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Baccarat is a great casino game to play at home for inexperienced players, but it's also one of the preferred games for the big high rollers to play at their favorite casino or online.

Baccarat Casino Gambling Story

Sometimes when baccarat is played at home or outside a casino the rules are a bid different from when it's played in a casino. When the high rollers play private baccarat outside the casino the player acting as the Banker also has to announce how big his bank is - and the Player can then announce how big a part of the bank he wants to challenge. If the Player announces 'Banco' he is challenging the entire amount announced by the Banker. If this happens only the Banker and the Player announcing 'Banko' will be playing this game. A baccarat gambler acting at the Banker will continue to act as the Bank until he has lost his bet - or until he volunteers to pass on the Banker duty to another baccarat gambler.

One of the greatest baccarat gambling stories is about the American multi millionaire John W Gates - at one time when he was playing private baccarat acting as the Banker he announced that his bank had a bankroll of 1 million US$. One of the other baccarat gamblers announced 'Banko'. This meant that the two players would play a single game of baccarat about one million dollars.

At this specific private baccarat table the high rollers were playing according to a special rule where the banker deals 3 hands of cards of two cards each. One of the baccarat hands belongs to the Banker but the Player can choose to play any or both hands ('a cheval'). If the Player choose to play both hands he will have to win both hands to win the baccarat game. If he wins one and loses the other it's a tie.

With one million dollars on the line Gates dealt 3 hands. His opponent chose to play both his hands - a cheval. Gates one the first hand but lost the second hand - so the game was a tie. But still the game had consequences for Gates - since that game of baccarat he was always referred to as Mr. Bet-a-Million.

Baccarat Gambling Story @