Who's Playing Bingo These Days?

Once considered a game for older women and chain smokers - the face of bingo players has changed significantly over the years, especially with the advent of online bingo rooms.

Playing Bingo - The Usual Suspects?

When thinking of the game of bingo, images can quickly be conjured up of groups of women all in their 60s huddled in grotty, smoky bingo halls. And yet the reality is a very different matter, particularly in the online world where bingo is rapidly growing in popularity.

Part of the slightly negative image of bingo has come about with the mistaken belief that the game is slow and dull. In reality, bingo is a fast paced game and requires a demanding brain, particularly if a player is marking off called numbers themselves. Indeed, in Germany the game was often played in classrooms as a way improving mental dexterity and hand-eye co-ordination.

Similarly, in today's modern world people have become more open to trying things they would never have dreamed of in years gone bye. Men in particularly have started to discover the joys of bingo as an alternative to attending a sporting event or going out drinking. Younger people have also discovered that as well as being a fun game to play, bingo is a great way to socialise with people in a friendly atmosphere where conversation and interaction is encouraged.

Bingo has certainly developed still further thanks to the internet. Historically the internet has attracted younger, tech-savvy people. However, with the internet now becoming standard in most people's homes, the world of online gambling has opened itself up to a massive cross section of life. As such, gambling sites including bingo are attracting people from very different walks of life, and thanks to developments such as online chat rooms (often integrated in to bingo software) new members are able to interact with this great variety of people.

People are also becoming more interested in bingo thanks in no small part to the growing jackpots available. Many games, both online and offline offer prizes worth around $100 and progressive games (where the jackpot is won if house is called within a set number of calls) can often run in to thousands. Indeed, some online sites run special games once a week giving players the chance to win over $1m - a nice prize by anyone's standards!

Of course, despite the obvious attraction of the game some people may not want the hassle of attending a real-life bingo hall or indeed may be unable to persuade friends to accompany them. This though is where the world of online play really comes in to its own. With sites offering full anonymity (no personal details are revealed on the site and a player chooses their own username) a player is able to join in the fun as and when they want to. It's not unknown to see players in online chat rooms commenting they are sitting in bed playing the game on their laptop - certainly more comfortable than battling through traffic to get to a local bingo room!

And so hopefully people reading this will realise there's certainly more to bingo than maybe meets the eye. The game offers a great chance to win money and is much more interactive and sociable than sports betting, casino playing or poker playing. Indeed, both offline and online many people have formed great friendships after meeting people through the game. With online rooms now making play so easy there's never been a better way to try out this fun random number game.

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