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Spin Palace Casino:

Spin Palace Casino is yet another of the well respected Microgaming casinos out there. My review of Spin Palace is based on the download version of the casino. As with most casinos nowadays, The Palace offers a no-download version of the software as well. I started out by downloading the software - it took 4 MB of downloading. After the installation I was ready to play Spin Palace Online Casino. I entered the banking section and made a $100 deposit with my NETeller account (You can open a free NETeller account at Neteller.com).

When I entered the Spin Palace Casino lobby I noticed a text link that stated 'What is Hot?' - so I thought I would find out what was hot at Spin Palace. It turned out that Spin Palace would not let me in on what the hottest games were at the moment. Because 'What is Hot' is simply a new 9 payline slotmachine called 'What a Hoot' with a coins size from $0.25 and up to $1. That adds up to $2.25 a spin with the minimum coin size. I started out by losing $21 in less then 5 minutes, so I decided that this slot was definitely NOT hot and moved on to something hotter.

The Ten Hand Play Power Poker offers you frequent wins, as you in this video poker games are playing Ten hands in one game. The coin size starts from $0.10 and goes up to $2. Playing on all ten hands; that adds up to a minimum bet of $5 per game and up to $100 for a single video poker game. I like this version because it's fast - Spin Palace also has the latest version of Microgaming software featuring Autoplay and automated optimal playing strategy. After having played for while I moved on to the Deuces and Joker Video Poker machine with a Jackpot of 10,000 coins. Spin Palace has a ton of video poker games - in fact they have so many variants that they offer a separate menu just for video poker game variants to pick from.

I went back to the slots and tried out another 9 payline slot called Skull Duggery. This slot required a coin size from only $0.01 and up to $1. Betting on all 9 paylines the minimum bet is $0.45 and the max. bet is a for my wallet crazy $45 a spin. As you can see below in the screenshot, I settled for a coin size of $0.05 - in my second spin I won $54.50 - not bad for a small bet. After playing a couple of more spins and still being up - I decided to move on while I was still ahead - in my opinion this is the secret to winning in any kind of gambling - leaving the game when you are ahead.

After my success on the previous game, I decided to try out yet another 9 payline slot with 5 reels. Big Kahuna Slot - is a popular online slot with coin size from $0.05 up to $1. That adds up to a minimum bet of $2.25 and a maximum bet of $45 a spin - provided that you bet on all 9 paylines per spin. I did not win or lose much at this slot, so I decided to challenge a old time favorite of mine.

Blackjack players will love Spin Palace Casino, as they have many versions of blackjack. I played European Blackjack as this game only uses 2 decks of cards - this helps improve the players odds a bit. The minimum bet at the European blackjack table is $1 and up to $500 per hand. However, it did sure not help me - after a couple of bold bets that did not go my way, I landed flat on my behind with a bankroll of $0. However, I was not going to give in that easy so I visited the banking section again and made yet another $100 deposit and went back to the blackjack table. After a few games I was up to $140.

I wanted to try my luck on some of the progressive slots, so I ended up picking the Major Millions slotmachine - this slotmachine has paid out the biggest online Jackpot ever - above $1,600,000.00. Major Millions is $3 a spin and then it happened - as you can see from the screenshot I took of my win. OK, I did not win the Jackpot but I did win $800 on a single spin with two red sevens and a Major Million symbol. Very Nice. I played this slot for a few spins more and actually won yet another $50. I WAS HOT!!

I also wanted to try out the Thunderstruck Slot, as I had this recommended by a friend of mine. The Thunderstruck Slot machine is a 9 payline slot with coins sizes from $0.01 and up to $1. When betting all on all 9 paylines that adds up to betting limits from $0.45 and up to $45 per game. Thunderstruck is special, as it offers you the chance of winning free spins. And winning free spins was just what I did - I got 3 Thors Goats and the free spins started playing. I ended up with winning $108.75 from a round of free spins. My bankroll had now passed above $1000 - nothing could stop me now. I was winning on everything I touched.

I also wanted to try out the European Roulette Game at Spin palace Casino - Spin Palace Casino has several versions of roulette but the European roulette offers the player the best odds as it only have a single zero - whereas the American roulette wheel has a single zero AND a double zero. I had recently read a book about roulette, and that book recommended covering one of the central numbers with chips - so I decided to try that out. I picked number 17 and the ball did land on some of the numbers surrounding 17 so I did win $36 and $9 once in a while - but I was betting $9 a spin so my bankroll was slowly decreasing. Finally, the ball did land on my number 17 and it did pay a win of $114. But I was still down a bit, so I decided to leave the roulette table behind me.

I also tried the Cyberstud Poker - but I was not winning or losing much so I moved on to the Fruit Fiesta 15 payline Slot with a Progressive Jackpot. Even though it's 15 paylines a single spin is only $0.75. I did win on this slot very frequently - but the wins were not very large, so I wanted to try a bigger slotmachine.

The High 5 Slot is a Classic slotmachine with the chance of getting your winnings multiplied 25 times. Coin size is from $0.25 to $5. As you are 'only' betting on max. three payline the minimum bet is $0.75 and up to $15 per spin. This slotmachine is great fun I tell you - I had frequent wins from $75 to $100.

Finally, I went back to the blackjack table and won even more - at one point my bankroll passed $1450. Of course I had to go back to the Major Millions Slot to see if I could win that Jackpot - that cost me $100. However I ended up cashing out $1300 - a nice net profit of $1100. Now I just hope I can stay away from that reverse cash in button in the banking section!

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What Is Hot?:9 Lines What A HOOT

What is Hot i- Is a fun 9 Payline slot machine

Ten Hand Video Poker

Jacks or Better Ten Hand Play Video Poker

Skull Duggery - 9 Line Slots

Skull Duggery 9 Line Slot Machine

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack @ Spin Palace Casino

Major Millions - I WON $800

Major Millions Progressive Jackpot - I won $800 on this spin WOW

Thunderstruck - Great 9 line slot

The Thunderstruck Slot is a fantastic 9 line slot

European Roulette

European Roulette @ Spin Palace Online Casino

High 5 Classic Slot

NOTE My $1000+ bankroll

This is on a $200 deposit :-)

High 5 Classic Slot

Spin Palace Casino Strong Points:
  • Offers a Great Casino Software from Microgaming - The VIPER version + Fast responding customer staff.
  • Good bonuses for new players as well as regulars promos each month.
  • Contest and tournaments and a fun zone to play free with a chance of winning real cash through drawings.
  • Payout percentages are reviewed by PriceWaterhouseCoopers
Things Spin Palace Casino Could Improve:
  • A few times I found that the software did not run well - perhaps it was just my own Internet connection.

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