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Ever wondered what the following slots gambling terms really mean: Slot Bonus Feature, Coin Size, Coins per Spin, Payline, Payout Percentage, Pay Table, etc? Here you'll find the answers!

Slot Machine Terms

Bonus Feature Slots

A special kind of slot that offers a bonus round in which it's possible to win free spins, jackpots, and other special wins.

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If you want to learn the difference between the different types of online slot machines that are available, you have come to the right place - learn about different slots here at

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On this page of you will learn the differences between the types of online slots available: Classic Slots, Progressive Slots, Bonus Feature Slots, Regular Multiplier Slots, Bonus Multiplier Slots, 5 Reel Slots, 9 Payline Slots and Multi-Payline Slots.

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Slot Machines. That classic casino game with so many names: The one armed bandit, slots, progressive slot, fruit slot, video slot, jackpot slots, multiplier slot, sim slot, bonus feature slot and slot machines just to name a few.

Information About Online Slots

Here you will find information on all you need to know about online slot machines.

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If you are looking for the best online slots you have come to the right place! After countless hours of play at many different venues, I have my personal favorite online slots - so I thought I would share them with you.

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I have divided my favorite online slots into different categories: Classic Online Slots, Multi-line Slots, 5 Reel Slots, Bonus Feature Slots and Slots with Progressive Jackpots.

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Some people prefer to learn things by reading a book, others find it easier to learn by observing how things work. now exclusively offers visualized craps instructions for those who prefer an easy way to learn the rules of craps. Sit back, listen, watch and learn.

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If you're just looking for a quick lesson on the craps rules explained here on, I have put together this quick guide to understanding craps for you.

Quick Guide to Craps

Everyone around the craps table can start by making a pass line bet or a don't pass bet before the first roll - this first roll is called the come out roll.

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Craps is a very dangerous game to play in private company - especially if you are with a crowd of people you don't know. My advice is that you should only play private craps with people you know - or at least know the correct odds very well.

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Pass line bets are the most frequently placed bets at the craps table. You place a pass line bet by placing chips inside the area of the table called Pass Line - this area runs along the edge of the table just in front of all the players.

One side of a Standard Craps Table - The other side of the table is similar to this side of the table

When the dice are rolled and a outcome is produced one of the following things happen:

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There is even more to craps then we have already covered - but the good news is that you really don't have to know anything about these craps bets to play craps properly. Most - but not all - of these special craps bets have a terribly high house advantage.

The Odds Bets in Craps By

In Craps you can add another bet to your original Pass Line Bet or your Don't Pass Bet - such a bet is the Odds Bet. A Odds Bet is when you add more money to your original wager - if the original bet is not won or lost on the come out roll.