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Virtual City Casino:

Virtual City Casino is a Microgaming-powered casino part of the huge Casino Rewards group (owner of no less then 10 online gambling properties). Although I have played at some of the other casinos in this group, Virtual City was not one I had tried before, and with my fingers itching for a gamble I decided it was time for another review.

Although I could not find on the Virtual City website any details about how long the site has been running, a bit of research reveals the casino has been operating since about 2001. While not the oldest casino around, this is a reasonable amount of time in gambling years, and suggests that something must be attracting players.

Virtual City Casino has a very definite futuristic-style theme which is instantly obvious from the neon colors used and graphics of modern skyscrapers adorning the homepage of the casino website. As with most casinos, the website is the portal to casino games and as such many operators try and make their websites as attractive as possible. I for one am never too keen on heavily themed websites, but that is a matter of personal taste. I do like websites that provide a depth of information however, and was pleased to see Virtual City meet this criteria with sections of the website devoted to promotions, banking, security, games available and customer support.

Being a Microgaming-powered casino, players can opt to play on the no-download Flash Casino (a simple but effective gambling medium) or, for the full effect, can chose to play the download software which allows access to all the games available (of which there are over 147 at Virtual City according to the website blurb!)

Downloading is easy, and unusually for Microgaming casinos, the initial download size at Virtual City is just 260k. This is because this casino uses an installer program which, when loaded, requests further files from the net. These further files are just under 5mb in size; which again is relatively small - and means that even dial-up users should be up and running within 30 minutes or so.

Installing the casino software is straight forward, and pretty soon I was ready to sign up as a new player. A simple bit of form filling is required to join the casino - with players able to specify their currency of choice - US $, UK £, Canadian $ and Euros are all options.

A nice touch at Virtual City is that you get $10 free simply for opening an account - no deposit required! This is great to test out the games, although $10 won't go far if you don't hit big initially. A further $20 bonus is also available for depositing, and from what I could see Virtual City seems to run a handful of promotions at any one time, usually revolving around winning big prizes (recently a Jaguar car was awarded to a lucky patron!). However, for players looking for 'free money' bonuses (deposit matches etc.) I have to say that Virtual City Casino does not seem to offer many in comparison to many casinos. Of course, this will only really disappoint bonus hunters.

Having created my US$ account it was now time to make a deposit. Many deposit options are available at Virtual City, from the standard Credit Card and NETeller to less popular methods such as PaySpark and Citadel. I made a $100 NETeller deposit, which appeared in my account instantly.

With my bankroll now funded, it was time to choose a game to play. As with all Microgaming powered casinos, games are presented in a lobby format with games grouped by type - slot, table etc. I decided to play some Blackjack as it is one of my favorite games, as well as one of the most popular games amongst gamblers. At Virtual City there are a number of different tables to chose from, each imitating different land based casino rules - Vegas Downtown, Atlantic City etc. I opted to play some European Blackjack.

One thing I noted is that the betting ranges for this game were huge at Virtual City Casino - a minimum of $2 up to a massive $2000 maximum has been implemented. With my bankroll being on the small side, I opted for some $5 games. Upon clicking deal I was instantly impressed with the quality of the game. Graphics are excellent and background sounds really enhances a player's experience. There's even an option to turn on a dealer voice!

Another great feature of the casino is the 'Expert' mode. This allows players to have their play analyzed and also allows players to have a number of bets made automatically. This is great for both new players and old, and is a feature found across all the games available - fancy 100 slot spins but don't want to press a button every time? Easy, just set the software playing and the job's done!

I did OK with my Blackjack play at Virtual City Casino, and while I didn't have any really long winning streaks, I didn't have any terrible losing streaks either. As such, I walked away to play some of the other table games available. No matter what I played, I discovered the great quality of games available at this casino - Microgaming has definitely done a great job at recreating these games in this online virtual environment.

I did play quite a few different table games, but in terms of great wins I didn't really have too many. My best win was probably a $69 Sic Bo win, although I did bet $30 to achieve this! One thing that should be noted is that pretty much every possible game playable is available here, from traditional games such as Baccarat and Craps to more unusual games such as Sic Bo and Pai Gow Poker. A player really can bet on whatever they want to at Virtual City.

The next area of games I decided to check out was Video Poker. Again, a huge selection of games is available, from Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild to more modern games such as Double Bonus VP and even games with huge progressive jackpots up for grabs. Many of the games are also available in multi-hand format, with 4,10 and 50 hand varieties being available.

One thing I noticed with the video poker games at Virtual City was that the betting limits on the single hand games are huge! Up to $125 can be staked on a single hand. This really is big, and with a Royal Flush paying out 4,000 coins means a jackpot of a massive $100,000 is up for grabs - WOW! Although I didn't bet anywhere near this amount, I did have some fun playing some single-hand Jacks or Better. A full house rewarding $45 on a $5 bet definitely helped me to like this game!

