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SciFi Casino:

During my years playing at online casinos, I have seen many sites using themes in an attempt to entice the player - I've played at casinos with a 70s theme, a futuristic theme, a nautical theme and even a space theme. However, SciFi casino has gone one better and presents a casino where alien dealers greet players in the casino lobby! This is just one of the fascinations of SciFi Casino I discovered when reviewing this RTG-powered (Real Time Gaming) casino.

The SciFi Casino website itself fits in beautifully with the name of the casino - the clever use of graphics instantly grabs the eye, and along with an easy-to-use menu system makes a user feel comfortable whether they are a veteran online player or a person new to the world of online gambling.

As with many online casinos, to play the games SciFi Casino has to offer (over 60 according to the website), a user must first download the casino software. This download comes in two-stages - an initial 180k followed by a bigger download just over 2,995k in size. Once the software is downloaded and installed, a player then simply has to create an account and is ready for play.

As this was my first visit to Sic Fi Casino, the first thing I did was to check out the 'promotions page'. SciFi Casino appears to offer a number of promotions attractive to first-time visitors. In fact, I was able to start my SciFi gambling without purchasing a penny - just because I clicked through from I was able to claim a $15 no-deposit bonus. While players have to wager this bonus 20 times and can only cash-out a maximum of $50, it is a good way for players to 'test the waters'.

So, with my $15 bankroll I decided to see what table games SciFi Casino had to offer. I am usually a Blackjack fan (and SciFi have a variety of '21' games), but on this occasion I felt like a change so sat myself down at the Caribbean Stud Poker table. This card game is not a great bet for the gambler (having approximately a 5% house edge); but does reward players with big winnings if the right hands come up. Put simply, the aim of the game is for a player to beat the dealer's hand after both the player and dealer have been dealt 5 cards. The rules are slightly more complex, but payoffs are based on the hand held by the player.

At SciFi casino this game also offers a side-bet which, for $1 extra per hand, allows the player access to bonus payouts. These payouts are payable on hands of a flush or better; with a royal flush rewarding the player with an ever-increasing progressive jackpot. At the time of playing, this was standing at a staggering $45,000, which for a $1 bet is a very nice payoff. Unfortunately I barely managed one-pair let alone a royal flush, so I decided to make a quick exit.

Still determined to get my own back on the SciFi card games, I decided to play another game that isn't on my usual play list - Tri Card Poker. This game is actually really fun to play, and again sees a player's hand tested against a dealer's. However, with this game a player can bet not only on whether his hand will beat the house, but also on whether he will be dealt a pair or higher (pair plus bet). As with Carribean Stud Poker, the graphics for this table game proved excellent, and the rapid speed of play complemented the excitement associated with this game. Similarly, the sound effects, while not mind-blowing, added to the overall gambling experience. I also happened to do quite well at this game, with a straight on my first hand rewarding me with a $16 payoff.

Unfortunately, it was as this point that I unwisely decided that my luck would also change with Carribean Stud Poker. My attempts to win back the money I had previously lost proved futile, and I left this game for the second time with a diminished bankroll - sadly this time at $0. However, considering I had been playing for around 20 minutes - all from the no-deposit $15 bonus - I was not too upset.

Of course, my play was nowhere near complete at this point, so I decided to recheck the SciFi Casino promotions page to see how I could boost my money before depositing. I opted for the 100% match bonus, which is available on first depositsof up to $250. While I only deposited $30, this bonus meant I had $60 to play with. To satisfy the terms of the bonus I could play on any game, but at least 12 times the bonus and deposit had to be wagered on slots ($720 in my case).

So, with my bankroll looking healthy once more, I decided to return to another table game offered by SciFi Casino - Let It Ride. This game is really easy to play, and after a bet is made, a player is dealt three cards. The player then decides whether to raise their bet or not before a fourth card is dealt. This then happens again before a fifth and final card is dealt. At this point, a qualifying hand pays out based on the total amount bet for the entire game. Again, SciFi must be congratulated on the look and feel of this virtual recreation and I found myself thoroughly engrossed in the game play. A couple of kings dealt within the first three cards of a hand also paid off handsomely when a third king showed up to complete the three-of-a-kind hand. With my bankroll boosted to $80, I decided to move on.

