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Introducing the Best Tennis Betting Sites of 2021

This review is a compilation of the best tennis betting sites and useful information to assist you when taking on this vibrant sport. The tennis directory of any online sportsbook is one of the most visited and well-structured parts of the service. Punters have been betting on tennis for many decades and there are a few tricks, tips and successful strategies that have been developed over this time. We will share these insights with you and shine some light on the live arena, specific bonuses available and interpreting odds levels.

The Top 5 Tennis Betting Sites

The five operators we have introduced in the table above all performed well under scrutiny, and each offer a high-quality service for their customer base. With the optimisation of the online sportsbook, tennis betting has improved significantly. Punters are able to bet on a whole host of matches, markets and competitions. Choosing to open an account and begin betting on the next Grand Slam with one of the bookies above would not be a bad choice. You can even claim yourself a decent little bonus as well.

Which Tennis Betting Sites Suit Me Best?

There is not a whole lot of variation between the offerings you can expect at the five sportsbooks we have detailed above. The main differences are primarily user experience focused; the interface of each operator is drastically different, and you may have a particular colour scheme and betting mechanism preference. Either way, these operators have a fantastic offering of markets, decent odds levels and a healthy bonus to kick start you into a profit-making rhythm.

Odds Levels at Top Operators

If you’re a punter that likes to place large sums of money on sports bets, and you now have an inclination to do the same with tennis, this section will be of primary importance to you. There are a number of variables that can affect the amount of money you make from online betting, but the payout rates are directly impacting the money in your pocket. You will not begin to notice the variance between these different tournaments and bookies until your stakes are on a very large end of the spectrum, but give it some time and you will begin to see that choosing a bookie with the optimal payout rates is the best decision you can make to directly benefit your bottom line.

Average Odds of the Best Tennis Betting Tournaments
Betting Site Wimbledon US Open Australian Open ATP Masters
92.17% 91.29% 91.48% 91.61%
91.08% 90.78% 90.49% 90.86%
90.05% 89.42% 89.17% 89.97%
89.52% 89.73% 89.20% 89.11%
88.46% 89.72% 89.06% 89.37%

There are of course many different sportsbooks that offer markets on the tennis. In the objective to completely dominate the industry when you are looking for the best payouts, it is always best to keep an agile mindset. Have the flexibility to ditch your regular bookie for a higher paying operator, and you will quickly notice the impact on your profit/loss margins. If you remain open to using new bookies and maintain many different betting accounts, you can be sure to take the biggest payout, no matter which market, bet type or tournament you are betting on.

The Depth of Competitions in Tennis Gambling

Diving deep into the sportsbook and you will encounter the usual major tournaments. Betting on tennis grand slams is one of the main highlights of any sportsbook, but as you probably well know, there are many levels in professional tennis. A quality tennis gambling site will offer you markets on the grand slams, as well as the many matches that take place in the preliminary rounds and grass roots matches. If you’re on the lookout for betting on the lower divisions of tennis, then be aware that many matches will have a maximum bet restriction. Due to the corruptible nature of tennis, the lower down you go in the quality and prize money, the maximum bet you can place is heavily capped. This is to combat the match fixing problem that has plagued this sport in the past. For the biggest betting potential, head over to the sportsbooks in the time of grand slam major finals.

Various Markets and Bet Types

Tennis is a sport that is very well suited to the modern demands of the 21st century punter. You can expect to find a massive assortment of markets for any high-profile match, from set to game betting, and everything in between. There really are an enormous amount of options for things to bet on when it comes to tennis. If you’re the type of bettor to look to build accumulators or system bets, then the acceptance of different types will most certainly please you. There is of course the possibility to build a bet that incorporates a breakdown of different selections in a system, this acting as a mediator and insurance against one or more of your selections failing to materialise.

Tennis In-Play Arena and Live Streaming

Out of all the tennis betting sites reviewed by us, there are a few that demonstrate the willingness to provide an exciting in-play dimension for their customers. The tennis live arena is very well optimised for punters. With the improvement of technical infrastructure on the sportsbook, and the increasing availability of data provided by third parties, bookmakers can power that odds generating algorithms and offer a massive array of dynamic live markets that can be wagered on instantly. You can bet very short term, the winner of the next game, or place a live bet that is more long term orientated, for example, the winner of the match.

How Does In-Play Betting Look at the Top Operators?
  • In-play tennis at BetVictorExcellent coverage of all the majors
  • In-play tennis at BetwayTop user interface for live betting
  •  In-play tennis at LadbrokesHigh odds levels across the platform
  • In-play tennis at William HillGreat range of payment options
  • In-play tennis at GrosvenorEnjoy the possibility of cash out

As you can see from the slideshow above, there are many similarities between the different live betting platforms offered for tennis at these operators. This is mainly because sports betting enthusiasts have very similar requirements and preferences., Operators understand that in the development of their interface, navigation between directories is essential, but also the ability to quickly analyse statistics, select a market and place your bet in a rapid process. As these requirements are easily fulfilled with a very standard industry template, the result is many betting platforms have a similar user interface and the experience is very intuitive for anybody who has interacted with at least one of these platforms prio to entering the live arena.

