Simon Rose – Chief Editor

Simon is the founder and Chief Editor of His passion for casino games and his extensive experience within the casino industry are the foundations on which our website was created. Having worked as a dealer for over 15 years in casinos in the UK and the USA, Simon has a unique insight into the casino industry. Yet his love for casino games is deep-rooted, having grown up watching his father and grandfather playing poker and blackjack.

Simon attended college in the States, where he studied for a degree in Psychology and Business. He worked as a dealer at his local casino to help fund his way through college. What started as a part-time job quickly turned into a passion for gaming. After graduating, Simon moved back to the UK and went into the casino industry full time. He spent much of his free time on the other side of the table, where he enjoyed playing table games at online casino sites.

The Vision and Inspiration Behind

With his extensive casino related experience, Simon's friends often sought his advice. He frequently found himself explaining game rules, strategies, and tactics to help them up their game. Yet he was quick to point out that the choice of online casino was perhaps one of the most important factors they should consider above all else. Having played at countless casino sites, he soon realised that there were vast differences to be found between them.

Realising that he was in a prime position to offer advice, this inspired Simon to share his knowledge with a wider audience. He started an independent gambling blog, which has since developed and grown into an indispensable guide to the best online casinos in the UK. Simon's experience both as an industry insider and as a player has given him a unique position to manage the project. Knowing what is important to players, he has created dedicated guides to the best casino bonuses in the UK and other hot topics.

Simon's Central Role in the Website's Development

As the website grew, Simon enlisted a diverse team of casino experts to help make the site even more useful for players. Each has their own interests and expertise in different aspects of gambling online. Simon oversees every piece of content that appears on our website. As a perfectionist, he ensures that the site is professional in all respects. The Chief Editor is dedicated to providing accurate, honest, and quality reviews that players can trust. Players can use the site to find:

  • Safe and secure online casinos
  • Comprehensive game guides
  • Current industry news

Not one to rest on his laurels, Simon is ever-expanding the site to be a one-stop shop for all things related to online casinos. Whether players are looking for the best online slots, or whether they want to keep up to date with the latest casino news, he ensures that visitors to the site find what they need, and then some.