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7 Sultans Casino:

7 Sultans Casino has been a long time operator on Microgaming casino software, and while I believe I may have played here before once upon a time, I had yet to write a review about this particular casino, so this was long overdue.

One of the first things I noticed when visiting the site was that there are a lot of customer support options available, including Toll free numbers for a variety of countries, something I'm always happy to see. E-mail addresses are also provided for the customer support team and 'floor' manager. While the support options were good, the rest of the site could have been organized a little better in my opinion, some of the information I was looking for was available, but not quite as evidently as it could have been.

7 Sultans is currently running a '$50 free' just for registering bonus which is instantly added to your account after downloading the casino and registering an account. The maximum amount available for cashout if $50 on this promotion, so I would have opted out had I needed to by contacting support so I could play my deposit with no additional restrictions - however, because I played at the no-download version I was not credited with the bonus, and did not need to contact support with my request. There were no deposit $xx get $xx free offers at the time of review, which is actually uncommon for most online casinos these days.

I've played at a lot of Microgaming casinos, and when it comes to slots especially they tend to be my favorite software brand. That said, most of the casinos offer a fairly similar experience, so I decided to spend my visit at 7 Sultans trying out the Flash casino instead of the downloadable version as I normally do.

I started off with a few spins on my favorite slot machines, and was pleased to see that they looked just as good (if not better) than their download equivilents do. I had a few pulls without much luck and decided I had better save the slots for later, after I had gone through all the games for my review.

Next I decided to play a little blackjack as I normally do. There were many different variations available, quite a good variety for a no-download casino. These included 'classic' blackjack games, and updated versions, in different rule variations including Spanish, Atlantic City and European rules in both single and multi-hand varieties. I tried the bunch and definitely preferred the 'Gold' series games, which had a much better look to them than their original counterparts. Unfortunately, my luck was running cold - and even though I wasn't betting much, by bankroll continued southward.

Roulette was next on my list, which is offered in both European and American versions of the game, as well as 'French' As is proper 'strategy', I chose to play the European table, which conveniently was the only one of the two offered in the more aestheitcally pleasing 'Gold' version. The Roulette table wasn't rewarding my 17 strategy this time around, but the table and wheel animations looked great, and I enjoyed my stay nonetheless (although not for long, again I didn't want to run out of cash!) Out of curiosity I took a quick spin on the French wheel as well, which looked a little more dated than the other roulette games at 7 Sultans.

Baccarat looked well enough, but for the more casual players the minimum bet of $10 per hand might be a little on the high side. High rollers can bet up to $500 per hand on the same tables. It's not normally a favorite of mine, so I played just a handful of games before moving on, and wound up with about the same amount I 'sat' with. I would have preferred lower minimums myself, and while it's true that Baccarat is normally geared towards the high rollers - even they most likely won't be appeased with the $500 max.

The Craps table was a little dark, but looked nice, and while it looked strange at first - the pair of 'giant' dice showing each roll were actually a nice touch. Players can bet as little as $1 per spot, which should appeal to the casual players who enjoy a good dice game. I was enjoying myself and winning quite repeatedly making small pass line bets, but decided I had better not get carried away with lots of games left to complete my review.

Video poker is available in a number of variations, including Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus, Jacks or Better, Double Joker, Louisiana Double, Deuces & Joker, Tens or Better, Aces and Faces, with 7 of the game types offered as 'Power Poker', a 4 hand variety of video poker game. I spent a good while trying out the different variations, and while the selection is larger in the downloadable verion, the 16 variations were more than enough to keep me happy for quite some time. I lost a few bucks playing then decided to move on to some of the other table games on offer.

I checked out a number of the other table games as well, including Poker Pursuit, Pai Gow Poker, Cyberstud Poker, Sic Bo, Red Dog, Flip Card (plays pretty much like a scratch card) Keno, and even a 'real' Scratch Card. I'm not sure the last two should have been listed under 'table games', but they played well enough if that's your thing. All of the games played just as well as their downloadable counterparts again, and I had a good time without any real devistation to my bankroll.

With a thorough tour of the table games and video poker now under my belt, I decided to spend some time at the slot machines. Microgaming casinos offer a huge variety of slots, and 7 Sultans is no exception, both in their download format and when playing through the Flash interface. The no-download casino offers a total of 78 different slots, including a number of progressive games with massive jackpots, bonus games, traditional slots and more on offer.

My luck was just about even up until now, so I thought it might be good to start off with the progressive machines on offer to see if I couldnt at least stay even while in pursuit of that giant win. I started off with a game called Mega Moolah, simply because it was first on the progressive menu. While Mega Mollah looked nice, I don't normally care for games that turn your balance into 'coins' during play, as they tend to make it difficult to keep track of your bankroll until you've exited. That said, I turned down the coin amount as much as possible to be on the safe side and proceeded to spin a few times, and still ended up losing about $10 in less than a minute. I may not have minded so much had the sound accompanyment not been so 'gloomy', but if Im not mistaken there was even a sort of 'evil' laugh in the sound effects while I proceeded to lose spin after spin.

