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Slotland Casino has been operating for over 6 years now, and during that time has built up a loyal following. This is thanks in no small part to the uniqueness of the casino - Slotland develops their own software, and as such the games playable are not available anywhere else on the net.

The first thing to note about Slotland is that it is a no-download site. While many casinos now have a no-download option, Slotland operates only in this way, and as such gamblers can be up and running in a matter of minutes, even if playing on a slow dial-up connection. Slotland even runs on WebTV meaning that people who access the web through this medium will be able to play.

However, every plus has a downside, and in the case of Slotland the no-download feature means that it does not offer the 'bells and whistles' offered by many of Slotland's competitors. The graphics on the site are pretty poor and the games have no sound at all. Nevertheless, I would advise people to persevere - when the good wins come who cares whether the slots are pretty or not!

Joining Slotland is straight forward, and requires a minimum of information to be provided. Once complete, a player is then prompted to select the payment method for their initial deposit. I selected NETeller and proceeded to deposit $50. This was instantly matched by $50, since Slotland offer a generous dollar-for-dollar match for first-time deposits up to a total bonus amount of $100. Incidentally, Slotland offers a variety of bonuses including a great $100 for $1000 deposited bonus (multiple deposits allowed), frequent themed promotion bonuses (such as Christmas treats etc.) as well as 'Deposit Delights'. This feature rewards 10%, 20% or 100% of a players deposit as a bonus and is awarded as every 10th, 100th, and 1000th deposit is made (across all players at Slotland). The Casino also has a superb monthly newsletter that rewards bonuses to lucky players just for reading it! And if you play enough (usually making approximately $500 of deposits) you are likely to be invited to join Slotland's VIP club, where you will get even more offers!

With my $100 looking for some action I headed for the Jacks or Better game. This is a recreation of the classic Video Poker game and allows bets of $0.50 to $10 per hand. However, a Royal Flush received when $10 is bet rewards the progressive jackpot (which at the time of writing was over $100,000!). This jackpot is actually accessible across all the games, meaning no matter what you play, you might hit it big! It should be noted, however, that a central computer controls this jackpot over all games - so a royal flush occurring at Jacks or Better is NOT random (in the sense that good VP play makes it more likely to happen). As such, this progressive has exactly the same odds of appearing across all the Slotland games.

Although I was new to Slotland in the sense that I opened my own account, I had actually played through a friends account on a number of occasions. In the past I had always done well at Slotland, so feeling adventurous I decided to bet the $10 maximum for each VP hand! Fortunately, my first hand revealed 3-of-a-kind so I was off to a good start! In terms of gameplay, as stated already the poor graphics and lack of sound do diminish from the overall play. However, this game played at a decent speed and the lack of razzmatazz actually meant I was able to concentrate more fully on game strategy. I decided to play a few more hands and ended up at $140, then decided to try my luck elsewhere.

The next game I played was 'Golden 8'. This machine has 3 reels with 3 symbols visible on each reel, and as such the game is presented in a 3x3 grid format. Paylines actually run both vertically and horizontally as well as diagonally, so a gambler would be betting on 8 lines if they wanted to bet on them all (hence the name!). Again, feeling in a gambling mood I made the decision to bet the $1.50 maximum on all lines, making for a total bet of $12 per spin. This was a good move as a $17 winner came in on the first spin. This was followed shortly after by three silver bells appearing, rewarding me a $50 prize!

Deciding that my luck was likely to change on this slot (I believe in moving around games after decent wins) I went over to a game named Spacejack. This turned out to be a Blackjack-style game, but with a twist. A player bets on 3 hands at once (up to $20 per hand). However, any decision made (e.g. hit, stand, double) applies to all three hands! As such, while one hand may show 11, if the other two show 20 the double option may not be a sensible move! These rules do significantly increase the house edge compared to regular Blackjack. However, this is made up for by the fact that natural BJs pay 3-1! So $20 on a BJ hand returns $60! The game itself is probably not going to be a favorite among hardened BJ fans, but as a good thinking game Spacejack is a great play! Unfortunately, my attempts to win the progressive jackpot (by being dealt 3 BJs) proved futile, and I left this game with around $70 to play with.

I then proceeded to have a look at some of the other Slotland games available. The variety at Slotland is actually very good - despite having a limited number of games, each one is completely different to the next. In some ways, this actually makes it better than the casinos that claim to have 70+ slots, but where each slot is almost identical. I played some Wild Heart (a Joker Poker, 3-hand Video Poker Game) as well as some Striking 7's (single-hand Deuces Wild type game except with wild 7's) but found my luck not holding up.

As such, I went over to one of my old favorites, Booster. This is a simple to play 3-reel slot. However, every losing spin actually goes in to a special bank that can be cashed for 10% of its value at any time! Or, if a player lines up three 'chip' symbols they have an opportunity to win the entire bank! Another feature of this game is the Booster symbol. At random intervals this appears before a spin and allows a player to boost their bet by 10 times. This is a lot (e.g. a $5 boost becomes $50). But winnings are also based on the boosted bet. So a $50 win on a $5 bet would become a $500 win if the $5 was boosted to $50! Sadly, I did have one opportunity to boost my bet and since I was playing at $5 a spin, I bet my remaining $50 bankroll. I lost. But I have been lucky enough to hit $500 on a couple of occasions previously!

Sadly, this time I had no money to cashout. However, banking at Slotland is superb - cash-ins are processed like clockwork at the start of every week. Slotland has built up a solid reputation, and whether you cash-in $20 or $2000, you will be paid with no hassles. It is nice to know that you don't have to gamble on whether you will be paid or not if you get lucky on the slots!

To finish this review, I must comment on the support at Slotland. While support is only offered via email, the support term are most courteous and respond at an excellent speed - 5 minute responses are common. As such, if you do ever need support it is good to know that someone is always there for you.

Slotland should be congratulated on providing a unique gamine destination, and despite not having a huge range of games, the ones available are all very different and the possibility of winning the jackpot is always a nice incentive to play. Support is faultless as are the banking procedures. It is just a shame that the graphics are poor and there is a lack of sound. Nevertheless, Slotland is a great place to play if looking for a break from the ordinary. Now, time to get my own back on Spacejack…

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Slotland Booster Slot

Booster: Win 10x more if you boost your bet!

Golden 8'sGolden8: Three bells reward me with $50 on this 8-payline slot

Heavy Metal Slot

Heavymetal: A brain-taxing slot that is a lot more than 'pull and pray'

Jacks or Better Video Poker

Job: A recreation of the classic Video Poker game

Spacejack - Blackjack Style

Spacejack: An unusual twist on the Blackjack card game

Striking 7's

Striking7s: A deuces wild single-hand Video Poker game

Wild Heart

Wildheart: Three-hand Joke Poker with wild tiger symbols!

Slotland Casino Strong Points:
  • Great bonuses
  • Generous wagering requirements
  • Unique games
  • Good banking procedures
  • Great support
Things Slotland Casino Could Improve:
  • Poor graphics
  • Lack of sound
  • Not a huge game selection

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