Betsoft Gaming Soft2Bet Team Up in Bugaria

Positioning and partnerships are an integral part of the online gambling business and the firms that are in the right place at the right time are usually successful. Countries in the European Union have been slow off the mark when it comes to establishing a regulated internet betting system but one that appears to be headed in the right direction is the Balkan country Bulgaria.

Firms that recognise the strategic location of Bulgaria have been joining forces to create a hub for regulated wagering in that jurisdiction. Online gaming operator and platform provider Soft2Bet is actively shifting its operations towards these European Union locations. Soft2Bet for example recently opened an office in Sofia Bulgaria which will serve as an executive management hub.

Soft2bet CEO, Boris Chaikin, commented, “Bulgaria has proven as a Tier 1 location for online gaming businesses and we are proud to open the Soft2Bet office in a beautiful aristocratic location downtown Sofia.  We are opening this office to host the company’s executive management team, as well as have access to top-quality customer support staff, so we can further grow our business in both B2C and B2B directions.  The rapid development of Soft2bet is mainly attributed to our flexibility and continuous development of the business network through partnering the main players of the industry.  I am committed to making us the next big success story in the online gaming world!”

Soft2bet is one of the fastest growing online gambling operators in the European Union and operates in 12 countries and it launches new products about one every 3 months. The company has more than 100 plus employees and utilises 69 providers, 2500 plus affiliates.

The platform provider Soft2Bet has employed Betsoft Gaming’s expertise and has signed a content agreement furthering its presence in the regulated gambling market. Betsoft is headquartered and licensed to operate in Malta, and also retains licenses in Romania and Curacao. 




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Microgame Italy Will Launch Habanero Content

Microgame is the leading service provider for the online gaming and land-based betting markets in Italy. The company’s holdings include the online community People's Poker Network, which is made of more than 130 online partners in all of Italy and counts more than 1.5 million gaming accounts. Major shareholders in the firm are private equity firms Monitor Clipper Partners and TPG Growth. Microgame was an early pioneer online gambling operator in the regulated market and it supplies over 80 licensed brands and over 30 online operators, processing 160 million transactions per year.

Now online slots and casino games provider and developer Habanero as announced it is to distribute the portfolio of games to Italy’s Microgame after reaching a commercial arrangement recently. Proven popular revenue generators such as London Hunter and Presto! will be released as well as Habanero’s Ways of Fortune and Knockout Football available on the Microgame network.

The European Head of Business Development for Habanero, Arcangelo Lonoce, commented that the deal was one of the supplier’s most significant to date in the European market.

Lonoce, continued to say, “I’m really delighted to have partnered with Microgame who have blazed a trail in Italy and are one of the undoubted market-leaders in this part of the world.

“We have always been very confident about the quality of our games and their popularity with players, but this endorsement from such a well-established company, a top casino management solution provider as well as a superb aggregator, is a real pat on the back. We can’t wait to get started.”

The General Manager at Microgame, Marco Castaldo, also commented on the arrangement,  “We’re very pleased to be including Habanero in our market-leading content portfolio and are very confident that their games will be a valuable addition.” Castaldo added,  “They have some great titles with a wide variety of features and maths models which will appeal to the broad spectrum of players in Italy.”





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Online Gambling Executive Suggests Collaboration On Advertising Ban

Most locations online require advertising to direct consumers to the products offered. Online gambling has come of age and it uses various methods to get their message into the public view. Advertising by internet betting operators has become extreme in some cases which has prompted government regulatory bodies to put the operators on notice that advertising is out of hand and needs to be reigned in.

The mounting pressure from regulators for operators to change their approach to marketing is creating a stir in the online gambling business. The U.K.Gambling Commission is proposing a prohibition on the advertising for wagering products and services.

