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Party Bingo:

When it comes to online gambling there's one name that will certainly be well known to anyone that's played online. That name is Party. Whether it's Party Poker or Party Casino, most players will probably have an account with this gambling group. And now Party Bingo has been added to the list. Since Bingo is becoming big business in the online world and is hugely popular, particularly amongst female players, I decided to see if this online giant's Bingo room lived up to the high expectations I held.

Party Bingo actually operates using its own no-download software making play really straightforward. Players simply need to create an account and click on the appropriate link to launch the software. Any player with an existing Party account will be able to log-in to the Bingo site without issue. However, although I did have an existing Party account I wanted to test the sign-up process so sneakily created a fake account (but obviously not one I intended to play on - I don't want any winnings to be stopped!)

Registration of a new account is performed when a user completes the appropriate form. However, account creation is actually a two part process. Firstly a player registers a username and password. They are then required to submit further details when they first visit the cashier. Effectively, a play account is firstly created which can then be upgraded to a real play account when a player decides they want to make a deposit. Sign up was a pretty standard affair, although I was impressed with a security measure implemented by Party - once a telephone number has been entered a computer automatically dials this number to verify its existence. Security measures are definitely a good move, particularly given the rising rate of online fraud. As one would expect with a highly respected site, Party can be viewed in a variety of languages and can be played using US $, Euros or UK Pounds.

The sign-up process went smoothly as stated. However, to play I had to log-in with my existing username and password combination and so after remembering my details my 'OnlineCas' account was soon logged in and ready to play. At Party players are actually able to bet their free money in the 'Rainbow' room. However, unsure of the point of this I soon decided it was time to make a deposit at Party. Having said that, a free £5 (approximately $10) bonus is available for real bingo play as a 'thank you' for signing up.

Depositing at Party Bingo has been made really simple with a wide range of deposit options available. These include familiar ones such as NeTeller and Credit Card but also include less-popular methods such as U Kash and Entropay Card. Using NeTeller I was able to deposit £50 (approximately $100) in to my OnlineCas account. However, it appears at Party that apart from the free sign-up bonus, no additional funds are added to player's accounts once they deposit - I think it is unusual, particularly for a Bingo site. Indeed, usually Bingo is the one game that does offer very generous bonuses but certainly this time around I was not awarded with any extra money.

Not worrying about this overly much the next thing for me to do was to launch the Party Bingo lobby. As stated earlier, Party is no download so once a player has logged in they simply need to click the appropriate link to launch the bingo lobby. From here a person can navigate between the various bingo rooms available. As you would expect to find at any self-respecting site, Party offers both 75 and 90-ball bingo. For those not in the know, 75-ball games see players trying to match a pre-determined pattern on their play cards whereas 90-ball games see players fighting it out for the more traditional 1-line, 2-lines and full house prizes.

Buying tickets at Party is very simple - a player simply needs to specify the number of strips or specific tickets they want, confirm their purchase and wait for the next game! The great thing I noticed at Party is that some rooms were running games with tickets costing as little as $0.10. This is great for the low-rolling Bingo player. However, with some rooms filled with 50 or more people this doesn't mean prizes are small - indeed I regularly saw winners walking away with the equivalent of prizes worth $50 or more!

In fact, if it's nice winnings you are looking for Party Bingo may well suit your needs - this site runs games on certain days that pay out massive amounts of money if a player hits bingo within a set number of balls. On Sundays, for example, a massive £5,000 (approximately $10,000) is up for grabs! Imagine winning that much on a 10 cent ticket!

Unfortunately, although Party Bingo has a lot to offer in terms of game selection and jackpots, I didn't find the software itself quite so impressive. For me, I found purchased tickets particularly hard to see. I realise that since I play on a laptop my screen is not massive, but I would still expect to have a reasonable view of what's going on. Similarly, I found the games played slightly sluggish with the animation being slightly 'jumpy'. I am sure many players will not notice this, particularly if they have newer computers. However, since I have played at many other casinos, poker sites and bingo rooms on my computer with no issue I still think this is a slight disappointment, particularly considering this is Party software.

