New Partnership with MGA Games for Codere Colombia

A new deal between Codere Colombia and MGA Games will introduce a flood of new slot games and video bingo material for gamers in Colombia. This will include such popular games as Gold Mermaid by Renata Gonzalez and GT World Challenge by Andy Soucek.

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Codere Colombia is excited to introduce the gaming portfolio of MGA Games to their local users, including such offerings at the Spanish Celebrities series. ©Mayya666/Pixabay

A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement

The partnership was announced mid-October, with both companies issuing statements to let their customers know of this exciting new deal.

Said Moshe Edree, the online COO for Codere,

“We are very happy with our relationship with MGA Games. The video bingo games and slots are very well received by our players in Colombia, and we expect to continue growing together.”

Executives from MGA Games were also quick to compliment the future prospects of the new business arrangement, saying they look forward to a “prosperous and lasting relationship” with Codere Colombia.

Codere Colombia: One Offshoot of A Larger Industry Leader

Codere Colombia is but one subsection of the

“We want to provide entertainment with fully immersive productions in which casino users feel as though they are part of the story. We achieve that with real, genuine characters with a great deal of personality, beloved by the public and capable of standing out amongst the wide range of slots flooding the market.”José Antonio Giacomelli, General Manager, MGA Games

In addition to photorealism, MGA Games uses 3D animation to create realistic and engaging backdrops.

A Good Year for MGA Games

In just the last few months, MGA Games has made partnerships with leading names in the gaming market: partnerships with BetWarrior, Merkurmagic, and 1xbet, and now, this newest collaboration with Codere.

The MGA Industrial Group was founded in 1976 by Jaume Sanahuja Junyet, and even created the first slot machine in Spain. From there, the MGA group, based in Barcelona, was central in building family entertainment centers and gambling halls in the European country.

Over the years, the MGA group has worked fastidiously to keep pace with the changing nature of the gaming industry, branching into not just the manufacture and distribution of gaming machines but also working to incorporate the newest technologies. MGA’s collaborations this year with iGaming providers like BetWarrior go to show how well the company is working to keep pace with the modern online gaming industry.

Gaming in Colombia: An Overview

Compared to other Latin American countries, Colombia’s gaming industry has not yet crested into modernity and widespread use. Today, most players in Colombia interact with gaming through slot machines and, most widely, the lottery.

Most of the slot machines in Colombia have been developed by Novomatic, a company first founded in 1980 by Johann Graf, from Austria.

Colombia’s gambling laws are very strict, exacting harsh penalties for use of outdated machines. For example, if one is caught playing Three Card Monte, they could be charged up to $1000 or imprisoned for 6 months.

Bogotá, home to one of Codere Colombia’s two casinos, also hosts many other casinos, like Bacata Tower Casino, Luckia Bogota, Casino de Montecarlo, and Casino Luckia Bogotá.

As with many other countries in Latin America with a newly minted iGaming market, the government of Colombia is continuing to figure out how to regulate online gaming. Many iGaming providers are available internationally, which makes it more difficult to establish regulations. For example, online poker is theoretically illegal in Colombia, but, through international sites, players in Colombia can have access to online poker games.

Some of these iGaming providers to gamers in Colombia are NetBet Casino, Mr. Green Casino, Rizk Casino, Drake Casino, Star Games Casino, Chance Hill Casino, 7-Bet Casino, and more. This is not even to mention the annual iGaming expo in Bogotá, which draws many visitors every year.

Sports betting is also very popular in Colombia, particularly in placing bets on horse races.

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