and even to have the computer automatically play 'perfect strategy'.

Of course, the usual Microgaming quality is apparent in the video poker games. The game speed is also excellent, if actually a little too fast. However, a simple click on the options brought the game speed down to a level suiting me. I had some good fun playing the wild card games - both the Deuces and Jokers single-hand game and the Deuces Wild Poker saw some of my play, although again there we no huge wins to report.

Finally, I decided to review the slot selection at First Web Casino. Many of the games available at First Web (of which there are over 140) are slot-based and although many are similar in style, there are still a great number of options for the slot player. From classic three-wheel games to brand new video-style bonus games, a player really can find exactly the game they are looking for. Microgaming also seems to add more slot games every few weeks, so the choice for a player just gets bigger and bigger. And with progressive jackpots at First Web now reaching over $1.7m, I can definitely see the attraction in these games!

I had some fun playing the City of Gold and Big 5 games. However, I really got caught up on the Diamond Deal slot. This is a bonus game where collecting 4 symbols on the reels activates the bonus round. Unfortunately, it took ages for me to activate the bonus - and even when I got it, I only won $50. However, just when I thought my bankroll was going to run out I hit a $150 winner on the main game, which definitely helped. I still came away from the slots a loser, but it could have been a lot worse!

After all the above play my bankroll was still at around the $75 mark (a testament to the casino's fairness), I decided to get greedy and made some losing big bets next which meant my bankroll hit zero pretty quickly. However, cash-in processing at all Jackpot Factory casinos is never a problem and I know that I would have been paid quickly if I had cashed in.

As usual, casino support was tested as part of my review process. As with all the Jackpot Factory casinos, First Web Casino offers a variety of support options including email, live chat and telephone. Unfortunately, live chat did not seem to be working when I tried it, but a telephone call I made was answered quickly. There is definitely nothing to worry about with First Web Casino support.

All in all I have to say that First Web is a pretty good casino. Although the theme is not really to my taste, the quality of the casino itself definitely is, with a huge game selection enhanced by the use of quality graphics and background sounds. Similarly, quality support and banking procedures simply help to further enhance the likeability of this casino. Considering a player can have a $100 bankroll for just $25 by claiming the bonus, I would say that First Web is definitely a casino worth trying out.

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A 15-coin win on the three-reel classic-style Big 5 slot

Big 5 Classic Slot Machine

A relatively new slot "City of Gold" pays out $20 for a $4 gamble

City Of Gold Slot

Cool buck is a fun-to-play three-wheel, five-line slot

Cool Buck Slots

A dealt full-house guarantees a $15 payout on this Deuces and Joker Video Poker game

Deuces & Joker Video Poker

Three queens on the initial deal means I am a winner on this 4-hand Deuces Wild game

Four Hand Deuces Wild Video Poker Game

The bonus took a while to activate on this Diamond Deal game, but this $150 win made up for it!

Diamond Deal Slot Machine - My Winning Pull

The bonus round on Diamond Deal rewards me with $50

Diamond Deal Bonus Feature Slot Game

Genie's Gems is a five-reel video-style slot seen here paying me $12.75

Genies Gems Slot

Every one of my 5 hands wins here at the Multi-hand Blackjack table

Multi Hand Blackjack

Poker Pursuit is not a great game for the gambler, but here pays off $10 for a $5 bet

Poker Persuit Game

A risky $20 bet on the low-paying Scratch Card games pays off as I reveal a 2x multiplier

Scratch Card Game

My $16 bet is doubled to a $32 win when a nice roll appears whilst playing Sic Bo

Sic Bo

My pair just beats the dealer's whilst playing Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker Table @ First Web Casino

First Web Casino Strong Points:
  • Good game selection
  • Quality graphics and sounds
  • Range of support options with staff being courteous and knowledgeable
  • Huge deposit bonus with very reasonable play through requirements
Things First Web Casino Could Improve:
  • Upper end betting limits are on the low-side for big bettors
  • Live chat was not working at the time of testing, although availability of other support options makes this a very minor point.

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