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Bodog is now a Canadian-only casino. US Players should see Bovada as their new alternative.
Bodog Casino:

For those of you outside the US, Bodog is one of the largest sports books in the States. With an excellent reputation to uphold, one would expect that they are not going to take any risks in their online casino to jeopardize this core business. Bodog's online sportsbook has been in business since 1995 - that's a very long time for an online gambling site and a clear sign that they bust be doing somthing right. Bodog is currently licensed in both the United Kingdom and Antigua, and boasts to receive $6 billion in wagers per year over their online games. Bodog Casino is reported to be the most popular casino using Real Time Gaming software, which is impressive considering there about 55 RTG casinos currently online. With credentials like these, I realized it was time for to give them a shot.

Bodog casino is available in either a download version or a non-download version; this bodog casino review is based on the download version. For details on the download and a step by step guide see the Bodog website. Before you can start your first gaming session at Bodog Casino it's necessary to open a Bodog account from within the website. After submitting your personal information and activating the account via email conformation you have the opportunity to make a deposit into the Bodog account.

The Bodog accounts acts a central fund that can be transferred for play on their online sports book, poker house or casino. This offers a practical all in one solution to players looking to manage their gambling on the three areas from one account. Any comps that are received from wagering on the on either the casino, poker or the sportsbook are accumulated within the one account. A slight disadvantage of the of system is that it can be over complex for new comers, it took me about 20 minutes to realise that I had to deposit into the central account before I could purchase chips from within the casino. There's an extensive range of deposit option to choose from including; Creditcard, eWalletXpress and Virtual Pin. NON-US based players furthermore have access to depositing through eWallets such as Neteller and Click2Pay and several other similar solutions. I opted to make a $100 dollar deposit using my preferred method of NETeller, which was transfer to twhich was transfer to the central account within about 15 minutes; however my second deposit at a later date appeared in my account almost instantly.

At the time of playing Bodog was offering a 20% first deposit bonus, which required different wagering conditions depending on whether you wish to wager it with the casino, poker or sports book. If using the bonus on the casino it must be wagered 15 times the bonus plus the deposit before the deposit can be withdrawn. The bonus terms and conditions state that any winners that are generated from wagering the bonus cannot be removed without meeting the wagering conditions. However, my experience was that I was able to withdrawal winning generated from wagering the bonus, with only the value of the bonus removed from the withdrawal (without meeting wagering conditions) - suggesting that the bonus is not sticky.

Once in the casino and after purchasing your chips from within the cashier, you are ready to start sampling the casino. The first thing that struck me on arrival was the wide range of games to choose from. Bodog Casino boosts a selection of 13 table games, including some that are hard to find on the net and five versions of Blackjack or 21.

My first port of call was on a game called Face up 21, which is based on the same fundamentals as Blackjack, in that the player attempts to beat the dealer up to the value of 21<Blackjack. The major difference from Blackjack is that both the dealers cards are revealed once dealt; giving the player knowledge of the dealers hand before deciding to hit, stand, etc. However, on ties other than Blackjack the dealer wins rather than 'push';. Also the player may only double on 9, 10 or 11. After playing Face up 21 for about half an hour I was about 25 bucks up and had warmed to game. Seeing the dealer hand offers a good advantage, and trended to make me feel secure in settling for lower hands in the hope that the dealer went bust.

Pai Gow Poker is a resent addition to the casino software (according to the website), so I decided to give it shot. Unlike other casinos, Bodog's Pai Gow Poker offers no auto split feature, and thus requires players to have some skill and patience at the game. Pai Gow Poker tends to be one of those games where you can play a lot of hands without loosing or gaining on your balance; however in the short session I played my sour a steady decline in my kitty. My fortunes further deteriated with a move to the Progressive Jackpot game Caribbean Poker.

Thereafter I realizedd it was time to sample some of the video poker and slots available at Bodog Casino. Like the table games, there is a big selection of video poker games available, including three machines that allow a player to play up to 100 hands at once. On this occasion I choose to play Pick 'Em Poker, which seems to give the player a fair chance of making a poker hand.

On a latter gaming session when I had re-deposited at the casino, I sampled 'All American Poker' 100 hand, which allows the player to wager from 1 cent up to 1 dollar per hand. It's one of those games where you can wager a lot of money and not really realize it. After the original five cards have been drawn you may choose to hold cards before the redraw on your 100 hands. After the cards are drawn, the column on the left hand side of the screen informs you of the number of poker hands that you have made and their winning ratio. If you get and hold a good original hand then a player could really clear up on this game. The 100 hand option makes Bodog's casino worth trying out for any video poker fan looking for something a little different. If 100 hand sounds too much for you, there's always the half way house option, wagering on 50 poker hands.

I skipped through a number of slots at Bodog Casino and none of them really seemed to grab my attention. I finally settled on a three reel, nine liner called $hopping $pree, which worked out to be almost impossible to make any sizable wins. However, the game was carrying a massive $323,000 progressive bonus, which gave me a big enough incentive to carry on playing.

The casino also offers a number of mini slot games, which are played within a tiny Microsoft window. I spent some time playing one of these mini slots, called Lucky Lightening (see picture that looks like a Keno screen shot). The games are pretty dull and two dimensional, but handy if you want to have a quick spin while doing something else on you PC. As it happened I managed to make some good wins on Lucky Lightening, creeping my balance back up to the $100 dollar mark.

At this point I attempted my first withdrawal, which has to be transferred to your central Bodog account (by cashing out chips), before it can be withdrawal through whatever means you choose. At this point I contacted Bodog's customer service to ask how long the withdrawal would take. They reply to emails within 15 minutes and phone calls almost instantly. The friendly bodog support staff informed me that my withdrawal should be completed with four days, but to their credit it only took about 48 hours. Some time later I made another deposit and withdrawal and experienced no problems.

Bodog's casino is all round pretty impressive, the games have a realistic feel and seem to give you a fair chance of winning. Anyone looking for a casino with wide range of table game to choose from should give Bodog Casino a try, but slots fans may be a bit disappointed. If you're looking to play online poker, casino games and place sports bets then Bodog Online Casino provides you with the opportunity do this from one site and one account.

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Shopping Spree, 9 liner

Bodog Slot Machine - Shopping Spree

All American Video Poker

Blackjack Table, mulithand feature

Progressive Jackpot - Caribbean Stud Poker Game

Face Up 21, version of Blackjack where player can see dealers cards

Mini window games - This One Is Called Lucky Lightening

Multhand Poker, play up to 100 hands in one game

Pai Gow Poker, no auto split option

Pick'Em Poker, Another Video Poker

Roulette @ Bodog Casino

Tri-Card Poker

War, one of Bodog's extensive range of table games

Bodog Casino Strong Points:
  • One account allow you manage poker, sports book and casino gaming
  • Massive selection of games, especially table games, including a number of interesting 21 versions
  • Relatively fast NETeller withdrawal (Neteller is not awailable for US players)
  • All US players accepted
  • Fast reply on email (about 15 minutes) Live chat and phone (instantly).
Things Bodog Casino Could Improve:
  • Uncompetitive First Deposit bonus
  • Slots are limited in imagination

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