Nevertheless, a good game can still be had and with cards auto-marking when numbers are called it means players will never miss out on a win, even if the graphics seem to be playing up! A voice over gives the game that realistic edge and the integrated chat room makes it easy to talk with other players. Indeed, I've found that this is a big part of the attractiveness of online bingo. Furthermore, chat moderators are available 24 hours a day to encourage the conversation and more importantly to run side chat games. These add to the entertainment factor and more important give players the chance to win free cards! For example, in one room I played the moderator was running a 'guess who I am' game. Up to 50 free cards were up for grabs for the lucky winner - sadly not me!

I played at both the 75 and 90-ball games during this session but unfortunately didn't hit a thing! I guess that's just the way the game goes sometimes but it is most frustrating getting within 1 ball of a win only to see a window pop up announcing someone else has been victorious! As such, on this occasion there was no visit to the cashier to make a withdrawal. However, having had previous experience of Party's bank processing I know any withdrawals at Party Bingo would be processed quickly and efficiently. From past experience I've found withdrawals have no pending period and indeed are regularly processed less than 24-hours after cash-in. This is certainly a big draw of this site.

After finishing my play at Party Bingo I actually decided to close my Party account. By now I'd experienced every part of the Party offering and since I am cutting back on the gambling decided it was time for an account closure. As such, I had a genuine reason to contact support which I discovered was available via telephone and email. Rather impressively, toll-free numbers are provided for much of Europe and also for Canada. I tried the number and was successfully connected within a couple of rings - definitely good. Similarly, the support representative was helpful, although he did have some issues understanding me. I believe this was because he was based in India and obviously English would not have been his first language. Nevertheless, he was ultimately able to deal with my request and instantly available support such as this definitely is a positive.

In conclusion I was relatively impressed with Party Bingo, although similarly I do think there are areas for improvement. The banking and support functions are top notch and definitely met my high expectations. However, I do think more could be done with the actual presentation of the Bingo room. Whilst the graphics are reasonable and the games still enjoyable, I didn't think the site quite matched the high quality look and feel of competitor sites. Similarly, a wider selection of games could make things more interesting. Nevertheless, a good game can still be had and for a small buy-in some big wins can still be achieved. For players that like to gamble with a trusted name, they don't come much bigger than Party and certainly for a first online experience there are many worst places to play than this. Indeed, having witnessed a large number of people connected at any one time Party certainly appears to be a favourite amongst many others online!

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The Rainbow Room allows people to play for 'play' money, although I am not sure what the thrill is of this! Free Play at the Rainbow Room

The game automatically shows a player their best cards, although this is needed given the sometimes hard-to-see graphics Best Cards are Shown

At the end of the game all off the winners are shown in a handy summary of winners table Winner Summary

As well as the 90-ball game, the common 75-ball 'shaped' bingo game can also be played at Party Bingo 75 Ball Games

A player's account can be interrogated which is handy for tracking any bonus money rewarded Player Account Details

The Party Bingo cashier makes depositing and withdrawing very simple Party Bingo Cashier

As with a number of bingo rooms, Party has a real 'family' atmosphere thanks largely to the fun chat room Chat Room

Even if the balls don't seem to be with you, the chat games still allow players to get a win or two Chat Games

A player is asked to confirm each purchase which makes tracking expenditure pretty easy Confirming a Purchase

A menu system is used to quickly 'bulk buy' game cards Getting Cards

The Party Bingo lobby displays all the games available along with handy information about the type of game being played Party Bingo Lobby

Party Bingo Strong Points:
  • Excellent customer support with many toll-free numbers available
  • Fantastic cash-processing with super-fast withdrawal processing
  • Highly reputable brand meaning players can play safe in the knowledge they are dealing with a leading online company
  • Low limit games will attract the small-time players
Things Party Bingo Could Improve:
  • From what I could see no deposit bonuses are available for bingo play apart from the initial no-deposit bonus
  • Good amounts of money can be won from a number of games as well as the huge jackpot game
  • Although the software is acceptable, I think more could be done to improve the look and operation of this bingo room

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