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Analysing the Best Cricket Betting Sites of 2021

When it comes to the best cricket betting sites in 2021, there are five fantastic options we have compiled for you. Each of these sportsbooks truly understand the mindset of a cricket fan, and the importance of offering a clear and concise route to betting on the biggest matches. This review will look at all the important factors that determine which site is best for you. From the live betting facilities, user interface of the platform, and the unique bonuses that you can claim for this sport. This page is the most complete guide you need for starting out in this sub-category of the sportsbook, sign up today and claim yourself a great welcome offer by following one of the links below!

The Top 5 Cricket Betting Sites

So, strap yourself in and continue to scroll down through this review for the complete overview of cricket betting. We take a very broad analysis of the current state of online sportsbooks, and bring you the most relevant statistics, facts and tips to help you go forth, and reap the rewards of cricket betting sites. There are many pieces that we have compiled in this review to bring you the most relevant overview of the sport. But choosing the right site to begin your journey is of primary importance, do yourself a favour and create an account today with one of our top-rated bookies.

Which Cricket Betting Sites are for Me?

You probably don’t know exactly which cricket betting site reviewed is the one for you, at this point in time. But that is about to change, as we uncover some exciting details about each of the five operators, we have gathered in the table above. There really are some hefty bonuses available at these bookies, if you’re heading out to the cricket with your family, or just watching the international matches on TV, it’s nice to have a little cash on the match to spice things up a little. Now, if you haven’t bet on cricket before, you probably know that there are a few different options you will face, and things can become very complex. Luckily, all of the bookies we have highlighted in the table above have easy to comprehend user interfaces, and you can create an account today in a matter of seconds!

Odds Levels in Cricket Gambling

If you’re a punter that has a particularly high budget, in excess of four-figures per month, then odds levels will have a significant importance to your betting decision making. The difference between a few percentiles can translate to real money in your wallet, or the bookmaker. Imagine you place a very high-stakes, high-odds accumulator bet, and it comes in with a return of 20/1. You would be thrilled right? But to imagine that your payout could have been 5% or even 10% higher is quite difficult to take, especially when the winnings are in the thousands.

Average Odds for the Best Cricket Betting Leagues
Cricket Betting Site County Championships IPL International Test T20 World Cup
91.19% 91.79% 91.56% 91.07%
90.44% 90.32% 90.17% 90.09%
89.58% 89.34% 89.17% 89.08%
88.62% 88.59% 88.34% 88.10%
88.22% 87.67% 87.98% 88.09%

The good news is that offsetting these losses is incredibly easy. You just need to be very flexible in your approach to online cricket betting. There are many sites that offer strong odds levels, but when choosing matches from various countries and match types, you may encounter a slight variance in odds level. In this aspect, having an agile approach into the sportsbook will benefit you tremendously, you’ll be able to quickly determine where the best odds lie, and optimise your bets to ensure that you’re always taking the very biggest payouts should you be lucky and end up winning.

The World’s Biggest Competitions

When we think of professional cricket, there are many fantastic divisions that come to mind. From the circus fanfare of the IPL, to the dignified and traditional customs of an Ashes test match at Lords. This is a sport with so much variety, and practices that are steeped in history and culture. What does this mean for the sportsbooks that serve these leagues? Well, they have to offer a wide variety of options, and you’ll be particularly pleased to know that all the sportsbooks presented on this page fully endorse all styles of cricket.

There are markets for T20, One Day, and Test Match; for both international and club teams. The differences in terms of betting on these varying match types is huge, it takes a deeper understanding of the sport to fully grasp how the varying length of a match can impact the average run rate of a batsman, for example. But when betting on varying match types, you have to consider the strength of both the teams involved in the fixture and the weather and terrain that they are playing. As cricket is a sport that can only be played in the dry, when it comes to test matches in England, this can be incredibly disruptive for both the game, and any open bets you may have.

Markets and Bet Types

If you’re wondering how the differing matches might affect the markets you choose, then this is the section for you. Of course, in test-match cricket, the life expectancy of a batsman, that is the time he spends at the crease facing balls will be a lot longer on average than that of a T20 opening batsman. The objectives are completely different depending on the game type. Where one batsman is attempting to survive and take the speed off the new ball and wait for his moments to score, the other is trying to score runs on every delivery the bowler delivers to him. In terms of betting, you need to keep in mind that there are many wonderful ways you can enjoy this process. Just stay vigilant on any short-term bets you are making and consider the circumstances of the match before committing to any market.

In-Play Cricket Betting

Cricket is one of the few sports that is probably bet upon more in-play than before the match begins. There are many reasons for this, besides the fact that some test matches can go on for 5 days. The match usually is in a very delicate balance, until wickets begin to fall, there really isn’t much that can affect the odds levels of a team winning. You do of course have access to many of the pre-match markets once the action begins, but the majority of in-play betting would focus on short-term outcomes in the match, otherwise you’d be waiting around for hours or even days to see if your bets materialise. A few examples of this include Over betting, that being the number of runs scored in a single over, or whether a wicket will fall in the over.

