AsianLogic Signs New Deal with PartnerMatrix

One of the biggest betting companies in the region, AsianLogic, has signed a new contract with affiliate management software solution PartnerMatrix. The new allegiance forged in the Asian gaming market looks set to elevate the two subsidiary brands owned by AsianLogic, being Dafabet and Nextbet. With the new lease of life is granted to the gambling conglomerate, they will be able to focus their operational efficiency on platform improvements, handling bets form their customers and analyzing customer behavior to better understand the Asian online gambling ecosystem.

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AsianLogic have turned to the new PartnerMatrix software as the solution to manage their multi-level marketing campaigns. ©Pexels/Pixabay

Given the intensity of the competition in the online casino space in this part of the world, it is no surprise that one of the biggest brands has turned to PartnerMatrix for help. The software solution that they provide allows operators to manage their network of affiliate agents whole orders of magnitude more efficiently. As many of us know, the agents provide a valuable service to the operators, promoting their product to a range of audiences around the world, and finding a scalable and effective solution to pay them, monitor their progress and recruit them is an essential tool.

The new system in place will filter down through the entirety of the AsianLogic pyramid of companies. Dafabet and Nextbet will be the first to enjoy the benefits of the new agreement, and their market share in Asia will undoubtedly increase as a result of the agreement with PartnerMatrix. We all wait to see if this new deal will become a trend across the region, as most operators are still manually managing marketing campaigns internally. Given the unprecedented success of similar schemes in Europe and North America, it is only a matter of time until Asia and the emerging markets pick up on it too.

AsianLogic Conducted Intense Market Research Prior to the Decision

Capturing new customers in the online casino space has always been a difficult task. There are many companies throughout the technology gaming space that have attempted to bridge the gap between automation and affiliate marketing. With such a competitive ecosystem of innovative companies, finding the perfect solution for your bespoke needs is not an easy endeavor by any means.

The product management team at AsianLogic faced an enormous task in November 2019. Deciding which firm to choose to take the company’s marketing efforts to the next level was a decision that was heavily deliberated, cross-analyzed and weighed against. In the end, PartnerMatrix won the popular vote of the management team, and it is easy to see why. They are very closely aligned with AsianLogic vision of the global gambling market and share a common geographic locality in regions all across Asia.

The decision came down to a shortlist of software companies that each pitched the solution, but the eventual contract was awarded to PartnerMatrix. Nikos Diakoumopoulos, the marketing director at AsianLogic commented on the new deal:

We are delighted to be working together with PartnerMatrix, a company with great expertise in the industry. We are confident that our partnership together will be a greatly successful one.Nikos Diakoumopoulos, Marketing Director, AsianLogic

The firm will now begin to systematically hand over control of their multi-level marketing campaigns to the technology firm. As the deal will provide a bespoke solution for AsianLogic, a series of key system integrations will begin to take place, with the ambition to make the operation fully automated and manageable in the very near future.

A New Lease of Life for PartnerMatrix Following Re-Launch

The technology firm at the center of this deal is PartnerMatrix. Formally named EveryMatrix, but re-branded in 2017 as the firm pivoted and began to target the online casino space. The firm develops a number of different technology solutions, but PartnerMatrix, the multi-level marketing campaign management tool is recognized as their fastest-growing vertical. The numbers are staggering, and really drive home the success of this system – they are currently serving 80 operator player referral programs, from a network of 33,000 affiliates. The firm attributes its software as organically generating approximately 7 million players for its clients globally.

Speaking on his admiration of AsianLogic, and his excitement at penning the deal with one of Asia’s largest casino operators commented:

AsianLogic is one of the largest private operators in Asia and is highly respected within the industry. Signing with AsianLogic to cater for two of their biggest brands, Dafabet and Nextbet, is an important win for our team and we are proud to see large operators entrusting our software and the management of their valuable agent networks.Levon Nikoghosyan, Chief Executive Officer, PartnerMatrix

The solution really is changing the landscape of marketing in the sportsbook and casino sector. AsianLogic will now be able to assign an agent network to promote their business and newest promotions. In a system that is easy-to-manage and integrate with existing marketing channels, this is surely going to change the landscape of online casino and sportsbook marketing in Asia.

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