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Spanish gaming company MGA Games has added one of cartoon history’s most famous characters to its mix: Popeye, an animated sailor with a corncob pipe. The decision to add Popeye to their roster comes after MGA Games found great success branching into the iconic cartoons realm with games featuring celebrated characters like Flash Gordon and Mr. Magnificent. The new Popeye game from MGA Games, called Popeye, cazatesoros, was launched March 30.

A graffiti representation of Popeye.

Spain-based games operator is introducing another iconic cartoon to its repertoire: Popeye. ©422737/Pixabay

Who Is Popeye?

Popeye is a famous cartoon character first seen in print cartoons in the late 1920s. Known for having strong arms with an anchor tattoo, a corncob pipe, and — most centrally — for getting much stronger immediately after eating spinach, Popeye is one of the world’s best known drawn figures.

Popeye also comes with a cast of characters, including his longtime lover, Olive Oyl. In the original comics, Popeye and Olive Oyl would embark on many adventures in which Popeye would downplay his abilities and come in to save the day as a hero and/or detective. Popeye traditionally also has another competing for his affections, named Bluto.

Over the years, Popeye’s character has seen many different forms, including print comics, televised animations, radio plays, and live action films, including one starring Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall as Popeye and Olive Oyl, respectively. The film, Popeye, was released in 1980 and made by the famous film director Robert Altman.

MGA Games and Popeye

The latest release from MGA Games will bring a Spanish twist to the Popeye story. In this version, which is called Popeye, cazatesoros (a word which in English translates to treasure hunter), Olive Oyl has been renamed as Olivia. The villain in this exciting new Popeye treasure hunt is named Brutus.

Because MGA Games owns the copyright to Popeye and the likeness of the story characters, the game’s style will immediately reference these world-famous cartoons. The strength of the visuals of the game are bolstered by its exciting soundtrack, with special effects produced by Quique Tejada.

In addition to an engaging base game, Popeye, cazatesoros will include the same popular mini-games feature which were featured in other beloved online games from MGA Games. In this version, players work to receive prizes from the game’s three main characters: Popeye, Brutus, or Olivia.

Once a player has attained one of these prizes, they are moved to a larger map of the Popeye, cazatesoros world. Players can then choose between four mini-games, which are called Desierto, Naufragio, Isla pirata, and Isla dorada, respectively. This model calls to mind the wide game maps of beloved games like those in the Super Mario world.

Inspired by The Success of Flash Gordon

At the beginning of 2019, MGA Games announced that they would be adding a new game featuring Flash Gordon, another iconic cartoon figure first introduced to the world in the 1930s. As in Popeye, cazatesoros, MGA Games’ Flash Gordon game allowed players to explore four mini-games in addition to the base game.

In the Flash Gordon version, the mini-games give players the option between various elements of Flash Gordon’s lore, including the flying city of Hawkmen, the forests of Arboria, and the realm of Mongo. Within these mystical realms, players can continue to win prizes and further their winnings overall.

The Reviews Are In

Though the game was released just a few weeks ago, critics have been quick to play and review the latest from the world-famous MGA Games. Overall, reviewers have been very enthusiastic about the game, praising its entertaining gameplay and compelling design. Players are particularly excited about the mini-games.

What Is MGA Games?

MGA Games is a gaming operator based in Spain, with services offered around the world. MGA Games has been active since 2001, and clients of the company include names like Luckia, Suertia, Slots Million, ebingo, PokerStars, bet365, and more.

MGA Games offers both video bingos and Spanish slots, including popular titles like Zeus, Chiquito, Bicho Farm, and Barragan y los Tesoros Perdidos del Parque. The company, though, is best known for its photorealistic and 3D animation in its games, often used to bring well-known celebrities to life — not just cartoons!

MGA Games and Codere Colombia: A Fortuitous Deal

While MGA Games’s presence in many markets is already established, many were excited to see the company strike a deal with Latin America gaming giant Codere — specifically, Codere Colombia — in October of last year.

The deal between the two gaming market titans meant that enthusiastic online gamers in Colombia — of which there are very, very many — could now access the vast portfolio of extremely popular MGA Games, now including titles like Popeye, cazatesoros, as well as GT World Challenge by Andy Soucek and Gold Mermaid by Renata Gonzalez.

The decision by MGA Games to build their base in Colombia was a very wise one: iGaming in Colombia keeps demonstrating impressive numbers, showing just how many people in the country are devoted players of online games.

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