How Does In-Play Betting Look at the Top Operators?
  • In-play cricket platform at BetwayLots of options and easy to use interface
  • In-play cricket platform at LadbrokesHelpful customer service portal
  • In-play cricket platform at betfairDecent range of statistics to assist you
  • In-play cricket platform at BwinFantastic in-play graphics and coverage
  • In-play cricket platform at BetVictorHigh odds levels and market availability

For a visual guide on what you can expect heading into the live betting arena for a cricket match, see our top five bookies platform above. There are a number of similarities between the offerings of each of these bookmakers, and they tend to stick to a template that is tried and tested, but also efficient at allowing the user to navigate, locate and execute bet orders to the server.

Specific Bonuses for the Sport

Every sports betting enthusiast loves to get their hands on a hefty welcome offer that will boost the chances of making an immediate profit. Within the restrictions of cricket promotions, there are a number of different considerations to make. Namely, you won’t be regularly able to capitalise on a bonus that is specific to a match. But there a number of fantastic welcome deals out there that you are more than capable of deploying on a match of your choice, or a combination of cricket, a major tennis competition, and other sports is also possible.

Batsman preparing for the delivery of the ball
  • enjoy bet boosting ability
  • acca boosting options
  • large market variety

Obviously, there are many welcome deals that you can use to optimise your profit-making capabilities in future bets, but the most important thing is to bet in a mature and effective manner. The offer you can see in the table above has been selected based on the ease-of-use and the speed in which you can claim. Sign up today and be prepared to deploy it anywhere across the sportsbook, including the high-profile matches we all know and love.

Betting Strategies for the Sport

There are many variations of cricket, as we have already alluded to, different strategies must be utilised. The most effective way to bet on test matches is always to consider the extensive timeframe that these games undergo. If you can plot a long term bet for the test matches, we recommend looking into highest batsman scoring total betting. This will enable you to have an interest in the match as it slowly unfolds across the several days of play. As for one days matches and T20, team to win bets are more familiar and well structured, you will also be able to get an immediate result from your proposition and not have to wait for days or weeks to understand the outcome of your bets.

Facts and Trivia

Now that we have covered all the relevant information for navigating cricket gambling at the sportsbook, it is about time we delve into some interesting trivia regarding the great protagonists of this sport in the past years. There are three great players we’d like to draw your attention too. Each of them legends within their own right, and highly skilled players from all disciplines in the sport.

Brian Lara

Brian LaraBrian Lara is regarded by many as the greatest test match batsman of all time. Lara represented the West Indies and famously scored 400 runs not out, in the 2003-04 season. This amazing feat is the highest runs scored by an individual player in a test innings. The left-hander scored an even higher total of 501 for his county side Warwickshire in 1994.

Freddie Flintoff

Freddie FlintoffOne of the great cricketers of England was Andrew Flintoff. An all-rounder who could bat as well as he could bowl, was incredibly influential in the decade of England test-match cricket dominance. Freddie Flintoff was a key player in the great Ashes series of 2006, here he took many wickets with his powerful swing bowling delivery and was able to score a lot of runs when called upon to bat.

Shane Warne

Shane WarneShane Warne was the greatest leg spinner of this generation. The Australian bowler was comically overweight at times during his career, he smoked and was highly unconventional with his brazen Australian accent. Warne caused havoc to middle order batsman throughout his career and took hundreds of wickets in many high-profile matches.

There are three great players there, representing all three disciplines of cricket. The great batsman, bowler and the all-rounder. Together they represent the finest talent that has been displayed in international test cricket in recent years. Obviously, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many fantastic individuals that some would argue surpass the talent of these three players.


In summary, there are many fantastic features that power the experience of a sportsbook. But online cricket betting certainly pushes the enjoyment factor for punters to whole new heights. If you want a decent operator to kick things off with, and don’t already have an account, then definitely head on over to one of the best cricket betting sites reviewed by us. You may even be able to bag yourself a hefty bonus to supplement your wagers. If you are interested in other forms of gambling, we also have dedicated pages reviewing the top slots, blackjack and roulette sites.


There are many questions we receive in relation to the information we publish. But below you can discover some of the most relevant enquiries for cricket gambling.

How short-term can in-play bets be?

It is possible to bet on instances taking place at least an over in the future. This is to give the bookmaker enough time to organise the betting odds and gather the relevant statistics.

What is tea in test match cricket?

Tea, is a tradition in test, and one day matches. It is a break taken at the end of the afternoon session and marks the beginning of the evening session.

Why do test matches last for up to five days?

Test match cricket is very tactical, the batting style is extremely conservative to begin with, as survival is the primary concern. It is not particularly difficult for a skilled batsman to just face balls and defend for hours and hours, the long period of time is also filled with 2 innings for each team. After which the team with the most points, given the opponent has been fully bowled out, will win the match. Head on back to our homepage for a complete overview of the current state of online casinos.