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Artificial intelligence, AI, was the topic at the top of the agenda in last week’s G2E Asia Conference. Earle Hall, Founder, and CEO of gave his thoughts on the current progress being made by the gambling industry concerning the optimization of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. We all know how integrated artificial intelligence has become into our daily lives, from social media news feeds, insurance quotations and music recommendations, the use cases are endless.

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence.

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that is being used heavily within the gambling industry to optimise key processes and attack large problems. ©geralt/Pixabay

The gambling industry is also becoming heavily reliant on it for many reasons. Consumer safety, gambling addiction prevention and game development all now rely on complex artificial intelligence systems, and the world of gambling turned its attention to the G22 Asia Conference in the Philippines last week to find out more.

Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest breakthroughs in human technological advancement ever. It is not an understatement to say that the power of artificial intelligence transcends efficient computing, it allows humans to take on problems that were far more complex and intricate than before, and at the same time discover new possibilities and frontiers to apply more research and computational power. Machines are fantastically good at attacking problems that require large computational modeling, to test out billions of scenarios, find patterns in data and dig through vast amounts of information to make valuable inferences.

Gambling has relied on artificial intelligence for some time, but up until very recently, this technology was only accessible to large casino operators who had the funding to employ engineers capable of dealing with the complexity, and experienced enough to build the solutions. The plethora of problems within the casino industry that can be redefined and tackled using the immense power of artificial intelligence is almost limitless. The message was clear last week in the Philippines, the technology is here and it will permanently alter the landscape of our industry.

How Can AI Influence Asian Gambling Industry

The conference was crawling with technology executives, industry analysts and IT experts – and they all brought a desire to learn more about the tentative relationship between AI and gambling. The discussion topics were primarily focused on the direct issues affecting operations within gambling companies today. The attendees attempted to find answers to many pertinent issues from gambling addiction prevention, to product development AI systems that can respond to the emotions in the players face generating useful feedback metrics to game developers. With all of this exciting technology being talked about, the gambling community is obviously beginning to understand the potential verticals with the increase in the power of computing.

The potential has already been realized in many other industries, and the field withing AI that the majority of useful products are being built within is machine learning. Companies like Amazon are able to leverage machine learning to make predictions on what customers will buy, power automation models that control the prices of products on the site and quickly detect fraud within their marketplace. Machine learning involves training a manmade algorithm with real-time data, then constantly iterating to make the algorithm produce more accurate and desirable results.

Casinos have long understood the need to improve technologically, and the industry has become one of the most advanced in the space of software development and web-technologies. Speaking on the intense need to pursue AI as a resolution to many customer problems being felt, Earle Hall, the CEO of commented:

AI can predict, in seconds, AI can help cure problem gambling, If AI is not blockchain, it is dangerous to the point of being mortally dangerous.Earle Hall, CEO

Hall truly emphasized the need for gambling to embrace AI, in order to save ourselves from ourselves. The recognition of gambling addiction and immediate interventions to mitigate against it will be an invaluable societal need if the gambling industry in Asia is going to continue to grow at the rate at which it is currently going.

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