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Cherry Casino's free $keet $hooter is an exciting 5 reel, 9 slot machine game with an additional "game-within-a-game" feature. Play the free slot for fun below or wager real money at Cherry Casino - read more below.

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Please note that you must have Java installed on your PC for the free game to work. You can download Java Runtime Environment by Sun Microsystems for free at Java Runtime Environment allows you to run applications called "applets" that are written in the Java programming language. These applets can for example be a free slot game such as this one. has a section of the website dedicated to information about online slots. Online casino players can find our online progressive jackpot tracker that monitors the size of more then 100 progressive jackpot games in real-time. We also have a list of the best online slots and much more - visit our online slots website to learn more.

$keet $hooter is an action packed slot game brought to you by and Cherry Internet Casino with a bright, animated interface and good audio features. To begin playing, players need to click the SINGLE LINE button in order to activate the betlines on a one by one basis. Each click adds a new betline and 10c will be bet on that particular betline. When the 9 lines have been activated, players have the option of clicking SINGLE LINE again, which starts the process again, adding an additional 10c to each betline with every click of the button. To facilitate this process, the software allows players to click the ALL LINES button, which essentially activates all 9 lines on the slot machine simultaneously. The maximum bet on the machine is $9 ($1 per line) and by pressing MAX BET, players can choose this option and the reels will automatically start spinning. If players wish to change their betting decisions before commencing play, or if they have made a mistake, this can be corrected by pressing the CLEAR BET button. The three small screens under the reels indicate the number of credit that the player has (with an initial credit of $5000), the total number of coins bet and the winnings. Once the player decides how much to bet, he clicks SPIN (or the return/space key on the keyboard). The player can click the PAYTABLE button in order to look at the payouts and see how the winnings are calculated (by betting on a winning betline amount for a particular combination). If the player manages to get three or more images of guns on a chosen betline, they have the chance of taking part in a skeet shooting (the game-within-the-game feature). In this way, they can add to their winnings by aiming the gun (using the mouse pointer) and shooting targets as they move across the screen. Players have two shots for each of the ten targets that contain different amounts of coins.

Free slot game sponsored by Cherry Casino.

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