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Lucky Nugget Casino:

Lucky Nugget Casino is one of the biggest casinos on the Internet. Lucky Nugget Online Casino is a member of Belle Rock Gaming Group - a group of 7 online casinos and 3 online poker rooms. Lucky Nugget Casino is powered by the latest Microgaming Viper Software; offering you more the 100 casino games to choose from. The software is available in a download version - and a Flash version where you don't have to download any software to be able to play. My Lucky Nugget Casino review is based on the download version of the software.

New players at Lucky Nugget Casino are offered a very big casino bonus on top of their first deposit - but as I had played at this casino many times before, I was not allowed to get this bonus again. However; Lucky Nugget frequently offers me and other regular players bonuses, so I am not complaining at all.

For this casino review I made a $100 and headed straight to the multi-hand blackjack table; where I played on 5 separate hands per round of blackjack. The minimum bet per hand is $2 - so I was betting $10 per round. Lucky Nugget Casino also offers several other variants of blackjack, including European blackjack, Las Vegas downtown blackjack, Spanish 21 and many other blackjack variants. I won a bit at the blackjack table - but wanted to try one of the 9-line slots.

The Thunderstruck Slot is a feature slot with 9 paylines - 5 reels and a chance to win free spins. You can choose the coin size to be as low as 1 cent and up to $0.50. On Thunderstruck, you can bet up to 45 coins per spin. If you activate all the 9 paylines you will be betting from $0.45 and up to $22.5 per spin. I choose to play with 5 cent coins - so I was betting $2.25 per spin. There is also a scatter symbol - 3, 4 or 5 Scatter Rams on any payline will activate the 15 free spins bonus round. In the bonus game you can win even more free spins, and during the free spins all wins pay triple. Winning free spins is what the Thunderstruck slot is all about. The Thor symbol is wild, and will substitute for anything except scatter rams. Thunderstruck can be a expensive slot to play; and that was just what I experienced - soon my bankroll went down to $75 - but I then managed to line up a combination that paid $50, and my bankroll went up to $125. I played on, and when my bankroll was starting to get back down to $75 I won 15 free spins - where again, every win is tripled. I won $258 on the 15 free spins - and my bankroll showed 326 credits - not bad at all. You can see a screenshot of my Thunderstruck win to the right. In my opinion, Thunderstruck is a great slot machine - but it can also be expensive to play if you don't hit the free spins where all winnings are tripled.

Then I played at some of the table games. I tried playing Baccarat - Craps- 3 Card Poker - Sic-bo and Caribbean Stud Poker. I had fun for a long time at the Caribbean Stud Poker table (this poker game is actually called Cyberstud Poker at Lucky Nugget Casino.) Unfortunately, I made some big $80 bets and lost all my money at Cyberstud Poker, so I made another $100 deposit to keep playing.

I also played video poker at Lucky Nugget Casino. Lucky Nugget has a ton of different video poker games to offer to the video poker fans. In fact, they have so many video poker games that they have a separate video poker menu with different video poker variants to choose from. I played 10 hand deuces wild video poker. In this video poker game deuces are wild cards and you play 10 hands per game - the coin size can be set from $0.10 and up to $2. Betting on all 10 hands in one game, it adds up to betting from $5 to $100 per game. I was betting $5 per game. This game can give you some good wins - especially if you get a winning hand in your initial poker hand draw - as that will give you 10 winning hands in one game. As an example of this, you can see a screenshot where I got a Full House in my initial hand, resulting in 10 Full Houses in one game. You don't have to be a video poker expert to play video poker at Lucky Nugget Casino either, as the Microgaming Viper Software will automatically suggest the best way to play your hands. You can even put the video poker game in 'expert mode' with autoplay - this is a great option in my opinion.