I also had some fun on a 50-hand version of Deuces Wild, although it soon became obvious that unless a good starting hand was dealt, making money on this game was difficult. Of course, it almost goes without saying that the quality of game play on all that I played in the Video poker section was superb. Good graphics were again used, with a game speed that was excellent. Even when playing the multi-hand games there is next to no time delay when the software communicated with the Random Number Generator.

Finally, I decided to check out some of the slot games available at Virtual City Casino. The range of slots available at this casino is simply immense, with every possible slot taste catered from. Classic three-reel slots sit alongside brand new multi-line video-style games with wild symbols and bonus rounds. I played a bit on the attractive Carnival slot and had a nice $20 return on a $4.50 bet. I also did excellently on the new Witches Wealth game, and managed to receive a 7200 coin payout on this game.

I have to say the Witches Wealth slot game was simply mind-blowing in terms of the graphic quality and game play. When the bonus is activated it really is amazing the level of detail that is witnessed. A narrated story is told as the bonus amount won becomes apparent - even if you are not a slots player I would recommend having a little play on this one!

Sadly, my 7200 coin slot win gave me an urge to win an even bigger amount, and unfortunately I lost some of my bankroll to some of the other slots playable. I was particularly tempted to hit the Fruit Fiesta jackpot; which at the time of playing was over $100,000! That jackpot was high for this game and I knew it had to hit soon - imagine winning that for a mere $0.75 bet!

All in all, I ended up with a bank roll of around $50. Although this was a loss on my original deposit, I had played quite a bit and decided to cash in at least a little bit of money. As it turned out, it was lucky that I didn't lose any more - as the minimum cash out at Virtual City Casino is $50, an amount which I think is pretty high compared to many Microgaming sites where $20 is the norm. Nevertheless, the withdrawal process itself was pretty easy, although the payout was not the fastest I had ever experienced, partly because of the 48 hour pending period imposed by this casino.

Finally, customer support at Virtual City Casino turned out to be 'average'. Email, telephone and live-chat support are all available. However, I did notice that only a few toll free numbers are provided, and live-chat actually showed as busy when I tried to use it. An email I sent also took a while to be responded to. As such, customer support is available but it may take a little perseverance to get a response on occasion.

In conclusion, I think that Virtual City is a reasonably good casino. The software used is great, as are the number of games available. However, the banking side of things is a little disappointing, particularly in terms of pay out speed. Similarly, while support is generally good, I have experienced better elsewhere. However, this casino does have unique qualities, such as the high maximum bet amounts on the Video Poker games. As such, for players looking for somewhere new Virtual City is definitely one to consider. Of course, it may well become your favorite, but although I would play again at Virtual City, it was not a casino that I would make my number one choice. Of course $100,000 Video Poker winners could well think differently!

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Click Pictures to Enlarge

Click Pictures to Enlarge.

A good initial hand gives me 6 straight flushes in this 50-play Deuces Wild Video Poker game.

50 hand deuces wild video poker

My very first bet is a winner - $5 profit is made on this Blackjack hand.


The attractive Carnival slot pays out $20 for a $4.50 bet

Carnival Slot

The Fruit Fiesta progressive jackpot stood at over $100,000 for just a $0.75 bet at the time of playing

Fruit Fiesta Progressive Slot

The Golden Goose gives me 10 free spins with a x2 multiplier in the Genie's Gems Golden Goose game

Golden Goose Slots Feature Game

I was dealt a full house so all I had to do was hold them all for a $45 payout on my $5 bet.

Jacks or Better Video Poker

Spin on up to 9 different machines on the Mega Spin slot games

Mega Spin Slots

Reel Strike Slot Machine

A risky $30 bet pays off and rewards $69 when playing Sic Bo

Sic Bo

Spring Break is a colorful 5-reel bonus slot game. Here I win $26.00

Spring Break Slot Machine

I go to "war" in this simple-to-play card game and win $33 for an $11 bet

Casino War

Witches Wealth is a fun 5-reel game with a great bonus round

Witches Wealth Feature Slot

The Witches Wealth bonus is activated for a 7200 coin payout!

Witches Wealth Bonus

Virtual City Casino Strong Points:
  • Huge number of games
  • Small initial download size
  • Great graphics and sound utilized
  • Big betting ranges, with Video Poker allowing $125 to be bet on single hands!
  • $10 free for creating a new account
Things Virtual City Casino Could Improve:
  • Cash-outs have a 48 hour pending period
  • Customer support options good but not always available
  • Minimum cash in amount is $50
  • Deposit bonuses are not huge

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