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Slot Machines. That classic casino game with so many names: The one armed bandit, slots, progressive slot, fruit slot, video slot, jackpot slots, multiplier slot, sim slot, bonus feature slot and slot machines just to name a few.

Information About Online Slots

Here you will find information on all you need to know about online slot machines.

Progressive Jackpot Tracker
Progressive Jackpot Tracker:

Slot players now have relevant jackpot information, in real time, at their fingertips. See what's due for a hit. Check out the biggest payouts, current jackpots, hit histories, averages and record breaking jackpot wins. Our free gambling tool branded the Progressive Jackpot Tracker monitors well over a hundred progressive slot games available from hundreds of different online casinos.

Basic Rules Of Slot Machines:

Read more about the basic rules and objectives of slot machines here. Here you can also read about the pros and cons of playing slots. As I see it, slot machines are a great game when you want to relax - or when taking a break from the blackjack table, or when you don't know how to play the other casino games the proper way.

Best Online Slot Machines:

If you are looking for the best online slot machines you have come to the right place - I have picked and reviewed some of the best online slots for you right here on Click here to read more about the best online slots.

Slot Machine Dictionary:

Ever wondered what the following slot gambling terms really mean? Slot Bonus Feature, Coin Size, Coins per Spin, Payline, Payout Percentage, Pay Table, Progressive Jackpot Slot, Slot Reels, Wild Symbols, Multiplier Slots, RNG, Symbols, Bonus Multiplier Slots, Multiplier Payline Slots, Buy-a-Pay Slots, Pay Circle, Take Circle, Loose Slots, Tight Slots, One Armed Bandit and more... get the answers here by visiting my slotmachine dictionary.

Different Types Of Online Slots:

Classic Slots, Progressive Slots, Bonus Feature Slots, Regular Multiplier Slots, Bonus Multiplier Slots, 5 Reel Slots, 9 Payline Slots, Multi Payline Slots... with so many choices it's easy to get lost. Learn all about slot types by visiting my online slots guide.

Myths About Slots Gambling:

Let's kill a few slots stories - playing with hot or cold coins will NOT have ANY affect on the slot machines and even less effect on whether you are winning or losing. How about the other stories? Do the machines have a "Give Cycle" and a "Take Cycle"? Is it really better to play at night because all the machines are full by night after all the regular slots gamblers have pumped coins into them all day? Read on and get all the facts, myths and stories about slots gambling.

Free Slots:

One of my best gambling tips is that no one should gamble with money they can't afford to lose. Here you have the chance to play free slots - there is no registration of any kind, so you can play slots for free instantly and without having to worry about your budget. It's 100% free, its easy, it's fun. Click here to play free slots.

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