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Welcome to my section on dedicated to the great game of video poker! Here you can find video poker rules, advice, strategy, tips and much more about online video poker gambling.

Information About Video Poker

Jacks or Better Video Poker Trainer
Jacks or Better 9/6 Strategy Trainer

This Jacks or Better Video Poker trainer will have even the newest of video poker players playing optimal 9/6 strategy in no time. Play our free Jacks or Better game at your own pace while the machine counts and corrects your moves.

Video Poker Visual Instructions
Visualized Video Poker Instructions

Gambling is entertainment, and most people don't want to have to read a book about video poker before getting down to what it's all about; playing the game, having fun and perhaps even winning a bit. offers visual video poker instructions that will teach you the basics of the game without having to read a book.

Video Poker Rules

At first glance, video poker machines look very similar to a regular slot machine - however there is a big difference. Video poker is a game of skill, whereas playing slots is a game of chance. Before playing video poker for money you should know the video poker hand rankings and how a video poker game works. Learn all you need to know about video poker rules here at

Why Is Video Poker Such A Popular Casino Game?

Video poker is a very popular game. I think one of the main reasons for this is that this game offers you the chance of a big win even with a small bet. Read on to learn more about why the video poker game is so popular at the casino.

What Is Full Pay Video Poker?

Many video poker players believe that full pay video poker games are games that gives them the edge over the casino - this is not correct. A full pay video poker machine is simply the type of machine that offers the players the best odds. For example there are many different kind of Jacks or Better video poker machines, and many of them will not offer you the same odds on certain payouts. Read on and learn how to spot the best full pay video poker machines.

Video Poker Pay Tables

Different video poker games offer different paytables. On this page of, you can find more information about online video poker paytables.

Getting That Royal Straight Flush - What Are The Chances?

Many video poker variants offers the player a expected return of above 100% - but how often can you expect to hit those sweet royal straight flush hands? Just because perfect play on the right video poker machine offers the player a slight edge over the casino, doesn't mean it's a guaranteed moneymaker for the players. Read on and learn more about the payback volatility in video poker.

Should You always Play The Maximum Coins?

Most video poker experts will advise you to play the maximum coins allowed, because this in the long run will get you the highest expected return in almost every video poker game variant. Should you really always play the maximum coins allowed when playing video poker online?

Jacks or Better Video Poker Strategy

Jacks or Better is the oldest and most famous version of video poker. You can get a better than 100% expected return in this great video poker variant. Just print out and play according to my Jacks or Better Video Poker Strategy Chart.

Deuces Wild Video Poker Strategy

Playing perfect Deuces Wild video poker requires a special deuces wild video poker strategy. Every video poker variant requires it's own special video poker strategy. Read on and get a free copy of my free, perfect deuces wild video poker strategy chart.

Other Video Poker Game Variants

The popularity of video poker has evolved the game of video poker into several different versions. The best known video poker type is the Jacks or Better version, but there's also Deuces Wild Video Poker, Joker Poker, Aces & Faces and lots more games. On this page I have laid out what all the different video poker games are all about.

Triple Play Video Poker Machines

If you would prefer a video poker game with frequent wins - Triple Play Video Poker games are just what you are looking for. These kind of video poker games offer you the choice of betting on 3 hands in one video poker game. Here I have picked some great online casinos offering triple play video poker for you.

Ten Play Video Poker Machines

If both the regular single hand video poker and triple play video poker don't do it for you; many online casinos have now made 10 play video poker games where you play 10 video poker hands in one game! Normally the coin size for these games starts from $0.05, so at first glance it's fairly cheap to play, but make no mistake - the 10 play video poker is not for the faint of heart. This is a great video poker game for the serious video poker player who is looking for frequent wins and fast video poker action. Visit my list of recommended online casinos offering ten hand play video poker machines.

Free Video Poker Games

Playing free video poker games before risking any money is always a good idea to get the hang of things. Here at Online-Casinos you can find several free video poker game variants. Click the following link to play free video poker, or visit my page with free casino games for lots more fun.

Best Video Poker Casinos

The best video poker casinos are those that offer full pay video poker games, great bonuses to new players and a fast responding customer support team. When I play video poker I also prefer online casinos that offer me the choice of several versions of video poker, including triple play and ten hand play video poker games. Here I have put together a list of what I rate some of the best video poker casinos for your enjoyment.

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