The Chief Executive Officer of online gambling operator GVC Holdings Kenny Alexander is calling for a ban on advertising. Alexander has suggested a prohibition on all television ads before 9pm. He has suggested ads during televised football games has become “out of hand” and has called for the betting industry to work “collaboratively” to employ the change.

The programme director for consumer protection and empowerment, Ian Angusalso said recently, “consumer trust in gambling is at an all-time low”, revealing that the results of a survey said two thirds of consumers complained betting ads “should be discouraged.”

Alexander’s comments could open the door to collaborative action by operators. Alexander was quoted in the media as saying, “Most people in the gambling industry think there are far too many ads. We should make the changes collaboratively with the rest of the industry, which might be difficult, and ultimately it’s up to the government to decide if they want to legislate or not.”

Alexander continued, “Particularly around the watershed, the most vulnerable to gambling are the younger generation. Those who can gamble as well as those who can’t at the moment but will be able to in a year or two.” Adding, “It could affect business but if there’s a level playing field then it will affect everybody in the same way.”


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Czech SASKA Group Pulls IPO Bid From London Stock Exchange

The global financial situation changes every day and impacts investment plans for many companies looking to expand. Commitment to making a significant change in the structure of a firm is serious business that can be dependant on the market and the volatility of that market.

Decisions involving an offering of an IPO are difficult and nerve racking for executives leading the move. One obvious example of the changing global economic volatility is the roller coaster recent week on London’s Stock Exchange.

One firm affected by this situation is the Czech lottery group SAZKA which has shelved plans to float its IPO on the London Stock Exchange.

SAZKA issued in a statement that the “volatile market environment” and a number of other uncertainties were the reasons behind its decision to put its London flotation on hold. The lottery group added that the IPO plans could be revived once market conditions improve and “there is greater clarity over these and other uncertainties”.

Other firms that were considering a move to the London Exchange also have had second thoughts with UK online sports betting giant Sky Betting & Gaming indicated they also had a plan early this year. However, it had to adjust these plans when it agreed to be acquired by Canada’s The Stars Group in April. The arrangement is set to create the largest publicly traded online gambling company in the world.

SASKA Group owns stakes in firms that annually take in more than €16 billion in bets, according to financial statistics. Besides the Czech market, SAZKA also operates in Italy, Austria, Croatia, Greece, and Cyprus.

SASKA Group CEO Robert Chvatal has said previously that the Czech group has been considering different options to support its growth in the future, and an IPO, product innovations, customer experience in the online sector and geographical expansion have been among the other options considered.




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Mega Moolah Jackpot Won At Grand Mondial Online Casino

When lady luck comes calling it is always a thrill whether it’s a small windfall or something massive there is something wonderful about winning. The odds of winning the big jackpots are almost as big as the win itself but it does happen eventually even with online progressive slot games.

The largest prize ever awarded for an online slot win was been announced recently by Grand Mondial Casino claiming a $21.7 Million Mega Moolah Jackpot was won. On September 28 an anonymous gambler took home the big money after playing

the Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot wheel with a 75 cent bet in less than 50 spins. The jackpot reached beyond the 21 million dollar level a number of weeks ago and it gained steam since the last time it was won in June. Casino Rewards promotion manager Emma Hall did not reveal the name or location of the lucking jackpot winner.

Eclipsing the last win of the Mega Moolah is something else considering its approximately a one in 50 million chance the reals will spin gold. While Mega Moolah is coming close the largest slot wins still happen in terrestrial  casinos. The largest ever was the $39.7 million win at the MGM’s Excalibur in Las Vegas USA on a $100 Megabucks slot machine. The online gambling world was shaken to the core when an online lottery Lottoland paid an amazing 103 million dollars to a German resident that put a wager on the Eurojackpot draw this year. The so called secondary lottery lets punters take part in mirror versions of lotteries from around the globe. Lottoland is able to offer this type of bet by insuring against huge jackpot wins. Winning a prize this massive is sure to be a life changer for whoever took it home.