Although I knew at sometime I would have to play slots to satisfy the wagering requirements, I could not resist having a quick play at Video Poker. Sci Fi Casino offers a wealth of VP games and allows customers to play from 1 to 100 hands at once. I opted for the 52-play deuces wild version. I always like this game, as good hands can be obtained with relative ease. Again, SciFi's fast-paced action contributed to making this game fun. My only criticism of SciFi's VP is that the graphics for these games are not as sharp as the table games, however this minor drawback does not overly disappoint. Thankfully, I was able to play this game for a good while and I was fortunate enough to have a flush and a straight dealt to me as initial hands in succession. So, with a bankroll of $90 I decided the time had come to play on some slots. SciFi Casino offers a range of both 'mechanical' and video slots and as such there should be something to satisfy the needs of most slot players. I decided to check out the interestingly titled 'Good to be Bad' game. This was to be a progressive game revolving around a novel idea - by accumulating successive losing spins a player is rewarded with free spins. These free spins increase with each losing spin, but get just one winner and whilse you may get a nice pay-off, the free-spins are lost. To win the progressive jackpot a player simply has to have a terrible run of losing spins - and as such it really does prove good to be bad!

Unfortunately, I was just a little bad at this game, and while the game was fun my bankroll took a severe denting. I continued to investigate a number of the other slots available, and while I did have a bit of luck with some (such as the 1c per line Card Shark video slot), my money was rapidly reduced to nothing before I could complete the wagering. I did have a lot of fun playing the SciFi slots, but unfortunately the wagering requirements proved just too much for me to make a profit. Also, as a slight criticism towards SciFi's slots, they did feel somewhat dated in terms of graphics and general realism, particularly when compared to some of the newer slots offered by competitors. Nevertheless, for the occasional to medium-frequency player, SciFi's offering should prove more than sufficient.

To round off my SciFi Casino experience, I decided to perform a quick check of support. Support at SciFi is offered through live chat and email. I tested both methods and found that customer support representatives were both polite and useful - chat was available instantly with no waiting, and an email I sent to support was responded to within around 20 minutes, which is pretty good by any standards.

Finally, while I did not have an opportunity to make a cash-in, the SciFi Casino website claims that payouts requested before 12pm ET are processed on the same day, which if true places SciFi Casino amongst the top casinos for payout speed. Maybe if only I hadn't requested a bonus (thus being forced to play slots) I would be sitting here with a nice return to my NETeller account!

To sum Sci Fi casino up, I would say that the casino is generally of a high standard. The table games are excellent, and whilst the slots and video poker games are not quite as attractive, they are perfectly adequate to please most people. Similarly, with the complement of good customer service and fast banking times there is no reason at all why SciFi should not become a regular destination for the online gambler.

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52-Deuces Wild Video Poker - With the 2s wild, dealt hands like this full house pay handsomely

52 hands deuces wild video poker: With the 2s wild, dealt hands like this full house pay handsomely

A 5-symbol win pays off in this 1c per line game

Cardshark Slot Machine: A 5-symbol win pays off in this 1c per line game

The progressive jackpot climbs continuously until some gets a royal flush in this stud poker game

Caribbean Stud Poker: the progressive jackpot climbs continuously until some gets a royal flush in this stud poker game

Good to be Bad Slot - This 4th-in-a-row losing hand awards me with 1 free spin

The Good to be Bad Slot Machine: This 4th-in-a-row losing hand awards me with 1 free spin

A pair of jacks by the 4th card guarantees a pay off in this Let it Ride game

Let ir Ride Poker: a pair of jacks by the 4th card guarantees a pay off in this Let it Ride game

Tricard Poker: playing all possible bets paid of nicely when this straight was dealt

Tri-card Poker: playing all possible bets paid of nicely when this straight was dealt

SciFi Casino Strong Points:
  • Good game selection
  • Fast-paced games
  • A variety of generous bonuses
  • Good banking times
Things SciFi Casino Could Improve:
  • Poorer quality slot graphics
  • Video Poker games not the best standard available

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