Microgame Partners with Genius Sports

One of Italy’s leading betting platform providers Microgame has recently partnered together with sports technology provider Genius Sports Group. The newly minted deal will see Microgame benefit from Genius Sports’ in-play sportsbook services, with over 25 licensed Italian sportsbook brands joining Microgame’s Intrabos platform solution with the help of Genius’ LiveData and LiveTrading services.

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Italy’s leading betting platform provider Microgame has just partnered together with global sports technology giant Genius Sports Group. The deal is set to have Genius Sports Group provide its in-play sportsbook services to over 25 licensed Italian sportsbook brands part of Microgame’s Intrabos platform, including the likes of Genius’ LiveData and LiveTrading services.

Microgame Customers Will Now Have Access to New Live Sports Data

Global sports technology giant Genius Sports Group will be providing its top of the line in-play sportsbook services to major Italian betting platform Microgame as part of a recently announced, brand new partnership.

Over 25 licensed Italian sportsbook offerings which are currently operating on Microgame’s Intrabos platform will now be fitted with Genius Sports Group’s LiveData and LiveTrading sportsbook tools.

As a result of the nascent partnership between the two sports betting giants, Italian provider Microgame’s wide-ranging customers will now have access to Genius Sports Group’s official live sports data and pricing during major sporting events.

The major sporting events set to benefit from new live in-game sports betting tools will be the English Premier League, EuroLeague basketball, LigaMX, Nascar and a wide range of FIBA and FIVB tournaments.

Microgame and Genius Sports Group Execs Warmly Welcome Partnership

Commenting on the recent partnership between Italian provider Microgame and Genius Sports Group, chief commercial officer at Genius Sports Jack Davison noted how “the Italian market has been a hub of major investment for Genius Sports in recent years, from hiring, to product development and official rights acquisitions.”

Davison also expects the partnership with Microgame to significantly expand Genius’ local reach, as well as allowing the 25 new sportsbook brands to benefit from new in-play services:

“Partnering with Microgame, another respected supplier in the region, is expected to further our local reach and will enable over 25 new sportsbooks to unlock additional in-play engagement and revenues.”Jack Davison, Chief Commercial Officer, Genius Sports Group

For its part, Microgame CEO Marco Castaldo sees his company’s partnership with global giant Genius Sports Group as “an important step in the continuing development of our sportsbook.”

Castaldo likewise sees the adding of Genius Sports Group’s services as a strong boon for Microgame’s customers:

“Adding the Genius data service will further improve top-quality event coverage for our customers, ensuring a better player experience and additional revenue opportunities.”Marco Castaldo, CEO, Microgame

Goldbet, Betaland and Betflag Customer Base Will Be Affected

Microgame’s Italian market customer base is sure to be widely affected by its recent partnership with technology solutions giant Genius Sports Group — and most likely for the customers’ own benefit.

Genius Sports Group’s live in-game wagering and sports betting solutions will affect several notable brands in Microgame’s Italian customer base, most notably platforms such as Goldbet, Betaland and Betflag.

The demand for Genius Sports Group’s technology and data solutions remains quite high, with the giant’s most recent partnership deal with Microgame arriving mere days after yet another significant partnership in the US market.

A multi-state official data agreement saw Genius Sports Group partnering with WynnBET — a Wynn Resorts’ online US sportsbook brand. 

Largely similar to its deal with Italian provider Microgame, Genius Sports Group will now also be supplying WynnBET with its LiveData and LiveTrading in-game services. 

These technology solutions will be implemented into in-game betting experiences across the three states in which WynnBET is currently licensed — New Jersey, Colorado and Michigan.

Italian iGaming Market Has Enjoyed Recent Boom

The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) global pandemic has certainly wreaked havoc on much of the world — not to mention on the stability of many country’s gambling and online gambling markets.

Italy is no exception here, having gone through several strict back-to-back periods of nationwide lockdowns, all of which of course disproportionately impacted its physical gaming outlets.

Yet reports from earlier in February 2021 revealed surprising growth in the Italian iGaming market, largely thanks to online sportsbooks — which themselves saw record-breaking revenue performances.

Italy’s online gambling market performance in December 2020 turned many heads, experiencing a 40% month-on-month increase during the month, along with an overall 86% growth year-on-year.

Approximately €359 million in revenue was brought in by the country’s legal operators providing game offers across all official iGaming verticals.

However, the market’s strong and unprecedented performance can be attributed to Italy’s online sportsbooks, which themselves saw record-breaking revenue results of €177.1 million in December 2020. 

These record-breaking results were up 59.5% compared to November 2020’s revenue, as well representing a staggering 94.2% rise when compared to the same month in the previous year.

Shifting iGaming Market Share Shows More Players are Migrating Online

The widespread closures of Italy’s physical gambling halls as a result of coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic measures can be strongly linked to the surging growth of the Italian online gambling market in December 2020.

However when looking at the iGaming market shares of Italy’s main retail gambling providers, a pattern showing a shift in players moving towards online gambling and away from physical outlets becomes abundantly clear.

Five Italian retail operators have already overtaken main iGaming market leader Bet365.

As of December 2020, retail provider Goldbet now holds the greatest market share at 12.8%, followed closely behind by Sisal at 12.5%.

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