Specific Bonuses in Tennis Betting

Claiming welcome bonuses is a fantastic way to entice new customers into any online tennis betting site. But giving the user sport specific bonuses just shows a level of appreciation for the customer that is largely unmatched outside of these top five bookmakers we have listed in this page. Let us introduce you to a new era of betting, where the sportsbooks are more inclined to reward their customers and are battling in an incredibly competitive industry to outdo each other, and eventually offer the best product for their players. The specific tennis betting bonuses that you can claim are nothing less than a reflection of this changing landscape for punters and operators alike.

Tennis player hitting the ball
  • elite level bookie
  • exceptional user interface
  • unlimited deposit value

There are of course many different bonuses you can claim outside of the tennis realm. If you’re looking to get started out sports betting, then you’re probably well aware of just how many betting bonuses there are available, the bookies sure do an excellent job of pushing the marketing of these products. But the reason there are so many is purely to drive customer registration numbers and to generate revenue. Don’t become another statistic, take your free bet bonus and use it on a tennis market that is well-planned and sensible. Take your profit and move onto the next bookie with another hefty welcome bonus waiting to be snapped up.

Deploy a Tennis Gambling Strategy

There are many applicable strategies you can deploy for betting on tennis. One of the most common types and the one we will discuss here is set betting. With professional tennis, and particularly men’s singles, there is often a very predictable nature to the match before it begins. The rankings are very clearly defined and the massive amounts of data and statistics that power these rankings are usually very easy to interpret and utilise to power your bet placement decision process. When you encounter a fixture that seems very one sided, a good bet to make is for the favourite to not lose a set, and win 3-0, or 2-0 if it’s a women’s match. These types of bets allow you to take much higher odds than just a particular player to win. If you can combine a couple of these 3-0 selections, you’ll be well on your way to making a tidy profit with tennis gambling.

Legends of the Game

By this point of the review you’re probably wondering what else there is to learn about tennis in general. Well, we’ve put together a few sections of the biggest characters in the sport, and the pinnacle that tennis players can reach.

Roger Federer

Roger FedererRoger Federer is largely regarded the greatest tennis player of all time. The Swiss legend has won 20 Grand Slams in his career and has career earnings north of $120 million. With an eloquent style and uncompromising sportsmanship, he is not just the greatest tennis player ever, but one of the most well-accomplished and skilled athletes to ever play professional sport.

Andy Murray

Andy MurrayOne of the best and most well recognised players from Britain, Andy Murray has had a very successful career winning 3 Grand Slam titles and lighting up the centre court of Wimbledon in his famous 2016 mesmerising season, where he was also crowned Olympic Gold medallist and ranked no. 1 in the world. Murray has been tormented with a hip injury in recent years, and his form has dropped slightly due to this.

Wimbledon Centre Court

Wimbledon Centre CourtThe pinnacle of tennis major championships. Centre court at Wimbledon is one of the most enchanting sporting venues in the world and is the home of the All England Lawn Tennis Club. Hosting tournaments for the better part of a century, Wimbledon is regarded as a major Grand Slam, and winning a title at centre court is the biggest prize a tennis player can win.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many fantastic tales of victory from the All England Lawn Tennis Club, which will give you a much deeper insight into this fantastic sport. There are of course many fantastic players that have graced the courts of the world’s biggest venues throughout the years. With certain players being specialised to certain surfaces, there really are many dynamic variables that make this a great sport to watch and participate in as a punter.


For a great place to start, you have five of the best tennis betting sites as options throughout this page. Tennis is a very technical sport, that involves a mastery of hand-eye-coordination and athleticism to reach the ball in all sections of the court. Betting at the sportsbook can sometimes feel like a physically demanding exercise, scrolling and digging through the vast directories to find what you’re looking for. But the key to success in sports betting is always pre-planning and timing, only bet what you can afford to lose and try and utilise some professional tipping knowledge rather than just praying and spraying. Head on back to our homepage for more fantastic reviews on the current state of British casinos or see below our compiled list of FAQs. You can also check out our views on other sports such as golf. If you are interested in other types of online gambling, we also have dedicated pages reviewing the best online poker, scratch cards and roulette casinos.


If you remain uncertain about the services available at tennis betting sites or require some further clarification on the topics raised in this review, see our list of FAQs below. You may find exactly what you’re looking for.

What happens when a player retires?

If a player retires from the match, there will be an opportunity for your bet to be voided if less than one set has been completed. If it is more than your selection will be settled as if the retiree has lost.

What is point betting?

Points betting allows you to select a specific point in the future of the match and decide what the outcome will be.

What is the difference between surfaces?

There are three main surfaces, hard, clay and grass. Players compete across all surfaces but usually specialise in one of these. Grass is played at Wimbledon and remains one of the most popular of spectators.