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Here's one of exclusive gambling tools to help you master proper play and/or test out your roulette strategies. As always - it's free and fun!

Roulette Trainer Pro (American)

Test out your favorite roulette strategies, systems and chip spreads with our American Roulette Trainer Pro! Place your bets and spin the wheel, watch statistics in real time on hit numbers and hot spots, use auto-spin features and more.


Place your bets on the table by clicking on the appropriate betting spot. You can bet on numbers, splits, corners, and all other inside and outside bets. By default you will place a $1 chip for each click; click on a different denomination on the large chips to the bottom to change the bet amount.

  • You can clear all bets at any time by clicking on the "clear bets" button.
  • If you try to bet more than you can afford you will be given the option to reset your cash to the original starting amount.
Betting Limits:

The maximum bets are $100 for a single number, $200 for a split bet, and $250 for any other spot (including corner bets).

Statistics & Hot Spots:

Click on the 'statistics' tab on the bottom left hand corner of the screen to open the statistics window. Each number is shown on the right side, along with the total number of times it has been hit, what percentage of hits that number represents, and the most consecutive hits that number has received.

On the left side the betting field is shown again with 'Hot Spots':

When a spot has been hit slightly more than it's statistical average dictates it should have been, it will start to smoke.
When a spot has been hit significantly more than it's statistical average, it will be on 'fire'.

There are 6 levels of visible 'heat' altogether (from mild smoke to heavy fire); and spots that are hitting on or below average will remain unlit. You can reset the statistics and hot spots by clicking on the 'reset statistics' tab on the bottom right.

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