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Piggs Casino:

NOTE: Piggs Casino has closed down. During its life, Piggs Casino has operated under a couple of operators. Now though, this Microgaming-powered casino is part of the respected Palace Group, and since it had been a while since I had played here, I decided it was time to review this casino.

As many fans of Microgaming casinos will know, very often the available online casino games can be played both via the download interface and via a no-download Flash alternative. At Piggs Casino things are no different, although as usual I would recommend people to play the download version if possible. This is because it offers every single game available and has many extra features when compared to the Flash version. The download software is 5.99mb in size, and as such should be obtainable within 30 minutes or so even on the slowest of connections.

Installation of the software ran smoothly for me, and within a few minutes I was presented with the log-in window. At this point I realized that I shouldn't create a new account as I already had one. However, since I had forgotten my username I realized I would have a genuine opportunity to contact customer support!

Usually I discuss customer support at the end of my reviews, but I'll talk about it here since it was at this point I made contact with the support representatives. The customer support team at Piggs Casino is contactable via email, telephone and live chat. This is a good number of contact methods, although toll-free telephone numbers are only available for the UK, the US and Canada. This is not a huge number of toll-free numbers, although I guess the live chat is available for the rest of the world. From my tests I discovered all methods worked well, and the live chat representative I spoke to was available within about 30 seconds, and within 2 minutes had found my old account number - all in all pretty impressive. And so, with my old account number in hand I logged in to Piggs Casino.

As many Microgaming fans will know, the number of casino games available at Microgaming casinos is huge, and Piggs is no exception. Similarly, every month sees an average of an additional 4 games added to each casino. As such, finding a specific game could be difficult. However, Piggs Casino have sensibly grouped all the different games by type, making game access very easy indeed. To assist with this, the lobby also has a 'game preview' function - meaning a player can understand the details of every game they play before even loading it - very nice indeed.

Of course, no real play can take place at the casino until a player visits the cashier. As such, I clicked the cashier button to make a deposit. I had an account denominated in US$ and as such, all purchases I made were in this currency. However, play can also take place in UK £, Euros and Canadian $ should a player wish. No matter what the currency, a good range of depositing options are made available to the player, and I managed to deposit $100 via NETeller without problem.

As a player that already had an account with Piggs Casino I wasn't eligible to take any bonus money on this deposit. However, new players are entitled to claim up to $400 in bonus money (40%) on their first deposit. This is pretty generous, and definitely gives players more of a chance to hit a jackpot or two. However, 15 times bonus and deposit wagering requirements are imposed on this bonus. Certain games are excluded too. Blackjack-only players would have to wager 150 times this bonus and deposit!

As stated earlier, the range of games at Piggs Casino is very impressive. For example, I decided to start my play at the tables and discovered over 10 varieties of Blackjack. These ranged from multi-hand European Blackjack to progressive games where huge jackpots can be won when the right cards are dealt.

On this occasion though, I decided to begin my play on the Red Dog table. This isn't a game I play too often - but can be quite generous if the right cards come out. The aim is basically to be dealt a third card that sits in rank order between two cards previously dealt. As such, if the first two cards are an Ace and a Deuce - pretty much any card would produce a winner. Unfortunately, the streak I was hoping for never came, but thankfully I didn't actually lose anything either playing this game.

With regards to my initial impressions with the quality of games at Piggs Casino, I have to say I was impressed. The graphics utilized are of very high quality. Similarly, the casino uses sound effects where possible to enhance play. What I really liked though, was the configurability of the casino. Want a faster game? No problem. Want to turn of background sounds? One click and it is done. This really is appealing and means a player can set the casino up exactly how they want.

After the Red Dog table, I chose to sit down at one of the many Blackjack tables - specifically at the 5-hand table playing under Vegas Strip rules. At this table the minimum bet was $1, and the per spot maximum was $200. This means a player can bet up to $1000 per round. For those that like more action per single hand, the maximum bet on the one-hand games is $500. As such, Piggs Casino is likely to appeal to low and semi-high rollers alike.

Unfortunately, my luck at the Blackjack table wasn't great either! Nor was it at some of the other table games I tried such as 3-Card Poker. Having said that though, despite not profiting, I didn't really lose much either - so I guess I didn't do too badly.

With regards to game fairness, players of Piggs Casino can rest assured that games are completely fair. Microgaming is a leading producer of online casino software and as such their entire success rests on the successful implementation of a Random Number Generator. I am sure winners of some of the massive progressive games won't complain about fair games!

The next area I decided to check out at Piggs was the Video Poker Games. At some casinos I have been playing at recently I have not been overly impressed with the Video Poker selection - however, at Piggs Casino this definitely wasn't the case. Pretty much every type of Video Poker game imaginable is available. Similarly, many of the games are playable as multi-hand games where 4, 10, 50 or even 100 hands can be played at once.