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Great Women Of Gaming Award Winners Announced

The online gambling industry is still young in many parts of the world and it has for the most part been dominated by men. The changes are being felt on the gender front with more women taking on active roles in the gambling industry. Celebrating and encouraging the trend is the Global Gaming Women organization that has recently announced the winners of the annual 2018 Great Women of Gaming Awards. The awards recognize women in five award categories, including a lifetime achievement award. These Great Women of Gaming award recipients will be honored at the Global Gaming Women on October 8, 2018 at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. Ms. Becky Harris, Chairwoman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, will present the awards to each of the recipients.

“We are thrilled to announce these outstanding leaders as winners of this year’s Awards. Each in her own way has helped to move the gaming industry forward,” said Phyllis Gilland, President of Global Gaming Women. “We also congratulate each of this year’s nominees who represent the diversity, skill and leadership of the most accomplished women in the gaming industry.”

The Great Women of Gaming Awards was originally created by Casino Enterprise Management (CEM) Magazine and Peter Mead in 2004. In 2016, CEM transferred the Awards to Global Gaming Women. In keeping with the mission of Global Gaming Women, the Awards are enhanced to broaden the awareness, strengthen prestige and celebrate the success of women. The Awards looks to engage more women in fields related to gaming and further Global Gaming Women’s goal of diversity in leadership.

Nominations are judged by a big group of professionals involved in the gambling industry including executives from Scientific Games, Caesars Entertainment, and many others. The glass ceiling is being crushed by women who are moving the line closer to equality slowly but surely.

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Odds On Nobel Peace Prize Award Available Now

The variety of betting options on the internet is great with some predictions indicating who will win the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize on October 5 2018. Odds makers have a list of possible recipients but due to its political ideology and interferences, the Nobel Peace Prize has, for most of its history, been the subject of numerous controversies.

The latest version of the prize is sure to gain the noted controversy with Donald Trump on the list as a possible recipient. With the , second highest number of candidates in the running since 2016 there are 331 nominees of which 216 are individuals and 115 are groups, according to the Nobel committee. The selection process is heavily guarded and the nominees aren’t made public. The committee is very rarely predictable and the selection process is heavily guarded before the unveiling and the nominees aren’t made public. Topping the huge list are the controversial leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un and South Korea’s Moon Jae In which have taken steps to disarm the peninsula and denuclearize the region.

President Trump is on the list for his involvement in the agreement with eighteen Republican legislators writing to the Nobel committee to nominate Trump for the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize “in recognition of his work to end the Korean War, denuclearize the Korean peninsula and bring peace to the region.” The U.K.’s odds maker Ladbrokes is offering odds of 5/2 for him to win, either alone or together with others.

Also on the list of possible winners is Carles Puigdemont the figurehead of last October’s unofficial Catalan Independence referendum who has effectively been living in exile in Belgium since he fled the country to avoid arrest by Spanish authorities. The vote precipitated a crackdown by Spain that put hopes for an independent Catalonia on ice for the foreseeable future. Ladbrokes puts his chances at 12/1.

Everyone including Donald Trump believes that the current president will win over Pope Francis or the other deserving organizations and people.

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Realistic Games Content Now On White Hat Gaming

The world of slot play on the internet is enormous but there are some gems that shine a little brighter because of the way they present their themes. A firm that has been committed to bringing new and exciting titles to the online casino industry is Realistic Games based in Reading, Berkshire, in southern England. It is a leading supplier of some of the very best electronic gaming content to many of the most successful gambling operators.

The company has just announced it content is now live on the White Hat Gaming’s casino platform. White Hat Gaming holds licences issued by the U.K. Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority and it supplies leading casino and game content combined with a fully centralised back-office via a state-of-the-art platform to a large host of brands providing gambling products and services.

The initial titles to be launched include Clockwork Mice, the 3D title Black Ice, and the very popular Tutankhamun Deluxe. The Realistic game studio’s full portfolio will come online soon.