I also tried the Belle Rock Slot. This is a 9 payline slot with 5 reels and a chance to win free spins. All your wins are tripled during any free spins you win. You can choose from different coin sizes - when betting on all 9 lines you will be betting from $0.45 and up to $45 per spin. I was betting $2.25 per spin with a coin size of $0.05. The Belle Rock Slot is a unique slot machine, as you can only find this slot machine at Lucky Nugget Casino and the other casinos in the Belle Rock Gaming Group. The Bell Rock Slot is very similar to the Thunderstruck slot mentioned above. The Bell Rock symbol acts as Scatter Symbol - lining up 3,4 or 5 Bell Rock symbols on any payline will activate 15 free spins, where all your wins during the free spins are tripled. I really wanted to show you a nice winning screenshot from this slot machine, so I kept playing the Bell Rock Slot. Looking back this was not my smartest move. I ended up losing my second $100 deposit, and by the time I finally left I had made a total of $700 in deposits. I lost everything except $50 when I finally came to my senses and moved on to another casino game. The Belle Rock Slot is actually a very fun slot machine to play, and I guess that was why I kept playing even though I lost big - as you can see it can be very expensive to play the Belle Rock Slot.

I moved on to play the classic slot machine called Cash Clams. This is a slot machine with a single payline. You can choose the coin size to be from $0.25 and up to $5. You can bet either 1 or 2 coins per spin - I was betting 2 coins per spin as this gives you the chance of winning a jackpot of 5000 coins. The Cash Clams symbol is wild, and when a cash clam completes a winning combination it acts as a multiplier - one cash clams pays 2x winnings and two clams pay 4x winnings. I won a bit on this slot machine.

Then I played the Progressive slot Major Millions. In the past, this slot machine has paid out a jackpot of more then $1.6 million US$ - this is the biggest jackpot ever won online. I did not win the jackpot, but I did win $50 two times in a row, and I also won $80 on a spin where I managed to line up three blue 7's. There are 3 paylines on Major Millions - it's $3 per spin if you want a chance of winning the jackpot. The major Million symbol is wild and acts as a multiplier of your winnings.

The Big Kahuna Slot is another 9 line 5 reel slot machine with a bonus round. The coin size can be set to $0.05 up to $0.50. You bet 45 coins per spin, so if you activate all 9 paylines you will be betting from $2.25 and up to $22.50 per spin. Lining up 3,4 or 5 Volcano Symbols on a active payline will activate a bonus game where you will have to choose a fruit to sacrifice to the volcano. I managed to get the bonus game started several times - and one time I did win 1000 coins in the bonus game. You can see my screenshot of that win to the right. I also had several regular wins on the Big Kahuna Slot - among others I won $43 on a single spin. The Big Kahuna symbol is wild and the Monkey Face symbol acts as a scatter symbol. I had great fun at the Big Kahuna slot and also won some money - so I can definitely recommend you to try out this slot machine.

I can recommend Lucky Nugget Casino to you - even though I lost this time. I cashed out $300 but had made deposits worth $700. Lucky Nugget Casino offer a great sign-up bonus to new players and ongoing bonuses to their regular players. The Viper casino software is perhaps the best casino software out there - and as a result of that Lucky Nugget casino is also one of the biggest casinos on the Internet.

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Multi Hand Blackjack

Multi Hand Blackjack - Play from 1 to 5 hands in one round of Blackjack

Thunderstruck Slot - My $258 Win

I won 15 Free Spins on the Thundestruck Slot Machne - in the free spins all winnings pay triple - so I won $258 on my 15 free spins.

Belle Rock Slot:9 Lines&Free Spins

Bell Rock Slot - A Special 9 Payline Slot Machine only found and Lucky Nugget Casino and the sistercasinos in the Bell Rock Groups.

10 Hand Deuces Wild Video Poker

10 Hand Deuces Wild Video Poker - here i got a straight on all 10 hands.

Big Kahuna Multi Line Feature Slot

Big Kahuna Slot - 3 or more Volcano Symbols on a Payline will activate a bonus round game.

Big Kahuna Slot: The Bonus Round

This is the Big Kahuna Bonus Game - Here I win 1000 Coins.

Lucky Nugget Casino Strong Points:
  • Lucky Nugget Casino offers you the award winning Microgaming Viper software - with more then 100 casino games to choose from.
  • You can get a very big welcome bonus as a new players - and there is ongoing bonuses to regular players as well.
  • This is one of the biggest online casinos out there - and they did not get this big by advertising alone. They offer a solid online casino gambling experience.
Things Lucky Nugget Casino Could Improve:
  • The customer support could respond a bit faster in my opinion - I had to wait almost a day to get a reply to an email.
  • Make sure you read the terms and conditions for their great promotions. Perhaps you will not be allowed to play blackjack and other game you like if you take them up on their bonus offers.

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