I decided to begin by playing the Deuces and Joker Power Poker game. This game allows bets on 4 hands at once. After the initial deal cards can be held across all 4 hands. Of course, with this being a wild card game, it means players really need the wild cards to appear to get a decent pay off. Sadly, this isn't something that really happened to me! Thankfully though, Piggs casino automatically holds the best cards on each hand, so a player is guaranteed to maximize their gambling dollar. Of course, a player can turn this function off if they wish - and this exemplifies the earlier point made regarding the great configuration options made available to the player.

I also tried out the Jacks or Better 10-hand game. This video poker game was reasonably kind to me, and although I didn't really get anything great, I had enough winners to keep me playing for a while. The same was true of the Aces and Faces 100-hand game. At this point my bank balance was down to around $45, and as such I decided to bet $25 across all hands. Amazingly I was dealt a straight across all hands! This returned $100, and meant suddenly my bank balance was back to $119 - something I definitely wasn't expecting!

With my bank roll now back to a healthy amount, I decided it was time to boom or bust through some slots play. Slot players definitely won't be disappointed with the selection of slots on offered at Piggs. A huge number of games are available ranging from classic three-reel games to multi-line video games with great bonus rounds. Jackpot hunters won't be disappointed either - a good number of progressive games are available, including Major Millions - which has a jackpot that often hits for over $1m!

I tried a variety of games and started my play on the Big 5 game. This slot was one of the very first designed by Microgaming, and as such reminds me of when I first started playing online. Unfortunately, this game wasn't anywhere near as generous as I remember it being; and it swallowed around $50 of my bankroll before giving me a $15 win!

Since my luck was so bad here, I moved on to one of the brand new video slots - Avalon. This game has a wild spin feature that is activated when certain symbols appear in view. Unfortunately, I didn't activate this feature, mainly because I didn't play this game for long. Unlike almost all of the Piggs slots, I wasn't really too impressed with the graphics on this game. I found this strange, particularly considering the impressive graphics used in many of the Piggs games.

I definitely enjoyed the Winning Wizards Golden Goose Game though. Not only did this game impress with cool graphics and sound effects, but I also managed to activate the Golden Goose Bonus round! In round 1 was awarded a massive 50 free spins, but sadly only with a 1x multiplier. This still managed to pay me off 5990 coins though ($59.90) - which meant I could carry on gambling!

Unfortunately though, this bit of luck didn't last long, and despite me having fun playing some of the other games, such as Flying Ace, I ended up with nothing. I found this quite a funny session really, as despite playing for a very long time, I didn't at any point really have a good balance to cash out! I guess though, to play for the amount of time I did is still good. I know at some casinos I've deposited about $100 and lasted about 2 minutes!

Although I didn't have anything to cash in on this occasion, I know from past experience of the Palace Group that withdrawals are handled efficiently. Withdrawals usually stay in pending for 24-48 hours before funds are expediently returned to the player. There are definitely no concerns here.

Since I have already commented on support, all that is left is for me to conclude this review and on that point, I think Piggs Casino have done pretty good! The range of games is huge, and the vast majority of games utilize the very highest graphics and sound effects to make play as enjoyable as possible. On top of this, customer support works well - and the cash processing function of the casino also lives up to expectations. There's a nice bonus available too, although wagering requirements are attached. Generally though, this is a fine casino and is definitely worth trying. Who knows, Piggs Casino may become your favorite!


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My pair of kings is good enough to receive a pair+ payoff whilst playing 3 Card Poker

3 card poker game

4-of-a-kind Aces or 8s pay off handsomely in this Video Poker game

Aces and 8s video poker machine

I double my bet whilst playing on the Avalon Video Slot

Avalon Video Slot

I bet on the banker and win with an 8 whilst playing the Baccarat table game

Baccarat Table - I Bet On The Banker and Win

One more cherry would have paid me $60, but I am still happy with my $15 Big-5 win

Big 5 Slot

Two wild cards gives me 4-of-a-kind hands across the board whilst playing Deuces and Joker Power Poker

Deuces and Joker Power Poker

I get 4 times my bet back when I line up three single-bars on the Flying Ace game

Flying Ace Slotmachine

I am amazed when I win 50 free spins on one of the Golden Goose games

The Golden Goose Slot Bonus Round offers Free Spins

I win a total of 5990 coins in my Golden Goose free spin round

Golden Goose Slot Win

Two jacks dealt on the initial deal means I am guaranteed to win on all hands whilst playing 10-hand Jacks or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better Video Poker - 10 Hands

I am dealt two good cards and end up a winner whilst playing Red Dog

Red Dog Poker @ Piggs Online Casino

I win 4 hands and push one whilst playing multi-hand Vegas Strip Blackjack

5 Boxes Vegas Strip Multi Hand Blackjack

I receive a $100 pay off when I am dealt straights across the board whilst playing 100-hand Aces and Faces Poker

100 winning hands in one aces and faces video poker game

Piggs Casino Strong Points:
  • Excellent number of games
  • Great graphics and sound effects
  • Withdrawals processed quickly and efficiently
  • Customer support generally easy to contact (although limited toll-free numbers)
  • Nice sign up bonus available
Things Piggs Casino Could Improve:
  • Wagering requirements can be difficult to fulfil
  • Toll-free numbers only available for 3 countries


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