UKGC Approves Nine BetConstruct Titles

Leading software provider BetConstruct has announced that nine of its live casino titles have been given the green light by the UK’s Gambling Commission. That means that players in the UK will soon be able to enjoy even more of BetConstruct’s online casino products. The Malta-based operator is keen to grow its portfolio of live casino games for the UK market.

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Online Market Grows

Fans of Malta based iGaming brand BetConstruct will be pleased to know that the British gambling regulator has officially approved nine more of its live casino games for play in the UK. The Gambling Commission is responsible for ensuring that the sector remains fair and crime-free, while protecting children and vulnerable people from harms.

All online casinos operating in the UK are legally required to hold a license from the Gambling Commission, which ensures that consumers are protected by the regulator. On top of this, operators must have their products meet the approval of the regulator, which sets industry standards.

It’s good news for BetConstruct, which has managed just that. Parent company SoftConstruct, has confirmed that the regulator has given nine of its live casino titles the go-ahead. This is a big step for BetConstruct, as it will allow UK audiences to access more of its products than ever before.

The games approved are Dragon Tiger, Live Keno, Bet-On Teen Patti, Casino Hold’em, Russian Poker, Switch BlackJack, Live Hi-Lo, Swift Roulette and Super Six Baccarat. Encompassing a range of traditional and innovative live dealer casino games, there is sure to be something to suit every player amongst these titles.

As part of its strategy, BetConstruct is aiming to increase the number of live casino games available to its White Label and Turnkey partners in the UK. Amongst these partners is VBet UK, a popular site for sports betting and online casino games. While bricks and mortar casinos have only just reopened in the UK, online casinos have continued to grow in popularity during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

The growth of BetConstruct’s portfolio is beneficial to its partners, and will create a boost in customer satisfaction. It will also allow BetConstruct to strengthen its partnerships, and could even set the ball rolling to forge some new ones. The software provider already holds a range of B2B and B2C UKGC licenses, including ones for fantasy sports, virtual sports and to operate a casino.

Live Games for Every Player

BetConstruct was awarded its license for a collection of live casino games in March 2019. Since then, the suite has gone from strength to strength, offering customers interactive and immersive versions of world’s most popular casino games, available to play from the comfort of your own home. These latest nine live casino games won’t disappoint UK players.

For fans of baccarat, BetConstruct’s Super Six Baccarat is sure to be a hit. Multiple players can participate in the six-deck game, and table limits can easily be configured. The live table game boasts player and banker pair side bets, as well as sum bonuses and tie bonuses.

Dragon Tiger is likely to be popular with the same players, offering a quicker style of gameplay and an enviable selection of side bets. The simplified version of baccarat is pared down to two cards, and offers a great introduction to card games for new players, or for those who want to unwind with a simple game.

Equally easy to play is Hi-Lo. All players need to do is guess whether the next card to be dealt will be higher or lower. Joining Big Hi-Lo, this version certainly goes to show that sometimes it really is the simplest games that are best. Powered by the ShuffleStar Continuous Shuffler, this version features eight decks, bonus and side bets, and unlimited players at the table.

BetConstruct’s portfolio would be amiss if it didn’t offer players a version of Keno. A game that has surged in popularity in recent years, Keno is even offered by some lotteries now. This version of the classic offers players two video views, an accessible statistic chart and a hot and cold numbers view.

Another speedy game on offer is Swift Roulette, which provides a sped-up version of the classic casino game of fortune. Placing bets is quick thanks to the combination of eight roulette tables in one view. There are two standard betting positions and multiple bet types on offer, including the Aurum side bet.

Poker is Popular

Some card players prefer more drawn out and complex table games to test their skills to the limit. For those players, BetConstruct can offer some elevated versions of classic card games. Online poker has proved particularly popular for operators during the pandemic, and there’s also blackjack.

For poker players who want to try out something a bit different, there’s Bet-On Teen Patti. Based on a popular Indian game, this title is similar to three card poker. It features six rounds of betting and seven betting positions, with an impressive margin of 7.5% and up.

Like three card poker, it uses poker ranked hands to establish the winner. Unlike other types of poker, in this game players can place bets as the cards are being dealt. The odds are then recalculated after each card has been dealt. This makes the game far more interactive and offers players more betting opportunities.

Arguably one of the biggest games in the world of casinos right now is Hold’Em poker. BetConstruct has crafted its very own live version, Casino Hold’Em, boasting an array of side bets. This multiplayer title is sure to appeal to players who like to dip in for a quick game, as well as those who want to sit in for longer.

The software provider is also offering UK players another popular variation of classic casino game, Russian Poker. With extensive software design, there is no limit to the numbers of players that can join in with this live game. Playing against the house, participants can enjoy the company of a skilled dealer and thrilling gameplay.

Much like Swift Roulette, Switch BlackJack takes a traditional casino game and gives it a modern update. Creating a more intimate style of gameplay, there are just three player per table and two betting boxes per participant. Combinations can be switched and more experienced players will enjoy the opportunity to place high-odds side bets.

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