It didn't take long for me to give up on that one and move onto a game I was more familiar with, Major Millions. I've had some pretty good wins on this one in the past at other casinos (although I'm a long way from winning the progressive!), but this time around things weren't going all that great, and my bankroll not going in the preferred direction and lots more slots to visit I decided to move on, for now at least.

Tunzamunni was next on the list, and at a comfortable $0.25 a max bet (fixed coin size of a nickle), I could have played for a long time despite the fact that my luck still hadn't picked up, but the quarter per spin is a little low for my tastes; mid level payouts can't really give me the bigger wins I seek in a slot machine, and my chances of hitting the progressive seemed slim. I should point out however, that at nearly 60k at the time of review, the jackpot to cost per spin ratio is pretty outstanding. Fruit Fiesta is another such game I had a few spins on, offering up affordable 75 cent max spins with a chance to win the progressive. Someone must have hit it recently on my visit however, as it was only sitting a little over $14,000 at this time.

King Cashalot is both a progressive and a 'bonus' slot, meaning there is both a big jackpot to be won and of course, a bonus game withint he slot thats available as well. The progressive is a massive $423,000+ at this time, which was tempting, but not enough to keep me interested in a game for long that has never treated me well before at any Microgaming venue. Just one of 'those' games for me it seems every time. Cash Splash was the next slot I tried, which is available in both a 'video' version as well as the original one. I started off with the 'video' type, but spent some time on the original 3 reel version as well, and once again, didn't have much luck this time around.

Lotsaloot is another progressive game, this one an undeniable 'video' slot, with a massive 25 paylines in total on 5 reels. At $2.50 a spin and with my luck not going much better I didn't spend too many coins here before carrying on, as the progessives as a whole still weren't being very kind to me. Before heading away from the progressives I tried my luck at a couple more machines in the hopes of making up for the lack of wins thus far, but WowPot, Fruit Fiesta, and the rest were all acting like One-Armed 'Bandits' in the literal sense of the word.

Down to about half my intial deposit, and with lots more slots to review, I moved into the 'regular' slots to try my hand at some of the other 60-plus slot machines available at 7 Sultans no-download casino.

I haven't played a 'Fruit' slot (AWP) in quite some time, so I started off by playing a little 'Dubya Money' anat 2 bucks a spin, and a few spins on 'Apocolypse Cow'. The poor luck continued, After a few spins and a very unsuccessful bonus round I was down to just over $60 from my original $150 deposit, so it was time to carry on again. I enjoy playing 'bonus' slots, so I decided to try my hand at the flash version of some old favorites, and played a few spins on 'What on Earth' and 'Reel Strike', as well as a few spins on a not-so-favorite, 'Skull Duggery'. I had a couple of very small hits but was quickly down to less than $50 in my account.

With my coin cup quickly emptying out I decided to go on a run through as many more video slots as I could, but no matter where I turned I couldn't seem to get any luck - the combinations simply weren't coming no matter where I went. Monster Madness, What a Hoot, and a good dozen others. Unfortunately, there was no happy ending for my wallet, and I eventually left my gaming session leaving a nickle in my account.

Despite my bad fortune, overall the casino looked at played great, and those who enjoy Microgaming software should find all their favorites at this long established casino. The Flash version does offer a few less games than the download version, but has more than enough games to keep most players entertained, and that included for me at least, all of my favorites from other MG casinos on which I normally play through the download client. With no cash out this time around I can't attest to withdrawal times and response, but as a long standing Microgaming with a good reputation and ample banking options, I don't anticipate there would have been any problems had lady luck left me with anything to cash out.

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I play a few spins on European Roulette - but things could have gone better for me. European Roulette

The 'classic' blackjack games play well enough, but dont look nearly as nice as the new 'Gold' series games available. Classic Blackjack

Baccarat played well enough, but the $10 minimums were a bit high for me at least. Baccarat @ 7 Sultans

Poker Pursuit @ 7 Sultans. Poker Pursuit

Pai Gow Poker looked great and was treating me pretty good for a while! Pai Gow Poker

Craps was a little on the dark side, but played well, and the oversized dice results were nice. Craps at Seven Sultans

Cyberstud Poker. Cyberstud Poker

At least I had a little luck on Sic Bo. The Sic Bo Table

Jacks or Better Power Poker. Jacks or Better 4 Hand (Power) Poker

Louisiana Double Poker is only available in single hand, but an interesting twist. Louisiana Double Poker

Mega Moolah Video Slot was treating me mega-poorly this visit. Mega Moolah Slot Machine

Major Millions progressive slot is a classic for progressive hunters. Major Millions Progressive Slot Machine

Fruit Fiesta Video Slot is newer than it's original counterpart, but not quite as much fun in my opinion. Fruit Fiesta Slot

King Cashalot never seems to treat me well, and today was no exception. King Cashalot

What A Hoot video slot. What a Hoot Video Slot

A bonus round in AWP Apocolypse Cow pays me.... nothing. Apocolypse Cow Bonus Round

7 Sultans Casino Strong Points:
  • A great variety of games available in no-download options, and even more in the software package
  • Lots of slots, including bonus machines, AWP's, and various multi-line 3 and 5 reels
  • Good variety of banking options
Things 7 Sultans Casino Could Improve:
  • The web site could be done a little better

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