Commercial director of Realistic Games, Robert Lee, commented on the development for the firm,  “We are delighted to be live with White Hat Gaming, whose portfolio of operators will really boost our distribution.” Lee continued to add, “We are confident our games will offer them further innovation and variety, as well as keeping their players fully engaged.”

Marc Weinberg, White Hat Gaming’s chief marketing officer, also commented on the arrangement,  “Realistic Games has been producing high quality content for a number of years and we are very pleased to have added them to our stable of slots suppliers.” Weinberg added, “We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership.”

It is these types of partnerships that give the consumers of slots a vast choice coupled with innovation and easy navigation.


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UKGC Revises Alternative Disposition Resolution Process

Consumers of online gambling products and services are getting a louder clearer voice when it comes to grievances filed with the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission. The Commission has published new guidelines and standards for consumers regarding issues with unfair treatment by gambling operators. The alternative disposition resolution process is the path through which customers are able to take complaints beyond what the operators do in accordance with the UK’s consumer protection laws. These revised standards will come into effect on October 31 and will focus on operators responsibilities and customers are directed to review the ADR changes to understand their responsibilities and rights regarding disputes.

The ADR update includes, the types of consumer complaints we expect providers to take on. Principles for considering compensation.  Decision quality standards, particularly focused on how providers look at and use evidence. The Ombudsman Association’s (OA) six principles of good governance, which we expect providers to follow whether or not they are members of the OA.Conflicts of interests. The information and customer service providers give to consumers and  the information and data providers share with us and others.

The major reasons for the update to the alternative disposition resolution process are spelled out in the 32 page report.

According to the Commission, “Our review concluded that the industry needed to improve across all areas of complaints handling.” Included issues are information that gambling businesses gave consumers about how to complain varied and was not always easy to find. That data that gambling businesses gave the commission about complaints appeared inaccurate. Consumers did not always get good customer service from ADR providers, and decision-making standards varied. Previous definitions prevented consumers from taking some complaints to ADR and consumers were not clear about our role in complaints handling.

Ian Angus, program director for consumer protection and empowerment commented, “The standards published today seek to simplify existing complaints processes and ensure consumer complaints are handled in a fair, timely, transparent and effective manner. Improved standards will also help cultivate consumer trust and confidence in the industry.”


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Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo Bulgaria Nov 21-22

The online gambling jurisdictions that are showing a promise of profit are many but there are those that stand out as ones that are rapidly becoming the best. The Balkans is on that list of areas that are making progress in developing a viable regulated system for wagering. To get involved with this booming market the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo is an event not to be missed.

Coming to Eastern Europe, on November 21st and 22nd at the Inter Expo Center in Sofia Bulgaria the BEGE will take place for the eleventh time. Supporting the business development of the area as a technological center this expo will be attended by a large number of international and local firms in the entertainment and gaming industry.

Firms committed to the expo aims are the likes of Novomatic, Ainswort, Casino Technology, EGT, Suzohapp, BetConstruct, Interblock, Merkur Gaming, APEX, Alfastreet Trade BG, IGT, Zitro and others. The BEGE focus will be highlighted by attention to start ups entering the industry with the Gaming Start up Challenge. The Innovation Zone and the Sales Pitch Zone are also a big part of BEGE this year at the two-day exposure to the future of gaming technologies.  BEGE is the meeting place for the gaming and entertainment industry in the Eastern European region. The event is business oriented and provides opportunities for commercial contacts and presentations of products for the leisure, gaming and entertainment industry as well as technology products for optimizing operational, management and control processes.

The exhibition gathers over 5000 international visitors from 35 countries with more than 80 companies, situated in 3 halls exhibit at BEGE providing in-depth knowledge about hot updates and legal cases from senior level industry experts. Bulgaria is rapidly becoming a hub for the online gambling industry especially in the Eastern European jurisdictions.





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