Birmingham Roulette Player & Author Banned from Second UK Casino

Nine years after being banned from all Grosvenor Casinos in the UK, a Birmingham man has been suspended from Rainbow Casino following a two-month winning streak.

Balvinder Sambhi, 46 of Birmingham, has been banned from a second UK casino in nine years. The author of two roulette strategy books was banned from Rainbow Casino, Edgbaston, following significant wins. “I have taken around £50,000 off Rainbow in the last six months and they have now barred me. They won’t give me a reason just said it was a decision taken by the management,” said Sambhi.

Balvinder Sambhi stands outside Rainbow Casino with his arms crossed.

Balvinder Sambhi outside Rainbow Casino ©Birmingham Mail

Rainbow Casino is owned by Double Diamond Gaming Ltd, a spokesperson for which said: “Double Diamond Gaming Ltd have no comment to make.” Rainbow Casino ‘reserve the right to suspend any patrons without notice, at any time and without explanation. Such suspensions may also be enforced at any other casino operated by the Company. Any patron who is suspended will forfeit any rights or privileges offered by the casino, The Company or its subsidiaries’, as stated in the Club Rules on the casino’s website.

In 2009 Sambhi was banned from all 53 Grosvenor Casinos in the UK. Using his ‘no-lose’ system, the gambler won £28,000 from the Birmingham casino in a two-month period. Grosvenor also declined to comment at the time and has a similar exclusion policy to Rainbow: “The Company, in accordance with these House Terms, reserves the right to deny entry to any customer, on either a temporary or permanent basis, and shall not be bound to give any reason for that decision, which shall be final and with no recourse to an appeal.”

In response to the actions taken by the casinos, Sambhi said: “I’ve never lost with my system and the casinos don’t like that…they don’t want winners in their premises, just losers.” He later added: ‘‘People have been playing roulette for hundreds of years, yet no-one’s ever come up with a system that consistently wins…I’ve proved that my system works, and casinos don’t like it.”

Sambhi’s most popular book, Breaking the Roulette Wheel, 2009. is just 16 pages long and was sold on Amazon and Waterstones for £100. The book is no longer for sale from either retailer. In 2008, Sambhi released Sequential Roulette which is also no longer available for purchase. However, customer reviews are still available on Amazon; all but one are of a negative nature. Reviewers called the book “another waste of time, space and money”.

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Balvinder Sambhi stands outside Rainbow Casino with his arms crossed.

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