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Most video poker experts will advise you to play the maximum coins allowed, because this in the long run will get you the highest expected return in almost any video poker game variant. But should you really always play the maximum coins allowed when playing video poker online?

Video Poker: Should You Always Bet Max. Coins?

What is the Better Bet: Playing One Coin Per Game or Playing Max Coins Every Time?

Most video poker machines gives you the choice of how many coins you want to bet per game - just like most regular slots do. In video poker the payout table - like the one above - changes as more coins are bet per game. So the big question is, if it's best to bet the maximum coins per game, or if you should bet 1,2,3 or 4 coins at times.

If you look at the paytable above, you will notice that the payout for a royal straight flush changes a lot if you play the full 5 coins per game. Remember, that the odds for getting a royal straight flush or any other hand for that matter stay exactly the same regardless of how many coins you are playing - so the LONG RUN expected return is simply higher if you choose to play with 5 coins every game because of the additional bonus payout on a royal.

If betting 5 coins per game is a bit too much for your pockets - you will normally also have the chance of adjusting the size of the coins you are playing with; as low as $0.05 and up to $5 or even $10 per coin. So if you want to lower your total bet per game, try to find a lower coin denomination to play with instead of betting less then max. coins every time.

On the paytable above again, you can see that if you play one coin per game, a Royal Straight Flush will award you 250 coins. But if you play 5 coins per game, a Royal Straight Flush pays 4000 coins. 5 times 250 is only 1250 coins; so there is a big bonus in playing the five coins.

To recap; if you are playing to win in the long run, you should always play the maximum number of coins allowed. If you're trying to reduce you costs, look for another video poker machine that accepts lower coin sizes.

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