Free Slotmachines - Oceans 7 Slot

Oceans Seven Slot is a three-reel, one payline, three coin slot. There is no wild symbol, and the maximum jackpot payout is 4000 coins. Choose your coin size and bet three coins per spin; if you manage to land 3 ocean seven symbols on the payline you have won the 4000 coins jackpot.

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Tips for playing: Always play with 3 coins per spin, as this activates the 777 jackpots. Playing with 3 coins per spin activates the 777 symbols, which payout on three different combinations. Any 3x777 combo pays 500 coins, 3x blue 777 pays 1000 coins and 3xOcean 777 symbols pays the 4000 coins jackpot. If you choose only to bet one or two coins per spin, you do not win anything if you are lucky enough to hit a 777 combination! Therefore you should only play this casino slot if you are ready to risk 3 coins per spin - if it's too expensive you can reduce the coin size to one that suits your bankroll.

7 Oceans slot doesn't contain a Wild symbol. Casual players can play a 3 coins spin from just 75 cent, while players with big bankrolls can play with a max 3 coin bet of USD 15. This slot can be played for real money at several online casinos build on the Microgaming Casino Software platform. More or less the only difference between these Microgaming casinos is that the minimum and maximum coin size may wary from casino to casino. Visit our section with online casino reviews to find the best Microgaming casinos online. If you want more information about slot machines, we recommend you check out our online slots section.

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